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Shark Motion, a unique shark cartilage formula for aching joints, muscles and back

Shark Motion is an antidote to ailments of the joints, spine and muscles, and the resulting problems with free movement. The formula uses the power of shark cartilage, which is rich in substances that help regenerate and strengthen our cartilage, tendons, muscles and joints. The Shark Motion formula also contains several other valuable components improving the functioning of the musculoskeletal system. Anyone who suffers chronic or recurring pain or stiffness in their joints, muscles or back due to a sedentary lifestyle, past injuries and strains, or other reasons, will benefit from supplementation.

Shark Motion – a rich composition, which comprehensively supports health of the motor system

Joint and muscle ailments affect a significant part of the society. Although they are of various intensity, have various causes and vary in degree of severity, they are almost always accompanied by the inability to move normally and acute pain when changing body position.

Shark Motion is a dietary supplement designed to help you get rid of the ailments and regain your physical fitness, as well as to strengthen the musculoskeletal system and protect the joint structures and muscles against future damage.

 Shark Motion joint preparation

The most frequent symptoms of joint and muscle ailments:

  • pain during a given activity (e.g. back pain when standing up or bending down, pain in the knee when squatting, pain in the hip when walking),
  • a feeling of stiffness in a certain body part, especially after prolonged immobility (e.g. stiffness in the back after waking up or after prolonged sitting)
  • restricted mobility, inability to fully perform a given movement (e.g. bending, stretching, twisting)
  • excessive friction, creaking and squeaking in the joints,
  • a feeling of great tension in a given body area (e.g. shoulders, neck, upper back),
  • swelling, redness, increased body heat around the joint,
  • numbness, cramping, tingling.

The composition of Shark Motion intentionally includes several different active substances with multiple actions, so that the product can effectively reduce all of the mentioned symptoms. What is more, the supplement is based on natural ingredients, is universal in application and helps regardless of the cause of the ailment.

The most common causes of joint and muscle pain include

  • mechanical injury (e.g. contusion, sprain, dislocation),
  • Overload and strain (e.g. due to heavy lifting or overtraining),
  • insufficiently active lifestyle,
  • frequent incorrect posture (e.g. slouching),
  • prolonged staying in one position (e.g. many hours sitting in front of a computer),
  • mineral deficiencies,
  • high overweight and obesity,
  • degenerative changes,
  • rheumatism.

Shark Motion supplementation is a method for increasing joint mobility, protecting and strengthening joint structures and muscles, reducing inflammation, and significantly alleviating pain and other persistent ailments. However, we should remember that apart from taking capsules, it is also important to relieve the strained body part and to maintain correct posture.

In many cases the following methods also help in regaining physical fitness:

  • Regularly performed simple exercises to strengthen the joints,
  • Massages,
  • ointments for joint and muscle pain,
  • baths with essential oils,
  • physiotherapy treatments,
  • regular moderate physical activity,
  • compresses.

The above-mentioned methods may bring satisfactory results and are worth applying, however, it is with a well composed preparation, such as the discussed Shark Motion, that we are able to support our motor system most effectively (from the inside!).

Each capsule provides joints, muscles, cartilage and tendons with a dose of valuable building and nutritional substances, stimulating the reconstruction of damaged structures of joints and muscles.

Shark Motion – rich composition, effective action

 Shark Motion

Shark Motion is a formula whose undoubted advantage is its composition and mode of action. It contains substances with properties reducing inflammatory processes and pain, substances reinforcing joint structures and inhibiting cartilage degeneration, as well as substances stimulating tissue regeneration.

By acting in multiple ways, Shark Motion relieves unbearable aches and pains, reduces tension in muscles and joints, improves our motor capabilities, and facilitates everyday life.

Active ingredients of Shark Motion

Shark cartilage

Shark cart ilage is an ingredient with strong regenerative properties for joint structures. It is rich in calcium, phosphorus, proteins and mucopolysaccharides, i.e. substances which constitute the building material of cartilage and bone tissue. It accelerates regeneration after injuries and overloading. At the same time, it protects and strengthens muscles, joints, cartilage and spine, counteracting their ageing process and the formation of degenerative changes.


Collagen is a type of protein that is the main building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, ligaments, tendons and skin. Unfortunately, over the years there are less and less collagen fibres in our bodies, which results, among other things, in the deteriorating condition of joint and bone structures. Therefore, in the case of joint and muscle problems, it is worth supplementing collagen by taking appropriate dietary supplements rich in this component, such as Shark Motion.

Collagen inhibits the negative processes of degeneration, and at the same time supports the process of reconstruction of damaged tissue areas. The ingredient contributes to increasing bone density, improving the elasticity of tendons, increasing the level of hydration of cartilage and joints, increasing the amount of synovial fluid, which results in a general improvement of our mobility.



Glucosamine is an amino sugar very often used as an ingredient in preparations for joint ailments. Glucosamine occurs naturally in our body, where it acts as an intercellular substance in the cartilage tissue. This substance is necessary to maintain the proper structure of cartilage and for its proper functioning. An insufficient amount of glucosamine in the body may translate into deterioration of joint structures, which is why it is worth taking it in supplements in the case of problems with joint functioning or back pain.

Glucosamine is useful in the prevention of joint degeneration, during the period of convalescence after injuries and contusions, in the case of overloading problems, in pain caused by excessive use of the joint, as well as in the case of excessive cartilage wear and joint fluid deficiency.

Thanks to glucosamine, cartilage is elastic, stretchy, moistened, and at the same time hard, resistant to damage and excessive abrasion. The substance also has anti-inflammatory properties, stimulates regeneration processes and stimulates the synthesis of an important building block of joint structures, i.e. collagen.


Chodroitin is a mucopolysaccharide which is one of the main substances composing joint cartilage. It is responsible for eliminating friction between adjacent moving parts of joints. Similarly as in the case of glucosamine, chondroitin supplementation may be very helpful in the case of excessive cartilage wear, deterioration of joint function and pain or stiffness.

Chondroitin protects our joints on the one hand and improves their functioning on the other. It increases the viscosity of the synovial fluid, ensures proper gliding between the moving elements of the joint, supports the regeneration of cartilage and protects it against increased wear and degradation. It also alleviates pain and stiffness in joints and increases joint flexibility, supporting our physical fitness and facilitating movement.

Turmeric Extract

Turmericextract is a treasury of valuable antioxidants. It improves immunity, protects cells against free radicals and slows down aging processes. It also improves cleansing of the body from toxins. Extract from turmeric is also a natural remedy for joint problems. It alleviates pain in joints and eliminates other annoying ailments such as stiffness or reduced mobility. It fights inflammation by reducing swelling and redness in the joints. It also supports bone health.

Complex of healing herbs

A unique blend of medicinal plant extracts to support joint and spine health and improve muscle function. The blend includes: Boswellia (frankincense), hacrocora, nettle and sevigrette. The composition fights inflammation of joints and spine, reduces pains, decreases swelling, relieves rheumatic ailments, increases immunity and resistance of joints, improves joint mobility, eliminates muscle soreness, promotes muscle relaxation and enhances their regeneration.

Shark Motion effects. How can a shark cartilage supplement help us?

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Universal application, good bioavailability, multidirectional action, safety, high effectiveness – Shark Motion is definitely one of the most interesting and noteworthy joint preparations on the market.

How can this extraordinary specification help us? Here are the most frequently observed effects of regular taking of the capsules:

  • noticeable pain relief in joints, muscles, back,
  • reduction of the feeling of stiffness in the back and joints,
  • faster regeneration of joints after injuries,
  • Improved joint function, improved mobility,
  • increased process of cartilage regeneration, and thus improve their functioning,
  • elimination of creaking and crackling in joints,
  • easing tension in the neck, shoulders, back, lower limbs,
  • reduction of cramps, tingling, numbness,
  • improved physical condition, more vitality, slowing down the aging process of joints, bones, muscles,
  • easier entry into a state of rest and relaxation of the whole body.

Shark Motion – opinions

According to many reviews, Shark Motion works very well as an antidote for joint ailments. It reduces joint pain and stiffness and generally improves our motor skills. It helps to return to an active lifestyle, restores freedom of movement and allows to function normally again.

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 Shark Motion



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