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Over-the-counter stress pills – ranking the strongest anti-stress preparations on the market

Over-the-counter stress pills are an increasingly popular group of pharmaceutical products. As we all know, stress is our civilization’s affliction. It affects a growing number of people and more and more often becomes a chronic phenomenon, rather than a one-off incident. Meanwhile, long-term stress is a problem that should not be underestimated. Not only does it destroy our mental sphere and lower the quality of life, but it can also be the cause of disease.

Being aware of the destructive influence of stress, we look for effective means to protect us from it. Especially for people suffering from stress, mood disorders and poor nervous condition, we have prepared a ranking of stress pills without a prescription. The best preparations of this type (taken regularly over a longer period of time) are excellent at restoring inner peace, improving mental performance and reducing stress.

How did our ranking come about?

Classic prescription sedatives are increasingly being replaced by natural, non-addictive, safe over-the-counter preparations. They can be extremely helpful in combating stress and nervous tension, but you have to know which one to choose!

In our ranking, we have included those market suggestions that:

  • firstly, have the richest and best selected composition,
  • secondly, ensure good synergy between individual active substances,
  • thirdly, have the best performance and quality to price ratio,
  • fourthly, they have the most good opinions from experts and users,
  • fifthly, they show the highest effectiveness and the fullest range of positive effects.

Stress pills without prescription – ranking

Place 1 – Restilen

Restilen pro 08

The best way to deal with severe stress and unsettled nerves? Definitely Restilen! The formula is a blend of the most precious adaptogens, substances with high biological activity working on a neuronal level, as well as vitamin and mineral components invaluable for the proper functioning of the nervous system.

The components of the preparation were not accidentally selected in this way. Not only do they exhibit strong anti-stress properties and comprehensively support brain function, but they also enhance each other’s effects, which makes Restilen work twice as hard.

When should Restilen be used?

Restilen is an invaluable tool in the fight against stress. It is also helpful in cases of high mental load and exhaustion, excessive nervousness, deterioration of cognitive processes (e.g. concentration, memory), intensive mental effort. It also helps with mood swings and problems with keeping emotions in check.

The multi-ingredient Restilen dietary supplement will also be a valuable lifeline for us when we are frequently exposed to stressful factors. What’s more, thanks to the ingredients stabilising the secretion of neurotransmitters such as serotonin, Restilen can be an effective support in the case of depressive disorders, chronic feelings of tension and anxiety, as well as despondency, discouragement, sadness, lack of motivation and apathy.

How does Restilen work?

It’s worth noting that Restilen is much more than a standard tranquilizer pill, which most often only suppress nervous hyperactivity while producing the unwanted effects of dullness, decreased mental performance and excessive sleepiness. Restilen works in a completely different way – it helps our brain to return to normal work, restores internal harmony and at the same time leaves us in impeccable intellectual shape!

Composition of Restilen stress relief tablets

Restilen is a modern tablet for stress and nerves, which solves all sorts of problems in the psyche sphere. This is because of the high content of some of the most effective adaptogens. These are ashwagandha and saffron, which by improving the functioning of the nervous system automatically make us adapt faster and better to the occurring (even very difficult) conditions.

Thanks to the mixture of ashwagandha and saffron, the level of cortisol (stress hormone) in our body decreases, we gain greater resistance to stress factors, we start to keep a greater distance from problems, we stop being slaves to bad emotions and lowered mood, and we maintain mental balance at all times.

Restilen capsules also contain an innovative ingredient called Serenzo™. It is a special orange extract with 20% limonene content. It has scientifically proven bio-properties. Acting at the neuronal level, it regulates the mechanism of sending the body’s response to stress factors.

By binding to A2A receptors, and blocking D2 receptors, it reduces the stress response, reduces the feeling of tension, while eliminating a wide range of symptoms which normally accompany stressful situations, such as: insomnia, anxiety, fast pulse, nervousness, gastrointestinal symptoms, sweating, concentration problems.

Other ingredients in Restilen stress tablets:
  • L-theanine – It improves mood, eliminates bad mood, relaxes, increases our mental performance and enhances creativity,
  • cantaloupe melon juice concentrate – supports recovery, nourishes the mind, reduces fatigue and stress,
  • magnesium Aquamarin – a highly-absorbable form of magnesium that effectively reduces nervousness and irritability, maintains a sense of well-being, reduces fatigue and improves brain function
  • B vitamins support psychological functions, have a positive effect on the intellectual performance, and are a guardian of a correctly functioning nervous system.

Why is it worth taking Restilen capsules?

If over-the-counter sedatives or supplements and stress relievers are the field of your search, you should undoubtedly pay attention to Restilen in the first place. This carefully crafted formula will naturally stabilize brain function and help our psyche get back on track.

The most important advantages of the Restilen preparation:

  • is effective and safe, not addictive, no negative side effects,
  • reduces stress markers, lowers cortisol secretion, increases resistance to stress factors,
  • minimizes the feeling of stress and eliminates the symptoms associated with it,
  • helps to regain mental balance in a short period of time even when accompanied by prolonged stress,
  • shows strong antioxidant properties, stimulates regeneration processes, improves immunity and inhibits aging, increases energy and vitality
  • soothes shattered nerves, evokes peace of mind,
  • reduces anxiety, tension, irritability,
  • promotes good sleep,
  • fights despondency, depressive disorders, sadness, instead of giving voice to positive thoughts and feelings, in other words, improves mood, increases motivation and creativity and encourages more activity,
  • improves intellectual performance, improves concentration,
  • allows us to better cope with the responsibilities and tasks of everyday life and makes us better prepared for the challenges of the modern world.


Place 2 – Neuromood Plus

Neuromood PLUS 300x250 2

Neuromood Plus is another product designed to help you fight stress and the symptoms it generates. When we’ve been mentally exhausted for a long time and the condition of our nerves leaves much to be desired, or when we feel mentally weak and lacking in vitality, traditional over-the-counter sedatives based only on herbal ingredients (such as valerian or lemon balm extract) may not suffice.

That’s why Neuromood Plus was developed in a broader way. It protects and supports our nervous system more comprehensively – from soothing shattered nerves, through mood regulation, to improving brain function and adding vitality.

What can we find in the composition of Neuromood Plus?

The composition of Neuromood Plus is based on GABA acid. This is one of the most important neurotransmitters present in our nervous system and regulating its work. By reducing the excitability of neurons, GABA puts us in a state of relaxation, calms us down and reduces the feeling of anxiety and internal tension. The ingredient also shows an effect facilitating falling asleep and improving the quality of sleep. It is also a support for people exposed to high mental effort.

Neuromood Plus also contains magnesium and vitamin B6, which have a positive effect on mood and help maintain correct psychological functions, as well as valuable saffron extract which restores emotional balance, reduces stress levels and increases mood.

Place 3 – Nanomood Forte

nanomood 224x300 1

Nanomood Forte is a combination of amino acids that normalize the functioning of the nervous system and plant components with a relaxing and mood-restoring effect. Thanks to such a combination of active substances, the composition provides support for an overburdened psyche and fights various indispositions connected with disorders of neurotransmitter secretion.

How does Nanomood Forte work?

The Nanomood Forte dietary supplement provides our brain with many valuable ingredients, thanks to which the organ is better nourished and functions more efficiently. The formula is helpful in states of nervous tension, as well as in excessive stress, mood disorders, insomnia, lack of energy and motivation, and depressive states. All these discomforts may be alleviated by regular use of Nanomood Forte.

Nanomood Forte composition

Natural and safe in use tablets for nerves and stress Nanomood Forte are based on a polyphenolic compound called honokiol, which is extracted from magnolia. By reducing the secretion of cortisol, it has an anti-stress effect. It also reduces anxiety and depressive disorders and normalizes mood. The ingredient also improves concentration and memory.

Other ingredients in Nanomood Forte capsules are:
  • GABA acid, which reduces tension, nervousness and anxiety,
  • L-theanine which improves mood and enhances cognitive processes,
  • mood-enhancing, energy-boosting tryptophan,
  • Brain-enhancing Coneflower extract(reishi),
  • Zinc regulates neurological processes.

Place 4 – Less Stress

less stress tabletki

When browsing through dietary supplements and over-the-counter sedatives, it’s also worth taking a look at the multi-element capsules called Less Stress. They contain a mixture of well-known and lesser-known plant adaptogens that help you adapt faster to difficult conditions. The preparation reduces vulnerability to stress and generally improves our mental form.

Full list of Less Stress active ingredients:

  • Marala root,
  • jiaogulan,
  • eleutherococcus spinosus,
  • Rhodiola rosea,
  • vitamin B5,
  • vitamin B12.

Less Stress capsules reduce stress levels, help restore internal balance, promote well-being and facilitate entry into a state of relaxation. They strengthen both our body and mind. They protect against psychophysical fatigue and make our brain work better and more efficiently. They are also helpful in the process of building the body’s natural immunity.

Place 5 – Stabliss

Stabliss tabletki na stres 208x300 2

Stabliss is an interestingly composed over-the-counter calming pill with ingredients that nourish and revitalize our entire body and adaptogenic substances. It is sure to attract the attention of people who want to support the damaged nerves and at the same time strengthen the whole body, supplement vitamin deficiencies, regain control over appetite and build up immunity.

What does Stabliss contain and how does it work?

The composition of Stabliss is based on acai berries which are a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. By providing many valuable bio-substances, the ingredient contributes to nourishing the whole body. Thanks to that we can count on improvement of our well-being, more energy, more efficient work of mind, and what is more – on younger and prettier look! Berries acai also take care of metabolism regulation and appetite normalization, they improve the body regeneration processes and are an additional protection against civilization diseases.

The second important component of Stabliss is an extract of green tea rich in L-theanine. Thanks to it, we can count on an improvement in mood, a reduction in the feeling of stress, inner calming and relaxation, as well as an improvement in concentration and memory.

Place 6 – Revitasens

revitasens tabletki 300x300 1

Revitasens is a natural tranquilizer tablet that supplements deficiencies in nutrients important for the brain. It can be used both in mild states of nervous tension and emotional turmoil, as well as to increase the efficiency of our mind.

Composition and effects of Revitasens

Fish oil (containing omega 3 acids), tryptophan, vitamin B6, folic acid, vitamin B12 – these substances are included in the composition of Revitasens capsules. The composition works in several ways: it reduces stress, improves mood, helps to restore high intellectual performance, soothes nerves, reduces negative emotions, reduces tension and anxiety, improves the process of neuron regeneration.

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