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Non-surgical hair implants – an alternative to invasive transplantation

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In connection with the intensive development of medical technology, the treatment of alopecia is becoming more and more effective and allows to achieve satisfactory results even in quite an advanced stage of hair loss. Until now one of the most effective treatments guaranteeing success was hair transplantation. Its disadvantage was the necessity of surgical interference, which deterred many men from the procedure. Today this problem can be overcome by modern non-surgical implantation.

What is non-surgical hair thickening with implants?

Non-surgical hair implantation (Nido technique) is one of the latest medical achievements in the field of hair loss treatment. Unlike traditional transplantation, it does not require a scalpel, is painless and safe and at the same time allows achieving results comparable to those obtained with hair transplantation. Non-surgical hair replacement involves the placement of implants on the so-called microskin, which is then bonded to the scalp. Microskin is a thin layer that looks like natural skin. Thanks to the pores on its surface, the scalp can breathe freely. The possibility to perfectly select the shade of implanted hair and the perfect fusion with the scalp are the reasons why hair implantation leads to very natural results.

Hair Implants and Hair Transplantation – Price

The high cost of hair transplantation is another reason, besides the invasiveness of the procedure, why many men give up this method of combating baldness. Depending on the clinic, the transplantation method and the severity of baldness, you will pay on average 4000 $ for a hair transplantation. In general, to obtain optimal results approx. 3 procedures. In case of hair implants the prices are slightly lower. For one treatment we will pay about 1500 $. It is worth noting, however, that non-surgical hair replacement with implants is not a permanent procedure. In order to maintain the original effects, on average every few months additional treatments are performed.

Hair transplantation and implantation are not cheap; therefore, more and more men struggling with the problem of baldness resort to oral preparations that prevent hair loss and strongly stimulate hair growth, such as Profolan.

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