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Sauerkraut juice for weight loss, the kingdom of probiotics in the service of a slim figure

Both sauerkraut itself and the juice which is produced during the pickling process are very valuable for our body. They provide us with a lot of vitamins and minerals, as well as beneficial lactic acid bacteria which have a positive effect on our intestinal flora and our whole body. For some time there has also been a lot of talk about the impact of sauerkraut juice on weight loss.

Sauerkraut and sauerkraut juice – an arsenal of beneficial substances

Sauerkraut and sauerkraut juice are products that should become regulars in our menu, regardless of whether we are currently fighting with extra pounds or not. They show antioxidant properties, support the immune system, help to replenish electrolytes, take care of the digestive system health and eliminate toxins. All this is due to the rich composition of sauerkraut, in which we find:

  • a large amount of vitamin C,
  • vitamin E,
  • B vitamins,
  • vitamin K,
  • beta-carotene,
  • potassium,
  • magnesium,
  • calcium,
  • iron,
  • sodium,
  • zinc and selenium,
  • manganese,
  • sulfur,
  • polyphenols.

Properties of sauerkraut juice

The sauerkraut formed as a result of lactic fermentation is a great source of probiotic bacteria, which have an irreplaceable value for us. They are responsible for the proper intestinal flora and thanks to them fungi, viruses, parasites and bacteria harmful to our body have no opportunity to expand. The influence of sauerkraut and sauerkraut juice on intestinal flora results in many positive effects for our health and well-being, such as elimination of annoying constipations and flatulence, more efficient elimination of toxins from our body, regulation of bowel movement cycle. It is also worth adding that regular drinking of sauerkraut juice promotes the health of bile ducts, spleen and liver.

Why it is worth to regularly drink sauerkraut juice:

  • builds immunity;
  • helps to fight inflammation;
  • reduces vulnerability to colds and infections;
  • protects against viruses, fungi, bacteria, worms;
  • helps speed up metabolism, promotes weight loss;
  • restores the balance of intestinal flora, prevents ailments of the digestive system;
  • detoxifies the body;
  • has a positive effect on the circulatory system;
  • helps with joint pains;
  • improves condition of skin, hair and nails;
  • prevents acidification of the body;
  • reduces the risk of cancer.

Sauerkraut juice for weight loss

Sauerkraut juice contains elements that are very useful in reducing weight, and these are dietary fiber and probiotics. Thanks to them it strengthens the feeling of satiety, helps to control the appetite, stimulates metabolism, including fat metabolism, also has a beneficial effect on the digestive system – supports peristalsis, prevents constipation, facilitates bowel movement, cleanses from toxins.

Undoubtedly, sauerkraut juice will work in our favor, but it will be best if we combine it with a low-calorie diet. We will also need regular physical activity. Without these two factors drinking sauerkraut juice for weight loss may not give us the expected results.

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How to drink sauerkraut juice for weight loss?

sauerkraut in a jar

In order for the sauerkraut juice treatment to support weight loss, it should be carried out with great regularity. Every day you should drink 1 glass or 1.5 glasses of sauerkraut juice, the amount should be divided into 2-3 portions.

For example: half a glass of juice in the morning (preferably on an empty stomach), half a glass at lunchtime and half a glass in the evening, after dinner. If this is too much for you, you can give up one of the doses. After about 2 weeks you should take a break of a week or more in drinking the juice and if necessary repeat the treatment.

If you decide to use sauerkraut juice, it is worth to observe how your body reacts during the first days. Not everyone tolerates large amounts of sauerkraut products in their daily diet. If, for example, there is an excessive production of gases or a sudden laxative effect after the sauerkraut juice, it is necessary to limit its amount or give up the treatment.

Sauerkraut juice – where to buy it

Sauerkraut juice is a product that is not often found on the shelves of stationary stores. In the Internet sale also appears sporadically. For a bottle of sauerkraut juice we pay about 5 zł. However, people who would like to show off in the kitchen, can tempt themselves to prepare sauerkraut juice. The recipe is given below.

Sauerkraut juice – recipe

Prepare a large head of white cabbage and a few litre jars. Wash the cabbage, remove the outer leaves, cut into quarters, remove the stalk. Then chop into thin strips using a large knife or a special cabbage shredder. You can also shred the cabbage with a blender using the appropriate tip.

Put chopped cabbage into jars, more or less to the half volume. To each jar pour a flat teaspoon of salt, spread the salt over the cabbage with your fingers, and then knead a little. Add a little water, making sure that there is some free space left in the jar, which later will take the juice. Close the jars. After 3-4 days the juice should be ready.

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