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New line of cosmetics for hair loss – Skrzypovita Pro Hair (composition, action, opinions, price)

We associate the name Skrzypovita mainly with hair strengthening tablets. Recently, the brand launched two new products – the Skrzypovita Pro Hair shampoo and serum. Are they cosmetics, which effectively help to regenerate weak, slow-growing and loss-prone hair?

Skrzypovita Pro Hair – composition and effects

Skrzypovita enters the market of cosmetics for weak, falling and damaged hair. Judging by the contents and the promised effect of the products in the Pro Hair line, it is a successful entry. Skrzypovita Shampoo is filled with an array of medicinal plant extracts that show beneficial effects on hair, including:

– field horsetail,Skrzypovita Pro Hair

– nettle,

– burdock,

– arnica,

– nasturtium,

– ivy,

– rosemary,

– chamomile,

– calendula,

– sage.

Additionally, Skrzypovita shampoo was reinforced with a complex of B vitamins. Its advantage is also the lack of strongly acting surfactants SLS and SLES, which, unfortunately, are present in most cosmetics and do not reflect well on hair health.

If used regularly, Skrzypovita Pro Hair shampoo will partially or even completely stop hair loss, as well as strengthen the hair throughout its length. In addition, the substances contained in this preparation have a stimulating effect on hair growth. Noteworthy are also the moisturizing and nourishing properties of Skrzypovita shampoo, thanks to which the hair gains a healthier appearance, shine and better manageability.

Skrzypovita Pro Serum is a repair formula rich in composition and intended to be rubbed in. Use after shampooing by massaging a small amount into the scalp. It is a leave-in formula. The Skrzypovita Pro Hair serum contains highly concentrated plant extracts and essential vitamins. Particularly noteworthy is an innovative mechanism of action called Baicapil, which is equipped with Skrzypovita serum. Thanks to it, hair cells become healthier and more active. As a result, thin, weak hair becomes stronger and thicker, less likely to fall out and grow faster.

Skrzypovita Pro Hair – opinions

Skrzypovita Pro HairSkrzypovita Pro Hair Shampoo works well with hypersensitive and loss-prone hair, which requires special care. This is confirmed by the opinions of people who use it, according to which the cosmetic over time has improved the condition of their damaged hair and inhibited hair loss.

Many people are of the opinion that the Skrzypovita Pro shampoo does not irritate the scalp and does not weigh down the hair, which, unfortunately, is common with ordinary shampoos. After washing, the hair is well arranged and properly moisturized and nourished. The reviews for Serum Skrzypovita Pro Hair are equally flattering. Most positive comments come from people who have used both products simultaneously.

There is no doubt that Skrzypovita Pro Hair Shampoo and Serum can be helpful in the case of excessive hair loss caused by vitamin deficiencies, aggressive styling, pregnancy or weakening of the body. However, these are not products that would deal with androgenetic alopecia.

Skrzypovita Pro – price

For Skrzypovita Pro Hair Shampoo we will pay about 6 €. This is the price for a standard, 200-milliliter pack. Serum from this series is a slightly more expensive product and costs about 8 € for 125 ml. If we decide on a full treatment with both preparations, we will loose about 10 € from our wallet. Is it worth spending so much?

A lot depends on the cause and severity of hair loss and the degree of damage. It is certainly not a miracle antidote, which will immediately solve all hair problems. Rebuilding weakened hair is a process that generally requires time and the simultaneous use of multiple repair methods, including oral preparations.

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