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Probolan 50 – opinions, composition and effects of one of the top mass gainer supplements

Probolan 50 is one of the most popular recent mass gainer formulations. Although it has many supporters, it is also not short of negative reviews. I have no idea where they come from, because in my case Probolan 50 was 100% up to the task. I built several kilograms of muscle mass with its help, hence my article disenchanting the unflattering comments made about it (in my opinion, very unfairly).

Probolan 50 composition and effects

Probolan 50 is a dietary supplement distinguished by its good and well-thought-out composition. It is not without reason that it is said to have the advantages of anabolic formulations, while at the same time being free of their disadvantages. In other words, when you use it, you can expect excellent results in the form of fast muscle growth, just like after anabolics. At the same time you are not exposed to any side effects that you would be exposed to while taking anabolic steroids.

In Probolan 50 formula you will find only organic substances which are safe for your health and which stimulate in a quite natural way the production of relevant hormones and stimulate processes responsible for muscle growth.

The active ingredients of Probolan 50 are:

These 3 ingredients welded together in one compilation provide highly effective fuel for muscles. They work by activating the body to increased testosterone production. As every strength training enthusiast knows, this hormone is responsible for our strength, endurance and muscle growth.

Probolan 50 has a positive effect on your physical performance, so you can train for a long time at high speeds without feeling exhausted. Moreover, Probolan 50 promotes anabolic processes, improves muscle work, influences their potential, helps them maximally use nutrients and thus makes them grow much faster.


Probolan 50 – effects

Probolan 50 tablets

In order for Probolan to work, you need to do strength training at the same time, with the right frequency and intensity – I don’t think I have to remind anyone of that. You might ask, why take it, if I have to train laboriously anyway? Well, in order to enjoy a sensationally muscular physique much faster than when training without any support. Secondly, to avoid physical exhaustion and discouragement with training. This is very important.

Probolan 50 has a positive effect on strength levels, but also on motivation and concentration – during workouts you’re fully focused on your exercises, you have plenty of energy, and you don’t experience sudden fatigue.

The first effects of Probolan 50 are almost immediate. After just a few doses you’ll notice a greater “kick” during workouts, an increase in exercise capacity and improved muscle performance. This is just the beginning. Week by week your endurance for heavy loads will grow, and with it, of course, your muscles will grow. Whether you’re at the mass or sculpting stage, Probolan 50 will help you squeeze the full potential out of your muscles and achieve the results you’re looking for.

Probolan 50 – opinions

My opinion about Probolan 50 is clear, I already wrote about it in this article. It works great for me. It helped me build several kilos of dry muscle mass in 2.5 months. During the first weeks I felt like I was “swelling in my eyes”, then I focused a bit more on sculpting. With Probolan 50 I made a perfect figure, which, immodestly speaking, I can see myself and which my friends convince me of 😉

When it comes to online opinions about Probolan 50, everyone can see that they are divided. Judging by the level of comments, the negative ones come from people who didn’t even have a chance to consume a single dose of Probolan, but consider themselves omniscient (I don’t know why). There are also a lot of positive comments about Probolan 50, which are similar to mine – that Probolan accelerates mass gaining a few times, that it’s a good energy booster, that it increases strength and concentration during workout, that it helps a lot in building a sculpture, which is very hard to do without strong support.

Probolan 50 – side effects

Preparations that affect the hormonal balance can be very different. Many of them are very risky for your health and cause dangerous side effects such as: erectile dysfunction, sex drive problems, baldness, acne, gynecomastia (male breast enlargement). However, you don’t have to worry about these kinds of ailments while using Probolan 50 because it doesn’t cause any side effects. It is completely safe for your health and does not cause any hormonal disturbances.

Probolan 50 – dosage

Probolan 50

Probolan 50 dosage depends on your body’s predisposition and stage of training. It’s best to start with small doses – 1 capsule a day (before workout). After a few days you can increase the dosage to 2 capsules, and if necessary, in further weeks, to 3 capsules.

After about 8 weeks you can again reduce the dosage to 2 per day. You will get the best results if you do a 10-week or 16-week Probolan 50 treatment.

Probolan 50 – price

If we are already talking about buying Probolan 50, then I must immediately advise against allegro and classifieds sites. Instead, I recommend the manufacturer’s website, which you can go to by clicking here. Only by buying the product on this site you have 100% guarantee of original goods. The price of Probolan 50 is 40 € per package. However, if you decide at once for 10- or 16-week treatment (buying 3 or 6 packages at once), you will pay much less. So it is worth to buy a package.


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