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Restilen, regain inner peace, overcome fatigue and stress!

Restilen is a high-class dietary supplement intended for people who feel tension, anxiety, nervousness, stress, and who would like to eliminate these states, and thus regain inner peace and improve their quality of life. Via a composition of extracts from valued medicinal plants and several important vitamin components, it stabilizes the nervous system and comprehensively improves our mood. The essence of Restilen’s effectiveness lies in its blend of herbal and vitamin components – they complement each other perfectly, providing our nervous system with support and protection. If you want to eliminate stress, fatigue, weakened vitality and all negative emotions, use Restilen.

Tension, anxiety, irritability, stress – the enemies of inner peace that disrupt life

Everyone feels irritability, nervous tension, anxiety at times, everyone is under stress at times. Worse, when “sometimes” turns into “often” or “constantly”. If episodes of mental ill-being begin to recur, if we are flooded with negative emotions and our nerves are in shreds, if we suddenly discover that we have become a slave to stress, it is a sign that we should take care of our mental sphere as soon as possible.

We can do this by, among other things, using relaxation techniques, switching to a healthier lifestyle and taking a good quality anti-stress and nervous system enhancing dietary supplement like Restilen.

Restilen adaptogen, stress relief pills

Being in a state of long-term nervous dysregulation or suffering from chronic, severe stress increases the risk of developing more serious health problems, both in the physical and mental aspect. Therefore, it is not worth underestimating the problem.

Why is poor mental condition, stress, emotional imbalance, nervousness, and depressive states such common problems in our society? There are many reasons. Undoubtedly, today’s civilization and modern life model forces us to be almost non-stop in an impeccable mental condition and to carry a lot of tasks. And not everyone is strong and operative enough to easily cope with all the functions and duties.

Moreover, in the lives of many of us there is the problem of a lot of pressure from the environment, whether on professional or private grounds. Often, nutritional deficiencies, overwork, excessive workload, lack of rest and sufficient sleep contribute to nervous exhaustion, loss of vitality and motivation and generally a weakened psyche.

Stressed person

A lot of people feel unfulfilled in life, we often have problems with self-confidence, establishing and building relationships, self-esteem, self-acceptance… All this makes our mood gradually deteriorate, we are often bitter, angry or upset, our mental productivity decreases, we cope less and less with bad states and emotions.

It’s time to stop the expansion of negative thoughts and feelings. The longer we give in to them, the further away from the ideal our lives will be and the more our health will suffer.

Here are the possible consequences of prolonged stress and neurotic disorders:

  • hypertension, heart disease, heart attack;
  • lowered immunity, increased susceptibility to infections and diseases;
  • problems with breathing;
  • insomnia;
  • migraine;
  • problems with proper vision;
  • stomach pains, digestive disorders, stomach ulcers;
  • problems with concentration and mental performance;
  • loss of creativity and motivation;
  • memory problems;
  • sexual dysfunction, decreased libido;
  • skin problems, weakening of hair, greying, baldness;
  • disturbances in the hormonal balance;
  • insulin resistance and diabetes;
  • overweight and obesity;
  • addictions, depression;
  • back pain;
  • rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis;
  • anorexia, eating disorders.

Is it worth exposing yourself to these and other health problems? Is it worth being held hostage to stress, depression, bad emotions, anxiety, and thus not being able to fully experience happiness, joy, not being able to enjoy life? It is certainly not worth it. Many people are aware of this and many people ask themselves, how do you even get down to “fixing” your weakened psyche?

A good start is to take an adaptogenic supplement on a daily basis, preferably of high quality and with research-proven effectiveness. Restilen is such a product.

Restilen is an adaptogen for fatigue and stress

The advantage of Restilen is its advanced composition, a clever combination of plant-based anti-stress agents, vitamins to improve nervous system function, magnesium to improve mood and brain function, and special patented fruit extracts that work at the neuronal level to reduce stress and the symptoms it causes.


Restilen – composition of the preparation

Restilen is a unique combination of the best stress and nervous tension reducers. It consists of a set of selected ingredients with high bioactivity and excellent bioavailability. Among them, among others:

Ashwagandha root extract (5%vitanolides) – KSM-66®

Ashwagandha is one of the most important plants exhibiting adaptogenic activity, i.e. enabling the body to adapt more easily to prevailing, not necessarily favourable, conditions. This has a direct effect on our reactions, behaviour and well-being every time we find ourselves in a stressful or difficult situation.

Thanks to ashwaganda and the vitanolides it contains, stress factors don’t affect us strongly, don’t paralyze us and don’t cause unpleasant, annoying symptoms from our organism (such as increased sweating, heart palpitations, confusion in the head, thoughtlessness, inability to concentrate, anxiety, irritation etc.).

In other words, ashwagandha makes us more resistant to stress, we can better control our emotions, we feel greater inner peace and clarity of thought, we have a greater distance from the problems that perhaps we once exaggerated and that caused us to fall into a vortex of sadness and worry. What is very interesting, ashwagandha not only protects us from stress and negative emotions, but also reduces fatigue, fights sleep disorders and improves the work of intellect. Thanks to it, we can improve our ability to focus attention and increase our mental potential.

Extract from Chinese tea leaves (98% L-theanine)

The Chinese tea extract contained in the Restilen preparation is distinguished by a wide spectrum of health properties. Due to its very high concentration of L-theanine, it shows strong anti-stress and nervous system normalizing effects. L-theanine is one of the top-rated substances that immunize us against stress factors, while providing a sense of inner balance and relaxation.

L-theanine effectively reduces inner turmoil, jitteriness, irritability, anxiety. It relieves nervous tension, improves mood, helps to relax, distances us from bad emotions, eliminates psychophysical fatigue, comprehensively improves our mental condition and enhances creativity.

Saffron pistil extract (0.4% crocins, 0.4% safranal) – Saffr’Activ®

Patented extract from saffron pistils – Saffr’Activ® is filled with valuable antioxidants, which by fighting free radicals protect nerve cells against damage and aging. The compounds in the extract – crocin (crocin) and safranal – have been shown to have many health effects, from supporting the cardiovascular and digestive systems, to improving immunity and anti-cancer effects, to regulating hormone balance.

Saffron extract also has a major impact on the functioning of our nervous system. It affects neurotransmitters, stimulating their production and restoring their proper levels. It eliminates depressive states, normalizes mood, fights stress, prevents emotional disturbances, instead, it takes care of internal harmony, good condition of nerves and stable, irreproachable mood. Saffron has a beneficial effect on our cognitive functions, improves concentration and memory, increases mental clarity, improves the ability to absorb new knowledge, improves thinking.

Cantaloupe Melon Juice Concentrate – SOD B Extramel®

Cantaloupe Melon JuiceConcentrate can be extremely helpful for people exposed to severe stress and high mental or physical exertion as well as those in a state of mental exhaustion. The ingredient allows us to effectively strengthen and revitalise ourselves, takes care of our mental recovery, improves the quality of sleep, increases resistance to fatigue, and at the same time reduces susceptibility to stress.

Magnesium Aquamarin™

Magnesium is the basic mineral responsible for the correct functioning of the nervous system. The Restilen supplement uses a special variety of magnesium with excellent assimilability, Aquamarin™. That’s why the ingredient is highly effective at improving nerve impulse conduction, improving the work of the intellect, eliminating fatigue and exhaustion, reducing feelings of stress, reducing tension, anxiety and irritability, stabilising mood, and introducing a state of relaxation and emotional harmony.


Serenzo™ is a unique, highly concentrated sweet orange peel extract (20% limonene) with a powerful anti-stress action. The effectiveness of Serenzo™ in reducing the effects of stress and related symptoms has been confirmed by clinical studies. The compound works at the neuronal level, binds to A2A receptors (responsible for releasing important neurotransmitters and regulating stress), and at the same time helps inhibit the activity of D2 receptors (responsible for the body’s response to stressors).

Serenzo™ helps our body build a special blockade against stress, and at the same time stops causing the ailments it used to generate when exposed to stressors.

B vitamins (vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, vitamin B12)

TheB vitamin complex is an indispensable ingredient for us if we want to take care of the renewal of our psyche and return to a stable, correct functioning of the nervous system. Deficiencies of B vitamins occur very often, especially in people with impaired mental condition and subjected to high mental effort.

B vitamins help improve brain function, improve concentration, increase mental performance, relieve tension and irritability, reduce fatigue and tiredness, help the psyche cope better with stressful situations, alleviate fear and anxiety, and make it easier for us to keep our nerves under control.

Restilen – tame stress, strengthen your psyche and enjoy an excellent sense of well-being. Effects of the supplement

TakeRestilen 2 times a day, preferably in the morning and in the evening, drinking plenty of water (approx. 300 ml). This system of dosing the supplement will allow you to quickly feel its positive effects. Improved mood, relaxation, reduced stress and nervousness are the most important, but not the only, effects of the activity of this unusual adaptogenic preparation.

Restilen adaptogen in capsules

How Restilen helps:

  • makes us more resilient to stressors, reduces our perception of stress and combats the symptoms that usually follow;
  • reduces feelings of fatigue and tiredness, improves resistance to mental and physical exertion;
  • combats tension, anxiety, restlessness and problems with falling asleep;
  • eliminates nervousness, jitteriness, sadness and apathy;
  • improves the nervous system;
  • improves quality of sleep and rest;
  • stabilizes mood, calms negative emotions;
  • increases our adaptive abilities and makes us better able to cope with difficult situations;
  • allows us to think more clearly, precisely and optimistically;
  • increases creativity and motivation to act;
  • improves mental agility;
  • brightens the mind, relaxes and brings inner balance.

Restilen – opinions

Restilen dominates the market of adaptogenic remedies. The way it was prepared, from the perfectly selected composition of ingredients, to the high standard of production and conducted research, makes it highly effective and appreciated by a growing number of customers.

According to many opinions Restilen works great as a mood enhancer, stress reducer, fatigue and emotional instability reducer. Many commenters are of the opinion that Restilen is a recipe for healthy nerves, strong psyche and well-being.

Restilen dietary supplement for nerves and stress

Please note, if you decide to purchase the supplement on the manufacturer’s website, along with Restilen you will receive for free an interesting guide – how to effectively combat stress!



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