Natural remedies for hair loss – the power of fenugreek

Fenugreek is known mainly as a spice. However, its health promoting qualities should also be appreciated, which include the ability to reduce bad cholesterol and sugar levels as well as its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect. The list of fenugreek benefits is rounded off with nourishing and repairing properties for the skin and hair. If you are struggling with baldness a fenugreek treatment will help you to inhibit the process of further hair loss.

Fenugreek seed – effects

Fenugreekseeds are rich in a whole host of constituents which have a beneficial effect on the hair and are therefore worth using for an herbal hair treatment in order to strengthen and regenerate the hair.

Chemical composition of fenugreek seeds reveals presence of such elements as: protein compounds, mucilages, vitamin C and A, B group vitamins (niacin, riboflavin, thiamine, folic acid, B6) as well as sterol saponins, fatty compounds, choline, mineral salts (among others calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron), trigonelline alkaloid and bioflavonoids.

These fenugreek components contribute to the reconstruction of the hair structures, promote vitaminisation and mineralisation of the hair, protect and renew the hair cells, inhibit the hair loss process and have a favourable effect on hair growth.

Fenugreek in the hair – how should I use it?

In shops and pharmacies, fenugreek is available in tablets or capsules at an affordable price. Although an oral treatment may have some effect with regard to strengthening and regeneration of the hair, a direct fenugreek scalp packet is most effective.

You will pay very little for a packet of ground or unground fenugreek seed as a base for a mask. For scalp rubs, we can also use ready-made fenugreek oil which, although very effective in reducing hair loss, is relatively expensive.

Home-made hair loss treatment based on fenugreek seed

A fenugreek seed packet is an inexpensive and at the same time highly effective method for strengthening the hair roots and preventing baldness.

Pour one glass of boiling water over the ground fenugreek seed (approx. 1 tbsp). Wait to cool, strain, pour into a bottle with an atomizer. Spray the liquid on the scalp and lightly massage. It is best to use rubs every 2-3 days or even every day.

Other home remedies for hair loss include aloe vera, which heals hair and is easy to grow. Click here for 3 recipes for homemade cosmetics against baldness. See also why you should use field horsetail for your hair.

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