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OXY diet – effects, steps, menu, opinions – lose 5 kg in a month!

The OXY diet is considered to be an improved variant of the protein diet. Thanks to several modifications, it allows you to avoid the adverse side effects that the classic protein diet brought with it. At the same time, the OXY diet leads to rapid weight loss, which makes it an increasingly popular weight loss system. Learn about the principles, effects and opinions of the OXY diet and learn about its menu.

OXY diet – rules

Protein diet (Dukan diet), although slimming at a rapid pace, carries the risk of overloading the kidneys and liver (and even their failure). It is monotonous, deprives us of many important nutrients, can adversely affect our mood, lead to acidification and exhaustion of the body, cause chronic constipation. Very often it also results in the yo-yo effect. To avoid these negative side effects, and at the same time to record intensive weight loss, we can reach for an improved variant of the protein diet, the OXY diet.

milk and fruit shake

What does the OXY diet consist of? The menu in this weight loss system is variable and depends on the stage of the diet we are currently in. There are four stages and each of them lasts a week. An important part of the menu, starting from the second phase of the diet, is OXY shake, which is a cocktail made of kefir (or buttermilk) with cranberries and bran. We drink it every day, preferably as a second breakfast or an afternoon snack.

The composition of OXY shake is not accidental. Cranberries have a beneficial effect on the urinary system and reduce the risk of kidney disorders. In addition, both cranberries and bran are rich in carbohydrates and fibre, which means they provide us with energy, have a positive effect on our physical and mental condition, stimulate digestive processes and eliminate the risk of constipation. By drinking the OXY shake we protect our body from the negative side effects that are inherent in protein diets.

The OXY diet – stages

  • Phase 1 of the OXY diet – detox. In this phase we “switch” our body to the weight loss mode. All fattening food disappears from the menu, we eat light and dietetic, and the core of our menu become cocktails, which we prepare from fruits and vegetables. During this time, our body is intensively cleansed of toxins, metabolism speeds up, and the body prepares itself for the increased fat reduction, which is to take place in the next phases of the diet.
  • Phase 2 of the OXY diet – fat burning. As the name suggests, in this stage we start to burn fat intensively. Every day, as part of one of the five meals, we drink OXY shake, and the rest we build on the basis of lean dairy (country cheese, buttermilk, yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese), lean meat, lean fish, eggs, seafood. Vegetables are also included in the menu.

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  • Step 3 of the OXY diet. In this part of the diet we continue to burn fat, but at the same time we consolidate the effects achieved so far. We can add vegetable sources of protein to the menu from the previous stage, which are mainly legumes – beans, peas, beans, chickpeas, soybeans.
  • Stage 4 of the OXY diet – balance. In the final phase of the OXY diet, we gradually reduce the protein intake in favor of other nutrients, and thus we protect ourselves from a possible yo-yo effect. In the final phase of the OXY diet we gradually reduce the protein intake in favour of other nutrients, thus protecting ourselves against the yo-yo effect.

The creators of the OXY diet also suggest carrying out an additional stage – the stabilizing one. It is aimed at maintaining the effects and protecting against the return of weight.

OXY diet menu


TheOXY diet is a personalized weight loss system, which can be purchased via the Internet. Based on the information we provide about our weight, age, weight loss goals etc. we are provided with a menu plan, shopping lists and specific recipes.

The OXY diet menu is based on: lean dairy products, legumes, lean poultry meat, lean fish, vegetables (e.g. zucchini, carrots, tomatoes, lettuces, cucumbers, peppers, broccoli, radishes). There are also fruits (e.g. citrus fruits, apples, pears, berries, avocados), feta and mozzarella cheese, groats, brown rice, cereals and bran.

OXY diet – effects, opinions

Loss of about 5-10 kg, depending on the degree of excess weight, is the effect that the OXY diet can bring us. Opinions that can be encountered about this weight loss system are largely positive. People who have taken this treatment praise the varied, customized menu and the quick drops on the weight index. Many people have reported lasting results in shedding pounds, however, there are some people who have encountered the yo-yo effect after completing the treatment. As for the side effects of the diet in the form of decreased mood, fatigue, digestive problems or kidney strain, they occur in some people, in others they do not.

To sum up, the OXY diet is varied and effective. We don’t go hungry on it, we don’t eat just one type of food all the time, so it’s not as difficult to follow as a standard protein diet or radical mono-diet. However sometimes, because of the large amount of protein products in the menu and the restriction of other nutrients, it can give adverse side effects. For some people, a big downside of the OXY diet is also the fact that you have to pay for it.

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