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Long-term oatmeal diet – a way to lose weight effectively

By following an oatmeal diet you can get rid of excess weight in an effective and safe way. If you put it right, you will lose weight without the yo-yo effect and without big food sacrifices.

3 types of oatmeal diet

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Oatmeal diet (or oatmeal diet) has several varieties that differ in duration and degree of strictness. In its most restrictive version, the oatmeal diet involves eating almost exclusively oatmeal on water or skim milk for a week or two. However, such a variant is absolutely not recommended – limited monodiets never reflect well on your health and almost always end up with a yo-yo effect.

If you want to effectively lose a few pounds, radical week-long oatmeal diet and cleansing one-day oatmeal diet are definitely not for you. A much better option will be a long-term oatmeal diet of a month or two, during which you will gradually lose weight.

What does the long term oatmeal diet consist of?

The menu in the long-term oatmeal diet changes over time, becoming less and less strict. In the first 5-7 days, the menu is the least varied and should be limited to eating oatmeal on skim milk, yogurt or water, as well as vegetables (e.g. in the form of shakes, salads or whole) and small amounts of cooked chicken or turkey breast fillet. Oatmeal must appear in each of the 4-5 meals.

Oatmeal diet – menu in the first phase (example):

1 breakfast: oatmeal on skim milk

2 breakfast: smoothie with blended vegetables and oatmeal

Dinner: 100 g. cooked chicken breast with herbs, salad, 3 spoonfuls of oatmeal on water

Teatime: 3 carrots

Dinner: natural yoghurt with 3 spoons of oatmeal

After about 7 days, gradually include in the menu fruit, cottage cheese, lean ham and poultry tenderloin, nuts, legumes, lean fish. We try to eat about 1400-1500 kcal a day. We eat oatmeal on skim milk or yogurt every day, and we also include oatmeal in most meals.

Here is a sample menu in the oatmeal diet in the second phase:

1 breakfast: oatmeal on skim milk with raisins and sunflower seeds

2 breakfast: wholemeal bread sandwich with lean meats, a glass of smoothie made of mixed fruit and oatmeal

Lunch: 100 g of wholemeal rice, grilled cod, cooked green beans

Teatime: omelette with egg whites and oatmeal

Dinner: vegetable casserole with oatmeal

When following an oatmeal diet, remember to eliminate from the menu all high-calorie and unhealthy products. Do not eat fatty meats and fatty meats, crisps, sweets, fast food, processed food, ready meals, white bread, white pasta, potatoes, do not drink colored drinks, coffee or alcohol. Remember to drink plenty of still water with lemon during the oatmeal diet.

Oatmeal diet effects

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Long lasting feeling of satiety, no problems with constipation, gradual and effective loss of excess weight – such effects will give you a rationally composed oatmeal diet. How much weight can you lose with a diet plan based on the consumption of oatmeal? 1-1.5 kg in a week is a minimum, of course if you follow the diet rules. Remember to choose your menu in such a way that you don’t overdo it one way or the other. You should not cut calories too radically, 1400-1500 kcal a day is the optimum. At the same time don’t break your diet by eating forbidden products, because you won’t lose weight.

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