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Magnetic Insoles, biomagnetic shoe insoles for pain relief and improved whole body function

According to Chinese medicine, feet occupy a special place on the map of human body and they are a specific reflection of the general condition of the whole organism. The most important points corresponding to key organs are located on the feet, therefore their stimulation may not only relieve pain, but also cure many diseases. Based on the proven technique of acupressure and magnetic field application, the innovative Magnetic Insoles shoe insoles were designed, thanks to which thousands of patients have stopped suffering from pain, and their quality of life has significantly improved.

Magnetic Insoles insoles as a method of pain management

Head massage

When in pain, the easiest thing to do is to take painkillers. However, they are not always effective in the long run, and their use does not remain without effect on our body. It is always known that the best and safest for all kinds of ailments are natural methods, although of course not in every case they are sufficient.

However, when it comes to pains in feet, legs or back, caused by rheumatism, spine or joint ailments, circulation problems, migraine and even other, more remote ailments, it is worth using methods known to alternative medicine for thousands of years .

Acupressure, used in ancient China and currently undergoing a renaissance, is a method of treatment consisting in pressing and massaging particular points of the body, which stimulates the nervous system and, as a result, reduces ailments and improves the functioning of a particular organ or body part. In addition to relieving pain, acupressure has a relaxing effect, reducing tension, fatigue and stress. Magnetic shoe insoles use the technique of acupressure and therapeutic massage as well as the properties of magnetic fields to affect important points on the foot.

Treatment using magnetic fields and pressure on key points has as respectable a tradition as many other natural medicine techniques, and the advantages of this method are demonstrated by the fact that it is used today in most orthopaedic surgeries, alongside the latest medical technology. This type of natural therapy not only relieves pain, but also eases tension and stimulates the body’s strength, improves circulation and supports vital functions, restores energy balance and improves metabolism .

Magnetic Insoles Biomagnetic Shoe Insoles – properties and effects

Magnetic Insoles

The Magnetic Insoles therapeutic shoe insoles use the technique of acupressure,therapeutic massage and magnetic field. Through built-in magnets, they have a targeted effect on key areas of the foot. As they are properly profiled and adapted to the natural shape of the foot, they support the work of muscles, joints and ligaments.

In addition, they have a stimulating effect on receptors assigned to important systems and organs of the human body, simultaneously strengthening and relaxing them. Due to the fact that there are several thousand nerve endings in the feet, a massage with the use of shoe insoles brings relief to many ailments, not only those directly related to the osteoarticular system.

Biomagnetic Magnetic Insoles insoles work on several levels. Firstly, compression and magnetic stimuli penetrate the painful parts of the body, stopping the pain impulses at the cellular level. Therefore, after just a few days of use, you can notice a significant reduction in pain, and over time, an improvement in motor skills and a feeling of lightness and refreshment.

Secondly, the prolonged effect of magnetic insoles means a general strengthening of the body, the elimination of inflammation, the cessation of various ailments, the normalisation of the hormonal economy, the restoration of proper metabolism. The level of oxygenation and nutrition of cells increases, the excretion of toxins intensifies.

Thirdly, the effects of the pads begin to accumulate at the cellular level and, as a result, the body recovers its regenerative abilities, especially with regard to rheumatic and arthritic diseases.

Effects of treatment with Magnetic Insoles

Shoe insoles Magnetic Insoles are recommended primarily because of their effectiveness, but also, unlike painkillers, because of their neutrality for the body. They have no side effects and, on the contrary, wearing inserts may prove beneficial for the condition of the whole system. Thanks to the achievements of modern technology and the use of recognised natural medicine tradition, we are dealing with a kind of a therapeutic foot massage, both mechanical and magnetic, which can be experienced practically all day long, regardless of the circumstances.

Built-in magnets massage the underside of your feet, improving blood circulation and stimulating the nerve receptors located in your feet. As a result of improved blood circulation throughout the body, the transport of oxygen and nutrients to all organs is faster and more efficient, metabolism and the process of removing toxins is accelerated, and hormone and enzyme levels are normalised.

The effects of the therapy are especially visible in case of limb and back ailments, migraine, circulation and heart problems. By massaging the feet while walking, biomagnetic shoe inserts reduce foot and muscle pain, cramps and swelling. They relieve pain in the spine and joints caused by migraines and menstruation, bring relief to tired feet, minimize the symptoms of cold feet and hands, and improve general well-being.

At the same time, they positively affect the functioning of internal organs – liver and pancreas, lungs and kidneys. That is not all, due to better ventilation of feet than in traditional shoes without insoles, they prevent fungal diseases and other dermatological problems.


Magnetic Insoles Biomagnetic Shoe Insoles – user reviews

Magnetic Insoles

The advantages of the new product are especially appreciated by people whose lifestyle or job requires them to walk or stand for long periods of time.

The accompanying spine and joint pains, muscle cramps and numbness are ailments they have unsuccessfully tried to combat so far. Many users claim that neither occasional massages or exercises, nor painkillers or special shoes helped them. It was only when they used magnetic shoe inserts and systematically wore them for a certain period of time that they felt relief.

In the comments posted on the Internet, we can also find opinions of skeptics who did not believe that they would get rid of the pain in their back or knees without strong medication. Statements such as: “I already doubted that anything would cure me”, “I didn’t believe that there was anything that would help me”, “I was convinced that the pain would accompany me for life”, are plentiful on the Internet. Meanwhile, in most cases, it turned out that such a mundane solution as wearing therapeutic biomagnetic insoles really did help. Those who have used them, emphasize not only their usefulness, but also the naturalness and simplicity of use.

How to use insoles?

In order for the insoles to work properly, you need to adjust their length to the length of the foot, making sure that they fit entirely inside the shoe. It is recommended to walk with bare feet or in thin tights or socks. Insoles should be worn initially 2-3 hours a day and gradually extended.

Magnetic insoles can be contraindicated in the case of electrical appliances such as pacemakers or hearing aids. It is also not recommended for use by pregnant women.

The earmolds should not be stored close to equipment that emits magnetic or electromagnetic fields.

How can I buy Magnetic Insoles?

It is best to purchase through the manufacturer’s website, because only this guarantees the quality and originality of the product. Currently, on the manufacturer’s website is available an attractive promotion, in which we can buy the pads for half price.

Here you go to the manufacturer’s website Magnetic Insoles

Magnetic Insoles


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