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Serum for eyebrows ranking 2021 – Find out which product will do the best job of restoring your eyebrows!

How to grow eyebrows? How to change thin, sparse, almost invisible eyebrows for thick, strong, expressive ones? A good quality eyebrow serum, which in addition to nourishing the roots and hairs, will have a stimulating effect on the proliferation of new hair cells, and thus bring the effect of increased eyebrow growth, will help in rebuilding and revitalization.

If you are looking for a good eyebrow serum, take a look at our ranking! We gathered the best market proposals in this category, giving first place to the most advanced, most modern and most effective cosmetic to improve the quality of eyebrows. Other products in the ranking are also characterized by good composition and effective action. We invite you to read and choose the eyebrow serum which best meets your expectations.

Serum for eyebrows – ranking

Innovation, effectiveness, value for money, performance, mode of action, end result, opinions – these are the criteria we took into account when selecting products for our list. Here are the six best cosmetics for eyebrow renewal and care on the market:

Place 1 – Eleverbrow Serum Stimulating Eyebrow Growth (3 ml)

 Eleverbrow eyebrow serum

Eleverbrow is the most effective method of naturally beautiful, lush, heavily accentuated eyebrows without the need for permanent makeup, henna or other treatments from a beautician. Eleverbrow is an advanced serum and conditioner in one, which means that it simultaneously fulfils several important tasks:

  • regenerates and reconstructs (by stimulating the growth of new hairs, it increases the volume of the eyebrows, thus supporting the renewal of thin and sparse eyebrows by nature, as well as eyebrows damaged after excessive depilation and treatments and eyebrows weakened e.g. due to health problems),
  • nourishes and beautifies (by improving the structure of hairs and filling them with valuable substances, contributes to improving their appearance),
  • strengthens and protects against damage (prevents hair loss and makes them more resistant to adverse conditions).

Eleverbrow is an excellent option for people who do not have time for home treatments or treatments in offices, looking for convenient to use and equipped with repair ingredients cosmetic. Preparation simultaneously cares for our eyebrows, moisturizes, adds luster, makes them look better, and, which is important for owners of thin, sparse eyebrows, stimulates the growth of new hair and thickens the old ones.

By stimulating the regenerative process of the hair fibre, Eleverbrow corrects gaps and imperfections in the structure of the eyebrows. A few strokes with the brush every day will help you to become the owner of harmonious, nicely exposed and charming eyebrows.

The effectiveness of Eleverbrow serum is due to a rich composition of substances selected specifically for the specific requirements of such a delicate area of our face as eyebrows. The cosmetic’s active ingredients include:

  • Glycerine – shows protective and nurturing properties, helps maintain a high level of skin and hair hydration for a long time.
  • Panthenol – repairs micro-damage in hairs, stimulates cell division, which contributes to eyebrow thickening. It also accelerates the regeneration of skin and hair, penetrates into the skin and nourishes it, penetrates into the hair and repairs their structure from the inside. Strengthens eyebrows, thickens them, prevents water loss, adds gloss. Makes eyebrows look healthier and more attractive.
  • Keratin hydrolysate – conditions, nourishes and moisturises eyebrows. Leaves hairs smooth, silky and shiny.
  • Marshmallow – soothes irritations, protects from unfavourable external factors, supports the eyebrow regeneration process. What is more, it contributes to improving the appearance of eyebrows, smooths them, brightens and moisturises.
  • Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1 – a complex of 3 amino acids peptide which is an extremely valuable component for people struggling with thin, sparse eyebrows. It strengthens the eyebrows, blocks the process of hair loss, and at the same time stimulates their growth. It stimulates the process of proliferation (multiplication) of hair bulb cells and helps in hair anchoring. It makes more and more new hairs appear, eyebrows become fuller, thicker, hairs are stronger, thicker and longer and have a longer life.

The best eyebrow serum? You don’t have to search long. Choosing Eleverbrow is the optimal way to renew and beautify your eyebrows without professional treatments. In addition to the excellent results of application, the advantage of the cosmetic is also its efficiency. One flacon will suffice us for a very long time, namely for a period from two to six months (depending on the frequency of use).

The manufacturer recommends that you apply the serum daily during the first phase of treatment, but after obtaining satisfactory results, it is enough to apply the product 2-3 times a week to maintain the effects.

Eleverbrow is a lifeline for damaged and weak eyebrows and a way to emphasize and beautify them without using radical methods. With regular use, the effects of the Eleverbrow eyebrow serum are visible already in the second week! The condition of our eyebrows improves, they look better nourished and healthier. Over time, hairs are getting thicker and more of them start to grow. The most visible effects can be seen after 10-12 weeks of application.

It is worth adding that Eleverbrow serum is completely safe to use. The cosmetic has undergone a number of laboratory tests. It does not irritate or cause allergic reactions. However, it dynamically stimulates hair bulbs to growth and gives clear effects of increasing the size and improving the condition of our eyebrows.

The most frequently mentioned by clients effects of regular application of Eleverbrow:

  • active growth of new hairs allowing to easily grow nice eyebrows,
  • improvement of hair thickness,
  • stronger, less falling out eyebrows,
  • nicely shaped eyebrows,
  • lengthening of eyebrow hairs,
  • thickening of eyebrows,
  • perfectly moisturised and nourished, shiny eyebrows,
  • silky, healthy-looking eyebrows,
  • more regular, disciplined eyebrows,
  • improved colour and expressiveness of eyebrows, natural darkening,
  • perfectly highlighted eyebrows without the need for intensive painting.


Place 2 – Nanobrow Intensive Eyebrow Conditioner

 Nanobrow eyebrow serum

Nanobrow is an advanced eyebrow growth conditioner with an interesting, diverse composition. Apart from peptide and amino acid components, which contribute to thickening and lengthening of hairs, it also contains a composition of plant extracts with strengthening, conditioning and nourishing properties. Nanobrow is an efficient and safe cosmetic. With prolonged and regular use it gives satisfactory results, both in terms of reducing the loss, improving the volume, as well as revitalization and improving the appearance of the eyebrows.

Nanobrow works well in case of naturally thin, miserable, light eyebrows, as well as eyebrows damaged and thinning as a result of too intensive or improper depilation or aggressive treatments.

Some of the active ingredients in Nanobrow brow growth serum:

  • Soy germ extract and wheat germ extract – natural ingredients that strengthen and nourish eyebrows and improve their structure. They help maintain the right level of hydration, add shine and smoothness to the hair.
  • Extract from Scutellaria baicalensis root – improves condition of hairs, stimulates cell regeneration process, prevents premature hair loss, has anti-inflammatory properties, soothes irritation.
  • Arginine – strengthens the roots, prevents excessive hair loss, stimulates the process of eyebrow growth.
  • Ginseng extract – inhibits eyebrow loss, strengthens hair bulbs and matrix, makes hair thicker and more resistant.

Place 3 – Sesderma Seslash Serum Stimulating Eyebrows and Eyelashes Growth

sesderma seslash 300x300 1

Sesderma Seslash is an interesting combination of an eyelash serum and an eyebrow serum. It will prove useful when we are looking for a universal cosmetic which would help us to revitalize eyelashes and eyebrows at the same time.

The product contains a number of valuable active substances thanks to which delicate eyelash and eyebrow hairs become stronger and more resistant to adverse effects of external factors.

Sesderma Seslash promotes deep nutrition of hair structures and affects the faster growth of eyelashes and eyebrows. Serum will help us achieve the effect of longer, thicker lashes and bushier eyebrows, in case we are naturally gifted by nature with short, thin lashes and not very expressive, sparse eyebrows. It will also be a support when our eyebrows and eyelashes were damaged by improper care.

In the composition of Sesderma Seslash we can find, among others, extracts from such plants as white mulberry and red limb, as well as peptides, panthenol, hyaluronic acid, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil.

Place 4 – Revitalash Revitabrow Advanced Eyebrow Growth Stimulating Conditioner

 Revitabrow Advanced eyebrow growth conditioner

Revitabrow Advanced is another product on the map of formulas stimulating eyebrow growth and improving their appearance. With the help of a rich range of active ingredients it helps to get a nice eye frame.

It improves the look of eyebrows in a natural way, improves the structure of hairs from roots to tips. Moisturizes, fills with nutrients and strengthens eyebrows. It makes hairs more shiny, denser, thicker and darker, and our face gains in attractiveness.

Revitabrow Advanced helps in rebuilding eyebrows damaged and tired from intensive make-up application. It can also be used in a situation when, as a result of reduced body immunity, vitamin deficiencies, natural aging processes or use of too aggressive makeup removal cosmetics, our eyebrows lost their quality, became weak and started to fall out.

The revitalizing and strengthening properties of Revitabrow conditioner are responsible for, among others: biotin, marigold extract, ginseng, peptides, wheat germ proteins, camellia oil extract.

Place 5 – Orphica Brow Conditioning Eyebrow Conditioner

 Orphica Brow eyebrow serum

Orphica Brow is another noteworthy eyebrow conditioner composed for women struggling with weak, thin, sparse eyebrows, as well as for those ladies who, following the trends, want to grow more emphasized, thicker, thicker eyebrows. The first positive changes are visible after 4 weeks of use, and after 12 weeks you can expect full effects.

Orphica Brow conditioner, as befits a modern cosmetic product, fulfils several tasks at once: nurtures our eyebrows, adds gloss and stronger color, nourishes and moisturizes, makes them better arranged and better looking. The product also supports the growth of new hair in those areas of the eyebrow line where they are missing.

Orphica Brow conditioner does not lack valuable ingredients such as peptides that stimulate growth, condition and strengthen eyebrows and ginseng, which stimulates microcirculation in the skin, promotes better nutrition of hair bulbs and makes the hair matrix stronger.

Place 6 – Long 4 Lashes Eyebrow Serum Eyebrow Growth Accelerator

 Long 4 Lashes Eyebrow eyebrow growth serum

Long 4 Lashes Eyebrow Serum Eyebrow Growth Accelerating Serum is one of the most popular cosmetics for eyebrows from the lower price range. It comprehensively cares for our eyebrows, gives them a healthier and fuller look, revitalizes, strengthens colour and covers minor flaws. Thanks to such active ingredients as hyaluronic acid and pro-vitamin B5, in one go it improves the level of hydration and smoothing of the eyebrows and supports their regeneration process.

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