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Profolan – reviews, composition, effects, price… All about the best capsules for baldness on the market

Apart from expensive treatments in aesthetic medicine clinics, are there any effective ways to treat baldness? Asking myself this question, I browsed dozens of websites on the Internet and one fine day I came across a product for hair loss called Profolan. Reviews about this product were mostly very positive, especially from guys whose baldness has not yet covered too large areas on the head. I decided to try it out and I think it was worth it. If you are considering buying Profolan yourself and would like to find out what substances are in these capsules and how they affect the hair, read this article.

Profolan – A composition that works

Profolan capsules contain as many as 11 active substances, each of which is present in an exceptionally large quantity, corresponding to the real needs of a balding person. The doses of particular ingredients are really impressive, which cannot be said about other dietary supplements for baldness, which in this respect mostly come off rather poorly.

What can you find in Profolan?

  • Horsetail extract – in one capsule as much as 200 mg of the plant extract, which is several times more than in other dietary supplements (e.g. in Skrzypovit you will find only 25 mg per capsule!). Due to its rich content of silica, field horsetail is one of the most valuable plants supporting hair restoration. It strengthens hair, prevents hair loss and activates intensive hair growth.
    Profolan tablets
  • Nettle extract – nettle is a real elixir for weakened hair prone to hair loss. It is rich in silicon, vitamins, mineral salts and organic acids. It has the same intensive effect on hair as field horsetail, nourishing and stimulating them to growth.
  • L-cysteine – an amino acid which is a component of hair forming proteins. It stimulates hair cells to regeneration, strengthens hair, improves its condition and prevents hair loss
  • Taurine – another amino acid which has a favourable influence on hair. It stimulates them to growth and protects against excessive hair loss. It plays a very important role in inhibiting the process of baldness.
  • Biotin – one of the most important vitamins for hair health (in Profolan it is present in a really powerful dose!). Biotin participates in biochemical transformations conditioning proper hair growth and development.
  • Thiamine, vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin B6 – a complex of vitamins supporting the proper functioning of hair in optimised doses.
  • Zinc and copper – two bioelements, which take part in synthesis of proteins that are building blocks of hair. Thanks to them, hair is strong, healthy and their growth rate is not disturbed.

Profolan – price

The impressive composition Profolan made me think long and hard about its purchase. Although the price of the product seemed high at first, a moment later I thought that the deal wouldn’t be so expensive if I decided to get a six-month treatment for $150. In such a package comes out the cheapest – $25 per month. However, if you do not want to spend too much money at once, you can choose a 3-month package for $100 or a monthly package for $50.

Profolan is best purchased on the manufacturer’s official website –

Profolan – effects

On my own example I can say that Profolan works very well as a brake for the balding process. I approached the treatment as the owner of medium-sized meadows, a small “roundabout” on top of my head and generally thin and sparse hair on the whole head, than when I was twenty years old.

The first noticeable effects of the treatment with Profolan The first noticeable effects of the treatment appeared in the second month of use, but be warned, you may notice them sooner or later, because every body is different. I noticed that my hair fell out less, grew faster and became stronger in its structure. In the following weeks the thinning gradually started to disappear and the hated “roundabout” diminished. The bends stopped progressing and even receded slightly. I also noticed a lot of new hair in the bald areas.

Overall, I think Profolan is a really good product for people who want to curb the balding process and activate new hair growth. It works well for you, you just need to use it continuously for a few months. I still take Profolan to prevent my hair from falling out and to prevent it from weakening again.

Profolan – Internet reviews, summary

Profolan is considered to be the best hair loss product on the market. It has a unique, very strong composition, thanks to which it effectively inactivates the cause of androgenic alopecia, the DHT hormone. If you want to stop balding and improve the “quantity and quality” of your hair, and you are not going to undergo expensive treatments at aesthetic medicine clinics, I recommend Profolan. The reviews about it that you can find on the net mostly confirm my own. It is a product that strengthens hair and inhibits hair loss and activates hair growth, but it must be used systematically and for a long period of time (at least 3-4 months).

Profolan hair loss inhibitor product


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