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Piperine – for weight loss, good metabolism and better psychophysical condition

Piperine for weight loss – is it a good way to get rid of excessive pounds? It turns out that yes, because this substance has extraordinary thermogenic properties and blocks the formation of fat tissue. What is more, it is a completely natural and safe agent possessing many other properties valuable for health.

What is piperine and how does it work?

Piperine is an organic chemical compound found in the outer layer of black peppercorns and responsible for their characteristic pungent taste. The main effect of piperine on the digestive system is not surprising as black pepper has been used in traditional Asian medicine to treat various digestive ailments.

Black pepper we use in our kitchens is obtained from Piper nigrum L. plant, which comes from India and is grown mainly in tropical zone. For production of this spice fruits of Piper nigrum are used, for black pepper immature, green-yellow, which after drying become black-brown, and for white pepper mature, red fruits. Most piperine is found in black pepper, it has the form of a crystalline substance with a yellow color and a sharp, burning taste.

Piperine has numerous healing properties, especially in relation to the digestive process, which is why it is one of the leading natural remedies that effectively aid weight loss. Apart from that, it shows antioxidant and antibacterial abilities, supports treatment of vitiligo, helps to strengthen immunity and plays an important role in prevention of many diseases.

Piperine – health promoting and medicinal properties

dried black peppercornsPiperine has long been used as a medicine for indigestion and colds, it is also believed that in connection with cinnamon it soothes headaches. That’s not all. Black pepper can be helpful in many other ailments. As far as the preventive and curative properties of piperine are concerned, they primarily concern activities related to the digestive system and the digestive process.

First of all, it stimulates secretion of digestive juices improving metabolism. It is a thermogenics, thus it raises body temperature and speeds up metabolism. It lowers the level of fat in blood, favoring the reduction of fat tissue.

An important feature of piperine is its antioxidant and anticancer properties, which are useful not only in prevention, but also in the treatment of cancer. Studies have shown that regular intake of piperine in combination with curcumin, minimizes the risk of breast cancer, and even, in case of disease, leads to the reduction of cancer cells, without damaging healthy cells.

Piperine has been shown to promote the production of melanocytes, which helps to combat acquired vitiligo. It improves blood circulation, contributing to the prevention of heart disease. It supports the functioning of the immune system, increases the level of physical and mental performance. This is not the end when it comes to the nervous system and brain function. Its specific chemical structure makes it slow down neurodegenerative processes. It supports the ability to remember and concentration, relieves symptoms of depression, improves mental state.

Not everyone knows that small doses of piperine are also used in cosmetology. This substance facilitates the absorption of biologically active ingredients which are difficult to assimilate by increasing the fluidity of the epidermal lipid barrier.

Piperine for weight loss

As already mentioned, black pepper has astimulating effect on the digestive system. By activating the production of gastric and pancreatic juices and pancreatic enzymes, it improves and accelerates digestion. By intensifying the process of thermogenesis, i.e. heat generation, it contributes to faster calorie burning, and by participating also in the process of lipolysis (decomposition of fat cells and their metabolization), it has its significant contribution to fat tissue reduction. Recent scientific studies have also shown that piperine interferes with the activity of genes responsible for the formation of fat cells.

Piperine for weight loss can also prove to be very helpful for other, additional reasons. Since it naturally regulates fat and glucose metabolism, it contributes to suppressing excessive appetite, especially for sweets, and thus limits the number of calories consumed. In addition, it has diuretic and detoxifying properties, facilitating the process of cleansing the body of harmful substances.

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Piperine – effects of application

Peppercorns in bottles Piperine as a weight loss aid works on several levels. First, it intensifies thermogenesis accelerating fat burning. Secondly, it blocks the activity of genes that control the formation of new fat cells. Next, it intensifies and at the same time facilitates the digestive process, improving the absorption of nutrients. Finally, it supports detoxification of the body, which also has an impact on faster weight loss.

It is worth noting that if piperine supplements are used regularly, the reduction of fat tissue is accompanied by the growth of muscle mass and the improvement of muscle structure.

It should be stressed, however, that similarly as it is the case with other weight-loss aids, piperine supplementation alone, without changing current eating habits and lifestyle, will not make us attain our dream slim figure. Piperine will strengthen the effects and in this sense it will be helpful in the process of losing weight if we take care about physical activity and switch to a healthy, balanced and low-calorie diet.

Piperine – price, how to use the supplement

Currently, we have at our disposal a lot of supplements with black pepper fruit extract. Their price depends not only on the manufacturer or distributor, but above all on the percentage of the main ingredient. The best, containing 95% of piperine, specifics, sufficient for a single treatment, cost about 10 €.

Piperine should not be used for more than 3 months, after which a break of at least 2 months should be taken before starting the next treatment. The recommended daily dose is 5 to 10 mg once or twice a day at most.

If your priority is to reduce weight and improve digestion, you can reach for multi-ingredient supplements in which piperine is one of many active substances promoting better metabolism and weight loss or maintaining a healthy body weight. These include Probiosin Plus and Silvets, innovative formulations comprising plant extracts with proven slimming effects and piperine.

Another new product on the market is Piperinox, a slimming supplement based on the highly active piperine, which blocks the formation of fat cells. It also contains several other substances which effectively support fat burning. All of them constitute a strong weapon against excessive kilograms.

Piperine – user opinions

As usual in such cases, opinions are not unequivocal. Some people praise the effectiveness of supplementation with this substance, while others question its usefulness in weight loss. Therefore, one must objectively state that the treatment with piperine requires patience and, as it was mentioned before, specific lifestyle changes. Only then can we expect positive results.

At the same time it should be added that even though we are dealing with a safe, natural substance, it should be avoided by pregnant and breastfeeding women as well as persons taking certain medications, including antibiotics. In cases of hypersensitivity, piperine, especially if overdosed, may also irritate mucous membranes of the digestive system.

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