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MCT oil, makes weight loss faster and easier. Discover the properties of this amazing fat reducer

MCT oil is an extremely interesting product from the shelf of weight loss aids. It has been very popular lately and for many people it has become a must-have during the body shaping process. MCT oil has a number of properties, thanks to which weight reduction goes more smoothly and easily. Someone might ask – what do you mean, fat that burns fat? Well, that’s right! MCT oil is a very specific fat, safe for the figure, beneficial for the muscles and does not transform into fat tissue. Read the article and find out what MCT oil is, where it can be found and how it works for your slim figure.

MCT oil – what is it? Why are MCT fats beneficial to our health?

Although the most valuable sources of fat in the diet are considered to be those that are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, including omega 3 acids, it turns out that also fats rich in saturated fatty acids can carry a lot of value. We are talking about MCT oils (medium chain triglycerides), which have recently become very popular among people striving to lose excess weight and body shape.

MCT oils are especially appreciated by people who are familiar with physical activity and who are often exposed to dynamic muscle work as well as those for whom a big obstacle in reducing body weight is an excessive appetite or a constant feeling of being hungry. MCT oil is a specialist in solving the difficulties that are inherent in the process of weight loss.

What is MCT oil? This is a group of saturated fats characterized by medium-length carbon chains (they contain 6 to 12 carbon atoms).

In contrast to long-chain fatty acids (present in meat, cured meats, butter, among others), which are digested more slowly and with the help of digestive enzymes such as lipase and bile, medium-chain fatty acids almost immediately pass through the gastrointestinal tract, after which they are transported to the liver and into the blood (the portal vein is a direct route here). They are also much faster metabolized and burned, and are fully used by the body (they do not accumulate).

Thanks to this mechanism of absorption, medium-chain fatty acids have a number of beneficial effects on our body, and they are devoid of the negative effects that are often caused by long-chain fatty acids (especially when consumed in excess), such as increased levels of bad cholesterol, increased risk of heart attacks, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases, the development of obesity, metabolic disorders.

Key benefits of MCT oil:

  • is rapidly metabolized and absorbed into the bloodstream and used by the body,
  • does not accumulate in the form of fat tissue, and even prevents its growth,
  • helps you regain control over your appetite,
  • It is an invaluable aid in the implementation of low-carbohydrate diets and ketogenic diets,
  • does not increase the concentration of triglycerides and bad cholesterol (LDL) in blood,
  • does not increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases, is beneficial for the body,
  • has valuable health-promoting properties – helps stabilize blood sugar levels, improves brain function, has antiviral and antibacterial properties, facilitates absorption of nutrients from food, reduces digestive disorders,
  • is a good source of energy for tissues,
  • is easily digestible, friendly to the digestive system,
  • is practical and versatile in culinary use.

MCT oil – types

Coconut oil, MCT oil

MCT oil or MCT fat is the collective name for all medium chain fatty acids, which include:

  • lauric acid (dodecanoic acid, C12),
  • Capric acid (decanoic acid, C10),
  • caprylic acid (octanoic acid, C8),
  • Capronic acid (hexanoic acid, C6).

Once MCT fats enter the liver, they are rapidly distributed by the liver throughout the tissues and then used as an energy source. In a low carbohydrate diet situation, MCT oils can also be converted into ketones.

MCT oil sources. What to choose, a good supplement with MCT or a food rich in this ingredient?

The most common and most widely available in dietary supplements is caprylic acid. Both this and other medium-chain fatty acids can also be found in certain foods, both plant and animal.

Sources of MCT oil in food:

  • Coconut oil (the most valued source of MCT oil among foods),
  • coconut shavings,
  • coconut milk,
  • dairy products (e.g. milk, yogurt, butter, yellow cheese),
  • palm oil (not a recommended source due to the adverse health effects of palm oil).

However, if we want to use MCT oil to reduce body fat, we must take into account the fact that products rich in this component are not free of calories, and in many cases, such as coconut oil, yellow cheese, butter, they even contain a lot of calories. So we can not add additional calories to the menu, because suddenly it may turn out that we consume more calories than we burn. Then the reduction of kilograms will not have a raison d’être.

It is worth to keep in moderation the consumption of food rich in MCT and if it is, it should be used on the basis of replacing one product with another (e.g. ordinary oil with coconut oil, two slices of sausage with a slice of cheese, etc.) and not adding extra food.

It is worth noting that for people struggling to achieve a slim figure, it is much more practical and effective than reaching for food products rich in MCT oil to use a dietary supplement containing it. The concentration of MCT in slimming supplements is high, optimized for the needs of people in the reduction cycle, so its effects are much clearer and faster.

MCT oil and weight loss – 5 reasons why it is worth reaching for it during fat reduction

A slim, training woman

MCT oil is especially valuable for people who are physically active every day and for whom training is an integral part of the fight for a slim figure. It turns out, however, that also people who have trouble getting into a more active lifestyle can benefit from supplementation with this ingredient.

For example, if we get tired quickly when starting any exercise, if we complain about a low level of motivation, enthusiasm and energy, which makes it difficult for us to enter the training rhyme, if we are plagued by a bad mood, if intrusive thoughts about food and culinary weaknesses thwart all dietary plans – in all these inconveniences MCT oil can be very helpful for us. Let’s find out how it works:

MCT oil enhances thermogenesis

MCT oil is one of the powerful thermogenics, i.e. substances that increase the body’s production of heat, contributing to increased calorie burning and accelerated metabolism. With increased thermogenesis, our body is forced to use more energy, which contributes to a deeper calorie deficit (we burn many more calories than we consume). This is, of course, a very desirable phenomenon during weight loss – the greater the caloric deficit, the more often our body reaches into fat reserves for energy. In this way, we get rid of body fat faster.

MCT oil improves fat and carbohydrate metabolism

MCT oil improves the metabolism of dietary fats. It reduces the body’s tendency to store fat, instead promoting the use of fat as an energy source. What’s more, MCT oil can prove to be a very useful ingredient for people who, due to a poor diet, suffer from large and frequent fluctuations in blood sugar levels, resulting in excessive fat gain.

MCT oil improves cellular response to insulin and helps regulate blood glucose levels, preventing sudden spikes and drops. Despite the beneficial effect of MCT oil on carbohydrate metabolism, do not forget that in order to lose weight and effectively curb glycemic disturbances, the basic step must be a change in diet (read also: diabetic diet). By introducing a new, healthy menu and using MCT oil, we can certainly normalize blood sugar levels and accelerate fat loss.

MCT oil improves your mood and increases the level of nutrition in your body, thus helping you through the difficult period of weight loss

MCT fats have an interesting property of increasing the assimilation of important nutrients from food, including vitamins: A, E, K, D. Thanks to this asset, more nutrients reach our cells and tissues, which translates into more efficient functioning of the entire system and a better mood. This is a very important feature, especially that during a weight-loss diet we usually eat less and it is easier to develop nutritional deficiencies.

An equally important property of MCT oil is the improvement of concentration and mental efficiency. Thanks to this feature, we think more clearly and effectively, have a better mood and are more motivated. It is easier for us to maintain full focus during exercise, which increases training performance and faster weight loss.

MCT oil increases the feeling of satiety and reliably suppresses appetite

The enemy of most people struggling with weight gain is an increased appetite, the inability to maintain a low-calorie diet and often a recurring feeling of ravenous hunger. All of these difficulties can be prevented by the MCT fat, which suppresses thoughts of favourite treats and blocks the urge to reach for food, maintains the feeling of satiety for a long time after a meal and helps us to switch to a slimmed-down diet consisting of about 5 small, light meals a day.

MCT oil is an energy provider and excellent muscle support

MCT oil provides a large dose of energy at a rapid pace, the same role that carbohydrates play in a normal diet. Thanks to this property, problems such as sudden drops in physical and mental condition during the day, feeling of exhaustion, fatigue and drowsiness, reluctance to physical activity, associated with carbohydrate restriction and low energy levels, cease to exist. We can safely reduce the supply of carbohydrates in our menu, and thanks to MCT we will maintain good shape, excellent mood and energy throughout the day. Among other things, this will allow us to meet our training plans.

Speaking of training, it’s also worth mentioning the important role that MCT oil plays for our muscles. Because this ingredient is an ultra-fast and effective provider of energy for muscles, it helps them work longer, more efficiently, more effectively and it helps them regenerate faster and be more resistant to soreness, which is very important for most people who train regularly.

MCT oil – opinions. Which MCT oil to choose?

Reviews of MCT oil are mostly positive. Commentators emphasize that it suppresses hunger very well, gives a powerful dose of energy, improves muscle condition, as well as increases training capacity and accelerates weight loss.

In what form is MCT oil most popular? There is a lot of interest in the so-called bulletproof coffee, which is a combination of traditional coffee and coconut oil, but many more people recommend ready-made dietary supplements with MCT oil designed specifically for weight loss. They are very effective and work at a fast pace because they are equipped not only with MCT oil, but also with other ingredients that enhance fat burning.

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