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Mysimba – a controversial synthetic for weight loss

Recently, a new weight-loss drug has been attracting a lot of attention. Mysimba is a synthetic prescription drug approved this year by the European Medicines Agency for adults suffering from overweight and obesity. Mysimba affects specific areas of the brain, reduces appetite and helps reduce body weight, while increasing the production of endorphins, thus increasing self-esteem and improving mood.

Mysimba – properties and effects


Mysimbaslimming pills are a specific product, much stronger than popular dietary supplements supporting weight loss. The preparation consists of two active substances, bupropion and naltrekson, separately already used in the treatment of other diseases – depression, addiction to alcohol, nicotine, opioids.

This time, the two substances are combined into a single specification designed to fight obesity, used in situations where the body mass index BMI is equal or higher than 30. This kind of combination makes both active ingredients complement each other, giving better results in the form of appetite reduction and, consequently, losing excess weight.

The very concept of using substances that affect the brain and are used in the treatment of addiction stems from the fact that in many cases, obesity has a psychological basis and is the result of a kind of addiction to food. It becomes something more than a natural way of supplying the body with necessary components for life. Instead, it is a method of relieving negative emotions and providing oneself with pleasure.

This is why, similarly to other addictions, addicts are not able to deny themselves food, treating it as a kind of mood stimulator.

Weight loss drug Mysimba affects the so-called reward system in the brain, which is responsible for the feeling of pleasure. Both naltrekson and bupropion also affect the hunger and satiety centers in the brain. They not only block the appetite, but also contribute to increased production of endorphins, or happy hormones, resulting in a better mood and self-confidence, which is of great importance in the case of obese people struggling with weight.

In addition, bupropion enhances the secretion of dopamine, stimulating the body’s activities, contributing to an increase in energy expenditure, which speeds up metabolism.

Mysimba – opinions of patients and specialists

While studies have confirmed some effectiveness of this drug, namely after 16 weeks of treatment most patients experienced a weight loss of 5 to 10%, it should be noted that this is a powerful drug, affecting the central nervous system and causing a number of psychophysical reactions, not necessarily desired. Therefore, this is a prescription-only drug, and its use should be under medical supervision.

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In addition, specialists emphasize that, despite the strong action, the desired effects will be achieved only by combining the use of the drug with a healthy diet and physical activity.

Among the opinions about Mysimba, there are positive ones, emphasizing, above all, the reduction of appetite and better motivation to lose weight. However, there are also voices claiming lack of expected results or even occurrence of very unpleasant adverse symptoms.

To a certain extent, the effectiveness of the drug and tolerance to its intake depends on individual conditions, nevertheless, it should be emphasized that it is definitely not a drug for everyone. There is no doubt that it should not be taken by people with hypertension, kidney failure, liver disorders, suffering from angina pectoris and after myocardial infarction, suffering from diabetes, depression, epilepsy.

As for the side effects, the most serious threat may be epileptic seizures, but also psychomotor agitation, anxiety attacks, insomnia. Headaches and abdominal pain, constipation, nausea and vomiting, joint and muscle pain may also occur.

There is a reason why Mysimba is a prescription weight loss pill, what’s more, doctors are required to strictly follow the procedure and fill out a special check sheet when prescribing them. The therapy itself must also be supervised, and the conditions for its continuation or interruption are strictly defined.

Mysimba – price of the product

The drug is not cheap. One pack costs about 89 € and lasts for about 5 weeks, while the first stage of treatment usually lasts 16 weeks. What’s more, since after this time the doctor has to decide whether to stop the treatment (if the weight has not dropped by at least 5%) or to continue it, in case of further treatment we have to pay a lot of money.

A synthetic drug affecting the brain or a natural substance supporting weight loss?

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Everyone must answer this question for themselves. Everything depends on individual expectations and preferences, and to a great extent on health. It is worth taking into account both certain limitations in the use of Mysimba and the associated risks.

People who prefer natural methods to synthetic drugs have a wide range of dietary supplements supporting slimming, based on plant components and absolutely safe for health.

One of them is Green Barley Plus, which is a combination of two ingredients known for their effectiveness – young green barley extract and garcinia cambogia.

Harvested in the early vegetation phase, green barley is a true treasury of valuable nutrients: vitamins and minerals, amino acids, enzymes and hormones, antioxidants and dietary fibre. Not only does it provide the body with important and necessary substances, but also, thanks to fibre, it suppresses the appetite and promotes faster and better metabolism. Moreover, it cleanses the body of toxins and, above all, does not pose any health risk.

Green Barley Plus


On the other hand, Cambodian garlic, also known as Malabar tamarind or mangosteen, is a tropical plant known for centuries for its slimming properties. Thanks to the presence of hydroxycitric acid, it improves carbohydrate metabolism and significantly accelerates fat burning. At the same time, this plant also reduces appetite. All these factors have a significant effect on reducing body weight.

The combination of both natural ingredients in a single supplement gives a double effect and contributes to a more effective weight loss process while maintaining complete health safety for those using the supplement.

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