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Mensil – an erection on demand. Will this drug solve our bed problems?

Gone are the days when Viagra was a near monopolist in the male enhancement market. The place of the famous blue pill has been taken by a whole range of over-the-counter preparations, among which you can find both capsules for daily use and tablets to be taken immediately before intercourse. One of the leading pharmaceuticals in this second sector is Mensil, which can be purchased in any pharmacy, both in-store and online, in a small, compact pack of 2 tablets. If you are wondering whether Mensil will be a good solution for you, read this article. You will find out how it works, the pros and cons and the most common opinions.

Sex enhancers – the pharmaceuticals of our time?

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Statistics show that more and more men today turn to drugs and dietary supplements designed to improve sexual performance and remove erectile dysfunction. Age is no longer a barrier to taking such drugs –while used tobe erectionenhancing productswere usedmainlyby men of age, nowadays they are also used by young people, who, as might seem , shouldnot have problems in the sphere of sex. And yet they have.

Unhealthy lifestyle and civilization factors do their job – stress, junk food, deficiencies of important nutrients in the body, life at high speed, overwork, little sleep, stimulants, lack of sport activity…

All these factors can have a negative impact on our sexual powers. Meanwhile, in order to “save” our masculinity and keep the quality of our lives in check, we start to reach for enhancers in the form of drugs and dietary supplements for men. Indeed, support health in this issue isworth it, however choosing anappropriate agent is in this case akey issue. Not every drug or dietary supplement for erectile dysfunction will manage tosolve our problem. And how does Mensil perform in this field?

Mensil – simple composition, fast action

In Mensiltablets there is only one active substance. It is Sildenafil, exactly the same ingredient found in the cult Viagra. Nowadays it is also present in a number of other well known products such as Maxigra Go or Maxon Active. At the moment of sexual arousal, as a result of Sildenafil’s action, blood vessels in the penis start to dilate. Thanks to this more blood flows to the penis, which results in a full and prolonged erection.

The advantage of Sildenafil is the fast and strong effect, while the disadvantage is the fact that it is a chemical substance to which the body gets used. Therefore you may need more and more of it to get similar results.

Mensil – purpose and dosage


Mensil is intended for men over 18 years of age who have problems with getting and maintaining a full erection and thus are unable to enjoy a fully successful erotic life. The drug is also targeted at men who suffer from psychological libido disorders. Since Mensil is a short acting product, it is best taken about half an hour or an hour before sexual intercourse.

One tablet should be crushed and chewed, without drinking water. The need to take a dose of Mensil shortly before intercourse is quite a significant drawback for some people. Not everyone feels comfortable in a situation where they are forced to go out and take a pill during an intimate moment for two. Sometimes this makes us even more nervous and in the end the pill has the opposite effect instead of having a positive impact on our sexual performance. On the other hand, not every man finds this way of taking the drug to be an uncomfortable circumstance. It all depends on our individual character traits and the situation at hand.

Mensil – available without prescription, but is it safe for your health?


Although you can buy Mensil at a pharmacy without a prescription, you need to exercise caution in its use. The active ingredient Sildenafil is a strong chemical compound, which is not indifferent to our body.

It may interact with other medications and may be dangerous to your health if you suffer from certain diseases. Therefore, before using it, you should read the contraindications and other information on the leaflet, and if you are taking any medicines or suffering from a disease, you should seek medical advice if you are sure you can take medicines with sildenafil.

It is also worth taking into account Mensil interactions with alcohol. Unfortunately, it may reduce the effect of the drug. Therefore, having a few beers or drinks is not compatible with taking Mensil later and expecting spectacular effects.

As far as health safety is concerned it is also worth saying a few words about the side effects that can be caused by Mensil or rather its active ingredient Sildenafil. Among the frequently and moderately frequently observed are:

  • headaches and dizziness,
  • nausea,
  • hot flashes,
  • facial flushing,
  • visual disturbances,
  • runny and blocked nose,
  • heart palpitations,
  • high blood pressure,
  • muscle aches,
  • indigestion.

Mensil – advantages and disadvantages


The biggest advantage of Mensil is fast and effective action. In every situation when we want to rise to the occasion, it is enough to take a pill and soon we will be able to enjoy long-lasting, passionate sex and undisturbed erection. On the other hand, it does have its drawbacks. It’s worth remembering that Mensil doesn’t cure the root of the problem, it doesn’t fight the causes of erectile dysfunction and it only eliminates the effects.

Also keep in mind that as you take Mensil, your body will become more and more accustomed to being artificially stimulated with a chemical substance. As a result, the body becomes somewhat lazy. Over time it may become increasingly difficult to obtain and maintain an erection without the assistance of a drug.

This kind of chemical agents should therefore not be used with exaggerated frequency. It is better to take them sporadically, in the most difficult situations. If you want to eliminate erection problems in a natural way and strengthen your sexual power, it is better to reach for a proven diet supplement for potency built on the basis of special plant extracts.

Check out capsules which fight causes and not only effects of erectile dysfunctions

Mensil – opinions

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Reading reviews of Mensil, it is difficult to form a definitive opinion about them. Comments are very diverse – you can read about both sensational results and low effectiveness.

In positive reviews you can find statements that the preparation removed the problem with getting a full erection and that thanks to its help intercourse time was prolonged. On the other hand, moderate reviews often claim that although Mensil reduces erectile dysfunction, it gives short-term effects and does not eliminate the causes of the problem. Thus it is not a good way to permanently get rid of potency problems.

Mensil is also not fully satisfying for men who have sex often or very often. In this case it’s easy to overdose (the package insert states that the drug can only be taken once a day) and thus experience adverse side effects. In addition, frequent use of Mensil tablets is associated with a significant depletion of the wallet (for 2 tablets we pay about € 4, so in a month we spend on Mensil even € 55 or more).

Unfavorable opinions about Mensil concern various issues, for example the inconvenient form of use. Some men don’t like the fact that they have to take the drug before intercourse. The time is not always right and intercourse is not always planned in advance. With spontaneous sex it can be difficult to find the right time to take the pill. For some people the disadvantage of Mensil is the inconvenient, definitely too small package – if we are going to take this drug quite often we have to either buy 10 packages at once or prepare for constant visits to the pharmacy. Among unfavorable opinions about Mensil we can also find opinions that it works too weakly or too short.

Mensil summary

In conclusion, Mensil is a good solution when you need an express solution to your erection problem. It is usually strong enough to give a fully satisfying sex experience. However, the formula gives short-term results and hits only the effects and not the causes of erectile dysfunction. Additionally, if used too often, it can cause even more erectile dysfunction or other health problems.

If you are looking for an effective male enhancement product that works for a long time, gives lasting results, and most importantly, hits the causes of erectile problems, Eron Plus is worth looking at. It is a 100% safe for the body dietary supplement that fights erectile dysfunction, not just removes the effects.

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