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Pure Mente Dream On Drops – drops for stress, nerves and sleep problems. A composition of valuable extracts for inner peace

Pure Mente Dream On Drops is an essential concoction of ingredients improving the condition of our nerves. It comes in the form of drops, so it’s a good alternative for people who prefer to take health-promoting liquids instead of tablets or capsules.

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Two servings a day are enough to quickly feel the improvement of mental condition on many levels – from stress reduction and excessive nervousness, through mood normalization to elimination of sleep problems.

In modern times, with our fast-paced, intense lifestyle and omnipresent stress, it’s difficult to maintain one hundred percent good mental condition. For most of us, nerve-racking situations are an everyday occurrence. Many people also face the necessity of living constantly at high speed. In such circumstances it is advisable to find a solid support for the nervous system. Dream On Drops is a product that will cleverly support your mind, eliminate bad mood, irritability, anxiety or tension and ensure a constant feeling of well-being. How do Pure Mente Dream On drops work?

How to keep nerves and stress under control?

Both in our professional and private lives we encounter a multitude of situations which result in mental fatigue, notorious irritability, explosivenessIn fact, being under stress is a daily bread for many of us, and it’s bad for our health in the long run.

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On stress suffers not only our psyche, but the whole body. It is not without reason that stress is said to be one of the main causes of most diseases. Unfortunately, a huge part of society struggles with stress and lack of inner peace on a daily basis. The problem is the inability to distance ourselves from life’s more difficult situations and deal with them rationally, and succumbing to negative emotions in a variety of circumstances. What is the way to overcome nerves and stress?

A variety of anti-stress and relaxation techniques, such as meditation, mindfulness training, aromatherapy, yoga, music therapy, massage, muscle tensing and relaxation, visualization, etc., can be very helpful. Also, seemingly trivial activities such as spending time in nature, reading books, finding an engaging hobby or regular sports can be extremely helpful in calming the nerves.

In the fight for inner peace, it is also worth considering the supplementation of preparations with calming, anti-stress and adaptogenic effects.

Plant components contained in such supplements protect our nervous system from within, improve the flow of impulses between neurons, improve brain function and inhibit nervous activity. By making it easier for our body to adapt to the conditions in which it finds itself, they increase resistance to stress.

This Pure Mente Dream On Drops is an example of a formula that works in just such a way. It contains 6 intensive regulators of the nervous system, thanks to which we regain a good, stable mood and strengthen our defence barrier against stress, while negative stimuli from the external world will not affect us and devastate our psyche.

What raw materials are included in Dream On Drops?

 Pure Mente Dream On Drops

Pure Mente Dream On Drops drops composition

Adaptogens improve the body’s response to stressors, allowing it to better adapt to difficult environmental conditions, calm down thoughts and increase the distance to unfavorable events. Thanks to these properties, adaptogens improve both mental and physical condition (non-stressed, relaxed, well-adapted to the environment body functions betterbody functions better, without wasting energy on constantly facing the threat and remaining in readiness for battle).

Dream On Drops contains 3 high quality adaptogens (citronella, licorice and astragalus) supplemented with 3 herbal extracts with nerve-soothing and relaxing properties for body and mind. This combination provides comprehensive protection and strengthens our psyche.

The active ingredients in Pure Mente Dream On Drops are:

Astragalus membranaceus root extract

Astragalus is one of the adaptogenic ingredients, it helps the body to better adapt to difficult, stressful situations. As a result, we don’t take on stress, but instead keep our distance from what’s going on around us. Our body remains in a state of relaxation and does not generate negative emotions and states (such as anger, tension, irritability, inability to cope with responsibilities, depression, anxietyor physical reactions such as hand tremors, excessive sweating, headaches, high blood pressure, heart palpitations, digestive problems, or visual disturbances.

In addition to its anti-stress effects, astragalus also has brain-enhancing, neuroprotective (protects neurons from damage, prevents neurodegenerative diseases) and immune-stimulating (strengthens the body’s natural immune mechanisms) properties. It also has antibacterial, antiviral and antioxidant properties (scavenges harmful free radicals from the body and inhibits aging processes).

Citronella fruit extract

Chinese Citronella is an adaptogen with great anti-stress potential and high ability to counteract mental and physical fatigue. It contains a rich array of lingan compounds with adaptogenic properties, thanks to which it normalizes the functioning of the body and protects us from the harmful effects of stress.

Apart from reducing stress, Chinese lemon increases resistance to mental effort. It helps in efficient execution of goals and tasks in private and professional life. It develops the ability to organize time, plan and make decisions, improves perception.

What’s more, it has a positive effect on our mood, stabilizes the work of the central nervous system, reduces irritability, hyperactivity, as well as anxiety and depressive disorders. It protects neurons from harmful effects of free radicals. It also improves cognitive functions. It increases mental productivity, improves the ability to remember and reproduce information, extends and deepens the time of full concentration.

Citronella also has a positive effect on the condition of the whole body – it strengthens, adds vigor, slows down aging, speeds up regeneration processes, protects the liver, helps cleanse the body, increases libido, improves the work of the cardiovascular system, helps lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels, fights pathogens, prevents allergies and inflammation.

Extract from licorice root

Licorice is a natural mood controller. It helps in states of mental exhaustion, discouragement, lack of energy and vitality, bad mood. It restores good mood, reduces fatigue, increases motivation for action. It soothes nerves and reduces the feeling of stress. It guards internal harmony, prevents excessive yielding to emotions, irritability, tearfulness, hyperactivity, constant feeling of anxiety and remaining in a state of nervous tension. It also improves mental performance, concentration, memory and streamlines thought processes.

The valuable properties of licorice also extend to other areas of health, not just mental health. The root of this plant exhibits powerful antiviral and antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, immune-boosting, bone-strengthening and muscle-supporting effects.

Lemon balm leaf extract

Melissa is a well-known and valued remedy for nervousness. It suppresses nervousness and prevents explosiveness, relieves nervous tension and anxiety, reduces excessive emotional agitation. It fights the phenomenon of persistent worry and constant thinking about problems, instead, it introduces a state of calmness and relaxation. It improves the quality of rest while helping you regain a healthy, restful sleep.

Hops extract and valerian extract

Hops and valerian are remedies for ragged nerves, high levels of stress and shallow, intermittent, unrestful sleep. Both ingredients have an inhibitory effect on nervous system activity, calming, reducing tension, anxiety and fear.

They combat inner turmoil, improve mood, reduce irritability and annoyance, help calm emotions, soothe and relax. They reduce the feeling of stress and regulate sleep – they make falling asleep easier and faster, deepen sleep and prevent night awakening.

 Pure Mente Dream On Drops drops


How to use Dream On Drops?

The use of Dream On Drops is child’s play, quick, hassle-free and very comfortable. Twice a day (in the morning and in the evening) we measure and take 20 drops of the product and that’s all. We do not even have to mix the drops with any liquid, we drink them directly from a large spoon, glass or measuring cup.

Due to its liquid form, Dream On Drops is an ideal solution for people who do not like swallowing tablets and capsules, or who are currently taking other preparations in tablet or capsule form and do not want to add more.

Effects of Dream On Drops

Pure Mente Dream On Drops drops harmonize the work of the entire system and improve the ability to adapt to difficult situations. When used regularly, the product will relieve our agitated nerves, relieve stress and allow us to return to good shape.

The supplement will remind us of what it means to feel good, to be relaxed and at ease, to be free from constant worry and anxiety, to be free from inner turmoil.

Pure Mente Dream On Drops – opinions

 Dream On Drops for Stress

Users mostly express satisfaction with the performance of Dream On Drops. Reviews of Internet users focus both on the effective fight against stress, tension, anxiety, as well as on improving mood and sleep quality.

The most commonly noted effects of Dream On Drops:

  • relaxes, relieves, helps in a state of excessive nervous strain,
  • effectively combats stress, helps to deal with difficult situations,
  • improves mood, combats mood swings,
  • helps you get a good night’s rest,
  • allows you to sleep better,
  • calms, permanently restores inner peace,
  • reduces such phenomena as: worrying, feeling fear, discouragement to life and action, difficulties with organizing time and fulfilling tasks, problems with making decisions,
  • makes us less nervous,
  • combats hyperactivity and explosiveness,
  • provides an increase in vitality and energy, improves the efficiency of the body,
  • reduces fatigue, revitalizes the mind, is helpful in states of mental and physical weakness,
  • helps to better control emotions,
  • combats sadness, depression, depressive states,
  • positively influences the work of the mind.

Where to buy Dream On drops?

You can buy the preparation via the official website . For larger orders, we can count on attractive discounts.

 Pure Mente Dream On Drops drops



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