Loxon Max (reviews, effects, price…) – double concentrated liquid for hair loss. Does it really work?

Loxon Max is a potent liquid against baldness. It is often used by people for whom the milder version of this product, Loxon 2, did not work. Unfortunately, although the concentration of the active ingredient in Loxon Max is very high, not everyone is 100% satisfied with it. Let’s see why there are different opinions about Loxon Max and find out its strengths and weaknesses.

How does Loxon Max work?

Loxon Max

Loxon Max, formerly known as Loxon 5 or Loxon 5%, is a highly concentrated liquid designed to inhibit the process of hair loss while stimulating and accelerating the process of hair growth. It can be bought at any pharmacy without a prescription (as opposed to Loxon 5, which used to be available only with a doctor’s prescription). The price of the Loxon Max liquid is about 10 € for a 60 ml package.

Loxon Max is aimed at men aged 18-65 years who struggle with androgenetic alopecia. The active substance here is minoxidil – a chemical compound used in many preparations for baldness, which stimulates blood flow within the scalp and at the same time stimulates and strengthens hair follicles and activates hair growth.

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Loxon Max – effects

As a result of the action of the Loxon Max fluid, blood circulation within the scalp improves. Hair follicle cells receive more nutrients with blood, they gradually stop miniaturizing, and instead undergo repair and strengthening. The process of hair cell division is also intensified, which leads to more intensive growth of new, healthy hair. Using Loxon Max liquid for a long time can bring us such effects as:

– slowing down or stopping the progress of baldness,

– regeneration and improvement in the appearance of hair,

– improvement of hair density and partial coverage of thinning areas,

– faster, more intensive hair growth.

We can count on the first effects after about two months of use, but the maximum results are likely to come after a few months or even a year. So you need to prepare yourself for a long-term treatment. Certainly not everyone will decide on it, given that not everyone reacts equally well to the Loxon Max liquid. It is so strong that it can cause several negative side effects, which we will discuss in a moment.

Loxon Max – pros and cons

Loxon Max is a worthwhile product for men looking for an antidote to progressive baldness. In fact, it has many advantages – it strongly stimulates blood supply to the scalp, strengthens and stimulates hair follicles and increases the rate of hair growth. Unfortunately, the product is not without its drawbacks.

A big drawback of the Loxon Max liquid is its limited effect – remember that topical preparations can only inhibit the balding process to a certain extent. However, they do not do everything – they do not provide hair with all building and nutritional components, thanks to which it will have a chance to fully rebuild and strengthen. Therefore, it is advisable to combine treatment with Loxon Max and oral treatment. This dual therapy is much more effective in combating hair loss.

Loxon Max – side effects

The downside of Loxon Max is also the possibility of negative side effects. It is quite common for people who use this product to experience allergic reactions. Reddening of the skin, annoying burning, itching, the skin becomes hypersensitive and prone to irritation. Other possible side effects include drying and peeling of the scalp, increased hair loss, hypotension.

Loxon Max – opinions

Patients praise the easy availability of Loxon Max. In the past, to get minoxidil in such a high concentration, you had to first try to get a prescription. However, the largest part of the opinions about Loxon Max is about the effect of the preparation itself, which is often described as good, but not sensational. According to many interviewees, the preparation slows down the process of balding – hair is stronger, falls out less and grows faster. The cornrows and baldness in the upper part of the head do not progress as fast as before. In some people, the thinning of the hair is even partially covered. However, there are also some people who have not noticed any positive results after Loxon Max.

Opinions about Loxon Max are not unequivocal and we can find a whole cross section of them. Why does the product work on some and not on others? Probably a lot depends on the individual reaction of the body to minoxidil. The stage of baldness at which we are and the lifestyle we lead (e.g. a diet low in vitamins and minerals, too many stimulants, prolonged exhaustion etc. may make the fight against baldness more difficult) may also play a significant role.

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