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Pure Mente Dream On – capsules to restore your inner balance during the day and ensure a sound, restful sleep at night

Pure Mente Dream On capsules are a natural patent for improving mental health, with stress resilience, relaxation and improved sleep-wake cycle at the forefront. Most of us live a fast-paced life. With lots of things on our minds and hardly any free time to ourselves, we suffer from fatigue, fatigue, nervous tension and a general deterioration of our mind’s work. The Pure Mente Dream On dietary supplement was created precisely in order to counteract such problems and restore our impeccable mental wellbeing. The formula takes care of our mental functions both during the day and at night – it helps you get through everyday challenges with a good attitude and high resistance to stress, and at the end of the day it becomes the guardian of a good night’s sleep.

Stress, tension, bad sleep, lowered mood – how to improve the condition of your nerves and improve your life?

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Stress is inscribed in modern civilization. When we are stressed, our body mobilizes to defend itself against the potential threat (the stimulus that triggered the stress), using large amounts of energy.

Mild stress may even be motivating, encouraging us to act and to face challenges. In most cases, however, the stressors are too strong, and despite the measures taken to counterbalance the stress, our bodies are unable to resist it effectively.

As a result of severe stress, we begin to fall into negative emotional states. To make matters worse, stress takes a toll not only on the psyche, but also on the entire body. The higher the level of stress, the worse our physical and mental shape.

The key to counteracting stress is to raise the threshold for the impact of stressors, in other words to develop a greater resistance to stress. This is perfectly served by the so-called adaptogens – medicinal plants with a positive impact on the psyche, such as the famous ashwagandha.

Pure Mente Dream On is a rich composition of adaptogens, thanks to which we become more resilient to stress, we improve our mental condition and as a result we improve the quality of life in all aspects.

 Pure Mente Deram On capsules

Pure Mente Dream On the stress relief expert

Excessive tasks to perform, pressure at work, piling up responsibilities – dozens of stressful situations, both in our professional and personal lives, confront us all every day.

The more stressful situations and the weaker our ability to face them, the worse their impact on our nerves. A crowd of bad emotions, constant nervous tension, lack of distance to the problems negatively affect our physical and mental well-being, determine the behavior and destroy relationships with others.

Pure Mente Dream On, thanks to its intelligently developed composition and high quality components, is an effective response to high levels of stress and lack of ability to tame negative emotions. The formula works in several different ways to provide us with internal balance both during the day and at night, while we sleep.

How Pure Mente Dream On works:

  • combats stress, helps maintain internal balance even in difficult and highly nervous situations,
  • helps you fall asleep quickly, increases the quality of your sleep,
  • soothes nerves, reduces tension,
  • supports the nervous system, combats mental fatigue,
  • regulates mood,
  • relaxes,
  • improves the work of the mind.
 Pure Mente Dream On


Pure Mente Dream On capsules – composition

In the fight against stress and deterioration of mental condition very good are preparations that contain several different active substances complementing each other and intensifying their effects.

In this respect Pure Mente Dream On is excellent. It contains as many as 7 extracts from valuable medicinal plants (including the leading herbs used in Ayurvedic medicine). The composition of the supplement is also enriched with vitamins valuable for brain work and general body revitalization.

The active ingredients of Pure Mente Dream On capsules are:


Lemon balm has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and it is mainly known for that.

Melissa relieves tension, reduces anxiety and fear, soothes nerves, helps one to relax and get away from everyday problems. It fights irritability and excessive agitation, generates inner peace. Melissa is very valuable for people complaining about problems with falling asleep and poor sleep quality.

As for other properties, lemon balm supports the liver, improves digestion, helps normalize blood pressure, fights arrhythmia. It has anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial properties and is helpful in respiratory diseases. It soothes headaches and menstrual pain, supports the fight against colds.

Ashwagandha (standardized for vitanolid content)

Ashwagandha is one of the most important, valuable natural remedies used in Eastern medicine. It is helpful in fighting a wide range of ailments. It has a very positive effect on the condition of the psyche and increases the general level of vitality.

Using ashwagandha, we are more vital, more resistant, our body is stronger and its work more efficient. Ashwagandha helps with fertility problems and low libido, hormonal disorders, respiratory diseases, diabetes, liver disease, rheumatism and joint pain. It improves immunity, also reduces the risk of cancer and slows the aging process.

Ashwagandha has a multifaceted positive effect on brain function. It improves concentration and memory, improves speed and efficiency of thought processes. It supports us in states of intense effort and counteracts mental fatigue. It protects neurons and regulates the secretion of neurotransmitters, which has a positive effect on mood and internal balance .

According to many opinions, ashwagandha opens the mind and facilitates the expansion of mental horizons. Another important aspect of this miracle herb is the reduction of stress, tension, anxiety, neurotic and depressive disorders, as well as the prevention of insomnia and the support of healthy, deep sleep.

Small-leaf bacopa (standardized for bacoside content)

Like ashwagandha, small-leaved bacopa (Bacopa monnieri, brahmi) is one of the medicinal plants commonly used in traditional Indian medicine. It supports health in a number of ways, including: protects the liver, exhibits antiepileptic, diastolic and analgesic effects, combats insomnia, supports the cardiovascularIt also fights insomnia, supports the cardiovascular system, protects the heart, reduces inflammation, boosts immunity, helps fight harmful microorganisms and exhibits antioxidant properties.

One of the most important properties of bacopa is that it improves the work of the nervous system and has a positive effect on mental functions. When used for a long time, bacopa gives excellent results in improving memory and concentration. The plant increases mental potential and simultaneously improves our mood.

Bacopa is a valuable adaptogen. It lowers the levels of stress hormone (cortisol) in the body, increasing our resistance to stressors. Leading to increased levels of dopamine and serotonin, it improves mood, reduces anxiety, abolishes nervous tension, relaxes, improves sleep quality. It exhibits antidepressant abilities, strengthens the psyche and promotes inner harmony.


Hops are a source of lupulin – a substance weakening the function of the cerebral cortex and inhibiting the reception of external stimuli to the nervous system. This translates into calming, suppressing anxiety and fear, eliminating nervousness and irritability.

Because of its properties, hops is excellent for nervousness, chronic stress, the tension that often accompanies us, depressive disorders, and sleep problems. In the field of restoring deep, healthy sleep and fast, easy falling asleep, hops is one of the most effective herbs.

Rhodiola rosea

Rhodiola rosea is another ingredient in Pure Mente Dream On capsules that has an adaptogenic effect, improving the body’s ability to adapt to difficult, stressful conditions. Rhodiola rosea allows us to maintain a greater distance to what is happening in the environment. As a result, if we find ourselves in a stressful, tense situation, we are able to adapt to it more easily. Our body does not react with nervousness and stress, we do not generate bad emotions, instead we remain calm and internally balanced.

Rhodiola rosea also shows nootropic effects – it increases mental efficiency, makes us more resistant to mental effort, increases the level of concentration, improves the memory process.

Ceylon Cinnamon

Cinnamon fruit from Ceylon has positive influence on the whole body and helps in elimination of many ailments. It revitalizesthe body, supports tissue regeneration, helps lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels, speeds up metabolism and facilitates the reduction of excessive kilograms. It is also a weapon against bacteria, viruses and fungi. It fights infections, colds, inflammations.

Since it contains a lot of antioxidants, it slows down the ageing process and lowers the risk of cancer. Cinnamon also shows positive influence on work of brain. It improves mental efficiency, soothes nerves, improves mood.


Melatonin is a sleep specialist. It regulates our circadian rhythm, speeds up falling asleep, helps to enter deep sleep easily, prevents such phenomena as waking up during the night, shallow sleep, lack of sleep, premature waking up and inability to fall asleep again.

What is more, melatonin helps the body regenerate during sleep and makes us wake up feeling refreshed , full of energy and completely rested. Thanks to melatonin, we can regulate our sleep, which translates into more vitality and better mood during the day.

Vitamin C, niacin, riboflavin

The last ingredient in Pure Mente Dream On is a set of vitamins reducing the feeling of fatigue and tiredness. Vitamin C additionally strengthens the body and supports the immune system; niacin and riboflavin have a positive effect on psychological functions, regulate the functioning of the nervous system, contribute to the reduction of stress and tension, and are helpful in states of mental exhaustion.

Pure Mente Dream On – panacea for stress, poor mental condition and sleep problems

 Pure Mente Dream On Capsules

Multiple effects of Pure Mente Dream On capsules make the preparation useful for everyone who would like to improve the quality of sleep, fight stress and regain good nervous condition.

The effect of regular use of Pure Mente Dream On is, first of all, an immunization against stress. We cope better in stressful, tense situations, our mind works better and we are constantly accompanied by a state of inner calm.

We no longer feel the mental load, we are relaxed and satisfied. This contributes to increased productivity at work, easier task accomplishment, increased motivation and willingness to act, and an overall improved quality of life.

Other areas of action of the preparation are: repair of the sleep and wakefulness cycle, reduction of anxiety, irritability and restlessness, improvement of mood, elimination of mood disorders, reduction of the phenomenon of excessive indulgence in emotions.

Pure Mente Dream On – opinions

Good quality multi-ingredient adaptogenic supplements generally enjoy high praise from customers. The Pure Mente Dream On supplement also does not lack positive feedback. It is rated very well, especially because its composition is unique and perfectly suits the needs of people under stress, with sleep problems and in need of great mental support.

According to many opinions, Pure Mente Dream On is one of the best adaptogens on the market. The majority of users have noticed the elimination of all mental health problems after taking the product for a longer period of time. Many customers emphasize that after Pure Mente Dream On, they finally felt what it was like to have a consistently good mood and be in good mental shape.

You can purchase Pure Mente Dream On from the manufacturer’s website, which you can access by clicking here.

 Pure Mente Dream On capsules



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