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Hair loss is an affliction faced by millions of people of all genders and ages. Although accelerated hair loss is more common in men, women too have to reckon with the fact that due to various reasons their hair may thin out considerably. There is no denying that this is a reason to be nervous at the very least, but fortunately it can be effectively counteracted, and Locerin, a supplement of an innovative, carefully selected composition, can certainly help.

Hair loss – causes not to be underestimated

Locerin is recommended for both the prevention and elimination of existing effects of hair loss. However, the most important issue, which determines the effectiveness of the treatment, is proper identification of the cause. We naturally lose about 100 hairs per day throughout our lives and this is completely normal, but even the smallest deviation from this norm heralds problems, which are better nipped in the bud. Unfortunately, there is no single cause for hair loss and weakness, and the most common ones given by specialists are:

  • Locerin
    Diseases we suffer from, such as hypothyroidism that completely disrupts the hormonal balance of the body, and one of the symptoms of this is precisely the accelerated baldness;
  • stress, which accompanies us in our private and professional life;
  • medications, especially hormonal ones;
  • negligence in daily hygiene, care with the use of aggressive cosmetics, incompatible with the pH of the skin, as well as the wrong hairstyle, too tightly tied up.

Large amounts of hair loss may also have a genetic basis, many people suffer from androgenetic alopecia, which is a hereditary disease.

Locerin composition

However, regardless of any of the above reasons, at the first sign of symptoms it is worth reaching for Locerinsupplement in capsules consisting of the best natural ingredients. We can be sure not only of its high effectiveness, but also safe use, and in this preparation such substances as:

  • AnaGain™ Nu, a formula created in the company’s laboratories, a modern system based on DNA matrix technology, which by shortening the telogen phase of hair stimulates them to faster growth;
  • Selenium SeLECT®, another unique complex, a set of everything hair needs to stay healthy, vitamins, with a large amount of biotin, i.e. vitamin B7, and minerals with zinc andselenium at the forefront;
  • Nettle, a herb that is an ingredient in many cosmetics, shampoos and conditioners and preparations to prevent premature baldness. It is full of vitamins: A, B2, C and K, minerals: iron, phosphorus, zinc, iodine, calcium, magnesium, sulphur and potassium nourishing hair from its roots. Its positive effects are also felt by the skin and nails;
  • Alfalfa, which helps rebuild damaged hair structure and maintains its natural, deep colour
  • field horsetail and common bamboo, two exceptionally rich sources of silica, the building material of hair, responsible for its thickness and strength;
  • piperine, an extract made from black peppercorns, in this case a patented formula BioPerine®, whose task is to support the absorption of other nutrients, vitamin B6, beta-carotene and minerals such as iron.

Locerin – action and effectiveness

Few preparations of this type can boast such a well-thought-out composition, and therefore Locerin immediately gained recognition of people who have been struggling with this problem for years. This, of course, affects its performance, and the first effects can be observed after about a month of treatment. The recommended daily dose is only two capsules, which are best taken 30 minutes before eating, drinking plenty of water. Although no side effects have been observed, do not exceed the recommended dosage, which is sufficient to completely stop hair thinning. Not only do they stop falling out, but they also grow at a rate we didn’t expect, stronger, thicker, denser and in a more intense shade. Such high effectiveness of Locerin was demonstrated in as many as 85 percent of the tested patients who noticed significantly less hair loss, and almost 80 percent were willing to continue the treatment they had started.

Locerin – reviews and how to buy it


All this seems to be a sufficient recommendation for purchase and use, but it is also worth reading the reviews and ratings given by satisfied patients. The vast majority of them are positive, and in the same tone also speak trichologists and other specialists in hair diseases. A large and particularly emphasized advantage is also the absence of side effects, often encountered in the case of preparations with artificial, unnatural composition.

Locerin You can buy directly from the manufacturer, through its 24-hour service websiteYou can buy directly from the manufacturer through its 24-hour service, so you can be sure that you always get the original and one hundred percent effective product. The cost of buying one package is 49 € and the supply of 60 tablets is enough for a whole month, but it is more profitable to order collective packages:

  • standard, 3 packs at a price of 98 €;
  • optimal, consisting of up to 6 boxes of the supplement, for which we will pay only 147 €.

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