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Looking for cheap and effective ways to revitalize your body? Try beetroot juice!

They are one of the cheapest vegetables, you can always buy them, regardless of the season, at the same time abound in a whole list of valuable properties, so it is worth making them a frequent guest in the kitchen. We are talking about beets, from which at home you can easily obtain an elixir of health, vitality and youth.

Extraordinary beetroot – nutritional values

vegetable 2485059 640 300x200 1Abunch ofbeetsThe strong, red-purple colour of beets is closely related to their high content of pigments – betanin and betacyanins, which have a beneficial effect, among others, on the health of the circulatory system. In addition, they contain valuable nitrates, resveratrol, phytosterols and dietary fiber.

Many substances present in the composition of beetroot act as antioxidants, protecting our body from the attack of destructive free radicals. Beets abound in numerous B vitamins. There is vitamin A, C, E and K in them. Special attention should be paid to the impressively long list of minerals present in beets, including: potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, sodium, zinc, selenium, phosphorus, copper.

Essential beetroot juice – health promoting properties

juiceA daily glass of beetroot juice is one of the most effective natural ways of lowering too high blood pressure, strengthening blood vessels and the heart, as well as balancing the level of cholesterol. It is also an excellent way to counteract anemia and improve the body’s immunity.

Drinking red beetroot juice reduces susceptibility to infections and diseases and decreases the risk of cancer. In addition, this valuable drink will protect us from premature aging of the body and will support the work of the liver.

An important property of beetroot juice is deacidification and cleansing from toxins. Moreover, consuming it regularly will strengthen bones and joints, improve skin condition, nourish and strengthen hair and nails. A portion of beetroot juice is also an effective way to regain vitality and energy and improve mood.

Who will particularly benefit from drinking beetroot juice?

Beetroot juice is recommended for people who fight high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases. It is also worth taking in people with weakened immune system, anaemia, physical and mental exhaustion, depression, neurosis and during convalescence.

Beetroot juice is useful for people exposed to high physical and mental exertion and for those who practice sports. It is worth drinking in case of skin diseases and weak skin, nails and thin hair.

Beetroot juice should also be consumed by people suffering from liver and bile duct ailments and those looking for natural methods for detoxification and a comprehensive supply of valuable nutrients to the body.

A recipe for beetroot juice – what to do with the purple vegetable?

15295155732 a1c6143e86 z 300x199 1beetrootjuice in glasses” width=”300″ height=”199″ />There are two main recipes for beetroot juice, according to which the raw vegetable should be cut into smaller pieces and then either put into a juicer (or a squeezer) or blended. Either method of juicing is fine, and the choice depends on the equipment you have and your own convenience.

So that beetroot juice does not discourage us with its specific taste, it is worth adding other, distinctive ingredients. Fruits (e.g. apple, orange, grapefruit, lemon, lime, avocado), vegetables (e.g. paprika, carrot, cucumber, celery, garlic) and spices (parsley, marjoram, dill, ginger) are perfect for this. The ingredients may be freely combined with each other.

Here is a cheap and simple recipe for beetroot juice:

Wash 3 beets, 2 apples and 2 carrots, slice and then blitz or run through a juicer. Season with lemon juice (or a pinch of sugar and salt) and you’re done.

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