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Problems with falling asleep – how to deal with it?

We all know that a good night’s sleep is a prerequisite for proper functioning of the body, because it is during the night rest that it regenerates its strength and resources. Unfortunately, more and more people experience various sleep disorders, be it in the form of insomnia, difficulties in falling asleep or frequent waking up during the night. One of the most common ailments are problems with falling asleep.

Why can’t we fall asleep?

Probably every one of us has experienced a situation, when in spite of being extremely tired and sleepy, it was impossible to calm the rush of thoughts, and instead of falling asleep, we were wriggling in bed in vain trying to find a comfortable position and dreamlike solace. As long as such problems with falling asleep occur incidentally, there is still no reason to worry.

The matter becomes serious when the inability to fall asleep attacks us systematically, a few times a week. It is then necessary to react, because long-lasting sleep disorders not only disintegrate our everyday functioning, but may also cause serious psychosomatic diseases.

We have to realize that in many cases sleep problems are a result of the day, because the quality of sleep largely depends on the quality of life during the day. Stress and problems that accompany us in everyday life generate increased tension and irritability. There is an increased secretion of so-called stress hormones, namely adrenaline and noradrenaline, the brain stimulates the body to remain in a state of readiness for action, as a result of which it can not calm down to such an extent to fall asleep. In turn, the effects are lamentable for our health and well-being, we lie down tired and sleepless, and equally tired and sleepless we get up in the morning.

Sleep disorders as a signal of serious problems

Modern medicine treats insomnia not only as a symptom, but as an independent disease entity. The issue is so serious that various forms of insomnia – too short, shallow sleep, inability to fall asleep or waking up during the night, concern about 30% of adults, what’s more, more and more often this kind of problems are experienced by very young people. Although they may be caused by illnesses, such as depression or anxiety disorders, or by external circumstances, such as a personal tragedy, the root cause of most sleeping problems are stress factors related to everyday life.

If this type of trouble occurs, it should be a wake-up call and prompt us to take the appropriate steps. There are various natural methods of falling asleep which can be used in advance. If we ignore the first disturbing symptoms, we can lead to chronic insomnia, which absolutely requires specialist treatment.

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How to fall asleep quickly and sleep well?

The ideal solution would be to avoid all kinds of stress in everyday life. However, since this is not possible, you need to take care of proper sleep hygiene.

It is about following some important rules developed by sleep medicine specialists:

  1. Thebed should be comfortable and at the same time safe for our spine, while the bedroomshould be
  2. isolated from intrusive sounds and darkened. Before sleeping, the room and bedding should be aired out. It is much better to sleep in a cool place, so the temperature in the room should be at most a dozen or so degrees.

  3. Youshould go to bed at the same time every day and get up at the same time
  4. . Relax for two hours before going to bed, for example by reading a light book, using aromatherapy or listening to relaxing music. There is special music for falling asleep available on the internet, with certain frequencies and timbres to help you drift off to sleep.

  5. Inthe evening you should avoid strong stimuli
  6. in the form of aggressive music, tense films, watching TV in bed, especially programs that arouse extreme emotions.

  7. Let’s give up larger doses of alcohol
  8. , which in large quantities does not improve the quality of sleep, smoking cigarettes directly before bedtime, products containing caffeine, heavy meals.

  9. Sleeping pills will probably turn out to be unnecessary if we switch to a generally healthier lifestyle, start regular sporting activities, change our diet to a light one and start treating night-time rest as a very important element of our life. However, if we would like to support ourselves with effective and safe preparations facilitating falling asleep, it is worth reaching for diet supplements containing, for example, herbal extracts, tryptophan or melatonin


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