Locerin, a multi-complex of ingredients for hair problems

The vast majority of women complain about the condition of their hair. When hair falls out, grows slowly, does not fit properly, is fragile, damaged, lacks volume and natural beauty, they definitely need rescue in the form of appropriate care products. However, it turns out that using conditioners, masks, rinses, ampoules and other topical products is usually not enough. Hair also needs support from the inside in the form of a good supplement containing minerals, vitamins, and valuable plant extracts. One of the richest preparations for hair in terms of its composition is Locerin.

Solve your hair problems from the inside!


Locerin is a rich set of plant extracts known for their beneficial effect on hair, as well as vitamins and minerals. The product is mainly targeted at women and it is with their needs in mind that the composition was selected. Locerin is supposed to solve all hair problems faced by women on a daily basis, starting from hair weakening and loss, through its slow growth to dulling, loss of healthy look and nice colour.

The supplement is certainly predisposed to such complex help – it is saturated with active substances, acts already on the molecular level, helps in general rebuilding of hair structures and, what is more, improves the condition of skin and nails, which is another argument in favour of taking these multi-ingredient capsules.

Why do most of us complain about the poor condition of our hair? We contribute a little bit to this state of affairs ourselves, a little bit is done for us by civilization and a little bit our genes have to say as well. The most common causes for hair loss, slow growth, weak structure and unhealthy appearance of hair are

  • overly aggressive styling procedures (colouring, bleaching, frequent blow-drying and straightening using high temperatures);
  • improperly chosen hair cosmetics, excess of gels, sprays, waxes and other styling preparations;
  • too intensive combing, tugging the hair, frequent teasing, forceful squeezing of hair in a bun or ponytail;
  • cigarettes, alcohol and other drugs;
  • improper diet leading to nutritional deficiencies;
  • frequent stay in smoky rooms, in a polluted environment;
  • previous drug treatment;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • weakened organism caused by pregnancy, changes in the seasons, illnesses;
  • weak immunity, anaemia;
  • genetic factors (e.g. “inheritance” of thin and fine hair from the mother).

Although the causes vary, the results are similar – bad-looking, weak, lacking vitality and unmanageable hair… How do you reverse this situation? Fill the hair cells with nutrients and in this way stimulate them to intensive regeneration and growth. This is what the Locerin. Its advantage are perfectly selected ingredients, among which there is AnaGain™ Nu, affecting the extension of hair life cycle and stimulating the papillae of the dermis to produce new hair.

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Locerin composition

nettle leaves

16 ingredients is a lot, even very much. This is how many active substances will affect our hair when we decide to use the treatment with Locerin. Here are some of them:

  • Common bamboo and field horsetail – two rich sources of silica, which strengthens and regenerates hair, accelerates its growth and increases its resistance to damage. Silica is also a valuable ingredient for our nails and skin.
  • Organic green pea sprout extract AnaGain™ Nu – inhibits hair loss, prolongs its life, stimulates hair growth, makes hair thicker and more vital.
  • Common nettle – an expert in hair loss inhibition. It restores strength, health and shine to hair and makes them grow faster. It has a beneficial effect on skin and nails.
  • Copper – a very valuable element which influences hair pigmentation and its elasticity. It prevents greying, helps to maintain nice and intensive hair colour, improves hair condition, makes it more manageable and stronger.
  • Alfalfa – strengthens hair bulbs, inhibits hair loss, at the same time stimulates hair growth. It also contributes to the visual improvement of hair condition.
  • MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), that is active sulfur. Participates in synthesis of hair proteins. It helps in hair reconstruction, increases its thickness and strength, stops hair loss and accelerates growth.
  • Bioperine – a highly active extract from black pepper containing piperine thanks to which the ingredients of the preparation are better absorbed and act with increased effectiveness.

Apart from the mentioned components, Locerin capsules contain zinc, selenium and biotin, which are essential for strengthening and restoring the beauty of hair, as well as several other auxiliary components. Having such a powerful range of valuable substances, we do not have to support ourselves with any other supplements, we have everything in one capsule, which, if used regularly, leads to a significant improvement in hair condition.

Locerin – opinions


Capsules Locerin capsules should be taken at least for a month, twice a day – such an amount is optimal in order to saturate hair cells with nutrients. Regular supplementation will gradually improve the condition of your hair.

The effectiveness of the supplement is supported by a number of studies, dermatologists and hairdressers speak positively about its composition. Opinions about this preparation are unequivocal – it gives very good results, both in terms of inhibiting hair loss and accelerating their growth and appearance improvement.

Effects of use, or what can Locerin do for your hair?

Thanks to treatment with Locerin capsules:

  • You will stop struggling with your hair falling out at an enormous rate and looking in the mirror with horror at your increasingly thinning hairstyle.
  • Your hair will become stronger and thicker.
  • Your hair will start to grow and thicken faster and you will be able to get the hairstyle you want sooner.
  • Dull, lifeless and tired hair will gain vitality, bounce and shine.
  • Brittle, damaged hair will revive and become more resistant to damage.

Locerin – price and purchase

woman with long hair

Is it worth to invest in Locerin? If your hair needs special care, if you are more often dissatisfied than satisfied with the look of your haircut, if you would like to finally get rid of constant hair troubles and make your hair healthy and naturally beautiful, it is definitely worth it.

A monthly supply of capsules (60 pieces) costs 49 €. Admittedly, the cost is a little higher than other oral preparations for hair, but the quality of Locerin is also higher. The price should therefore not come as a surprise. Nevertheless, there is a treat for buyers. There are promotions available on the official website of the product – if you buy 2 or 3 packs at once, you get 1 or 3 packs free. You can also take advantage of a 20% discount on the purchase of 1 pack of Locerin.

Here you can read more about Locerin or order the product safely: www.locerin.pl.


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