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Protein supplements most often used by strength training enthusiasts

Anyone who practices strength training and aims to build muscle is well aware of the importance of taking in the right amount of protein. Since it’s difficult to meet the daily requirement of this ingredient through diet alone, people training for mass and sculpting often turn to protein supplements. Here are the most popular and effective types.

Protein whey protein

8090812742 2af7e105fb owheyprotein” width=”223″ height=”223″ />Preparations based on whey protein are by far the most popular protein supplements. Whey protein is derived from whey, the liquid byproduct of making cheese from milk. Whey protein supplements are characterised by excellent absorption by the body, they are rich in valuable essential amino acids (including bcaa amino acids).

Whey proteins are available in the form of hydrolysate (the fastest absorbed, with the highest protein content, but also the most expensive), isolate (very quickly absorbed, also with high protein content, slightly cheaper than hydrolysate) and concentrate (the cheapest, but also slightly slower absorbed, with slightly lower protein content).

Protein nutrients Egg

Egg supplements are mass gaining popularity recently. They are absorbed more slowly than whey supplements, so they are especially recommended in the evening as an antidote to night-time catabolism. One advantage of egg supplements over whey supplements is that they contain many vitamins and minerals naturally found in eggs, as well as valuable proteins rich in amino acids. So if you’re looking for a mass gainer that will not only provide you with a portion of wholesome protein, but also other important nutrients, egg protein supplements will be right for you.

Nutrition casein

33908848574 e9c93e97c4 z 300x200 1caseinnutrition” width=”315″ height=”210″ />Casein supplements are based on milk protein (casein ) and are characterised by high biological activity. They contain lactose, so they will not be suitable for people who are allergic to this ingredient.

Casein supplements contain wholesome protein, but are characterised by slow absorption, so they are unlikely to be suitable as a post-workout nutrient. However, they work very well as a nutrient minimising catabolism at night, so it’s worth reaching for this type of product in the evening.

Nutrients soy supplements

If you are looking for a mass gainer with no animal protein in its composition, soy protein will be a good choice for you. Soy-based supplements have a slightly lower value and lower bioavailability than, for example, whey-based supplements, but on the other hand they contain the complete set of essential amino acids, so they can be a good alternative to other types of supplements. supplements based on soy protein are often chosen by vegetarians, vegans and people who cannot tolerate preparations with animal proteins.

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