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Reduction training – before you start building muscle, lose fat!

If you look in the mirror and think you could use some weight loss, fat loss training should be your first step towards building your dream silhouette. For optimal results in a relatively short time, it’s best to combine it with a diet for reduction.

Like burn tissue fat?

The key to success is to stick to a diet that will give you a negative calorie balance .However, for better results the dietplan should be enriched with properly designed exercises. By combining training with a reduction diet you will maximally increase your metabolism, fat burning will be quick and efficient, and the resulting slim figure will be the perfect basis for building muscles. If you’ re looking for additional support, take a look at the ranking of dietary supplements for exercisers.

Workout reduction for beginners

Youcan choose to train for reduction at the gym or at home. The former solution carries with it great opportunities to diversify your exercise plan . At the gym you can do aerobics on different types of machines (e.g. orbitrecs, treadmills, bikes), an additional advantage is access to extensive gym equipment


However gym at all not is necessary, effective reduction can be can be can be done also w at home. From you is up to you, where you prefer to exercise. You can or combine exercises at gym z training at home. The only thing you should do at start is set up specific program training program, which you’ll be follow stick to i which will be tailored to your current condition. Below I provide examples exercises at reduction tissue fat reduction arranged w weekly program.

treadmill exercises

Plan workout plan at reduce tissue fat reduction

Here’s reduction plan training plan for people with average or little background fitness background. You will find elements of strength training in it, but because jest typical programme focused on burning fat, which is why so big role w it aerobics. Remember that this is only a general proposal of the exercise program. Your personal training for reduction can be freely composed (for example you can replace aerobics on treadmill with aerobics on orbitrek, and exercises with barbells with pull-ups and push-ups, etc.).

The most important thing is not to skip any training sessions and to train long enough (aerobics should last at least 45 minutes and fbw training a maximum of one hour).

Monday: one hour training aerobic on treadmill training treadmill (or other machine for exercise machine)

Tuesday: About 50-minute workout FBW at each part muscles (e.g. exercises with barbell on chest chest, back i shoulders, exercises z dumbbells on biceps i triceps, exercises on legs – – squats z weights)

Wednesday: 20 minutes exercises z dumbbells, 45 workout aerobic on treadmill

Thursday: About 50-minute workout FBW at each part muscles

Friday: one hour workout aerobic on treadmill

Saturday: break

Sunday: recreation – hour of swimming at pool, jogging, sports team sports or riding on cycling

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