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Natural Remedies for Grey Hair: Here are the most effective!

Turning grey is the second, after baldness, “hair” disorder with which men struggle. It is inevitably associated with old age. Therefore, when we notice the first gray hair, we make every effort to conceal it and stop the graying process. Find out why we are turning grey and discover the natural remedies for greying hair. It is actually quite easy to fight the greying process with a few tried and tested methods.

Why does hair turn grey?

5810193728 80203f8a35 b 300x230 1grey hairon the temples” width=”314″ height=”241″ />Most of us can only enjoy a lush, beautiful hair for a short time. Sooner or later the hair starts to thin and loses its intense natural colour. Grey hair is not welcome by anyone.

Why does hair turn grey? From a biological point of view, the greying process is linked to the decreasing activity of melanocytes (hair pigment cells) over time. Over time, less and less pigment (melanin) is supplied to the hair. This results in more and more discoloured, greyish-silver strands on the head.

The question also arises why some people keep their hair colour until they are old enough, while others have to contend with advanced gray hairs in their thirties or forties. Hereditary factors play a major role (for example, if our parents started turning grey early in life, we may do the same at a similar age). However, genetics is not everything. The rate of greying may also depend on our lifestyle.

Gray hair may accelerate as a result of poor diet and long-term deficiencies of some nutrients, mainly copper, zinc and B vitamins. Chronic stress, prolonged physical and mental exhaustion, sleep problems, excessive use of stimulants or certain diseases may also contribute to the faster appearance of gray hairs.

Proper Diet and Hair Supplements are the Effective Way to Prevent Grey Hair

Grey hair in men is in some ways a much bigger problem than grey hair in women. A member of the fair sex can always reach for a hair dye to fully camouflage the silver threads. However, this does not mean that men are doomed to grey hair.

Before you start masking your already greying hair you should try to eat a proper diet to slow down the progression of greying. First of all, you should eat a lot of products rich in copper, zinc and B vitamins. It is also worth helping yourself with a good dietary supplement containing significant amounts of these components. The richest composition in terms of copper, zinc and other hair regenerating ingredients has Profolan, which is equally effective in inhibiting the process of greying and balding.

How to naturally darken grey hair?

lemon 906141 640 300x225 1VegetableOils” width=”300″ height=”225″ />One of the proven natural methods to darken hair and cover grey hair is to regularly rub clove, coconut, Indian gooseberry (amla) or argan oil into the scalp and hair. Keep the oil in your hair for a few hours or overnight and then wash your head.

Herbal rinses are another natural remedy for grey hair. If you have dark hair, try rinses made from sage, rosemary, oak bark, black tea, coffee, freshly picked nut shells or nut leaves (available dried at herbal stores). For fair-skinned hair rinses made of turmeric, chamomile and lemon juice are suitable.

Another good remedy for graying hair is Poland’s most popular vegetable, the potato, or more precisely, potato peelings. Peel a few potatoes. Boil the peelings for about 25 minutes over low heat. Then throw away the peelings, strain the remaining water and cool it down. Rinse your hair with the prepared solution.

How to Keep Your Hair Gray and Stop the Graying Process – Summary

To sum up, if you want to stop hair greying you should first systematically supply your body with nutrients responsible for proper hair growth, development and condition. It is worth taking care of a healthy, varied diet and start taking a good dietary supplement with copper, zinc, B vitamins, and extracts from herbs that have a beneficial effect on hair, such as the already mentioned Profolan.

The second thing is to counteract greying from the outside – the above natural remedies for greying hair or ready-made shampoos and other preparations for greying, which you can read more about in the next article, can help.

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