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Silicon for hair – effective baldness help from nature

If you want to improve the condition of your hair in a natural way, strengthen it and stop hair loss, it is worth learning more about the extraordinary properties of silicon. It is one of the key elements influencing the health of our hair. When taken regularly and in large enough doses, it can significantly reduce hair loss. Where does it occur, how does it work and in what form should silicon be taken?

Silicon – properties and effects

siliconSilicon is a semi-metal found in nature in many forms. This element is hardly ever mentioned in the context of human health; nevertheless it plays a very important role in our body. It participates in the process of connective tissue production and is responsible for its proper functioning. It influences the health of bones, joints, tendons, cartilages, as well as skin and nails. It has a beneficial effect on the circulatory system and kidneys. Moreover, it shows excellent properties within the scope of binding toxins (including heavy metals), thanks to which it helps cleanse the body.

The importance of silicon for hair health deserves a separate mention. If there is too little of it in the body, they become weak and start to fall out. That is why it is recommended in baldness and excessive hair loss caused by various factors.

How does silicon work on hair?

stinging nettle 2417289 640 300x199 1Krzem stanowi materiał budulcowy dla struktur włosowych, dlatego od jego poziomu w organizmie zależy ich siła i kondycja. Regularnie przyjmując duże dawki krzemu przez dłuższy czas można w znacznym stopniu polepszyć nadwątlony stan skóry głowy i włosów oraz zahamować postęp łysienia, zwalczyć łupież i łojotok.

Silicon strengthens the roots, has a beneficial effect on the functioning of hair follicles, makes the hair stronger and less prone to falling out. With the help of this element the process of hair growth will also be accelerated. If dull, thin and sparse hair is a nightmare for us, we can also count on silicon to give them vitality, shine and make them thicker and denser.

Silicon – occurrence in food and nature

It is present in groundwater, soils, rocks and plants. Many common herbs are good sources of silicon, the most abundant being field horsetail and nettle. Silicon can also be found in:

– bird’s-foot trefoil,

– borage,

– borage, honeybush,

– couch grass,

– coltsfoot,

– mullein,

– fenugreek,

– goldenrod,

– coleus,

– sedge.

Marine algae, including chlorella and spirulina, as well as seafood and fish, are also rich in silicon. If we want to introduce a diet rich in silicon, it is easy to find this element in many products we eat every day.

Silicon in food (sources):

– Oatmeal and other cereals,

– bran cereals,

groats peas and vegetables in bowls– wholemeal bread,

– cereal grains,

– garlic,

– fruit peel,

– chives,

– carrots,

– spinach,

– legumes,

– cucumber,

– beets,

– groats,

– rice,

– some mineral waters.

Silicon tablets

If you suffer from hair loss, in addition to a diet rich in silicon you may also benefit from taking silicon tablets, which contain large amounts of this element. It is best to choose products with large amounts of natural extracts of field horsetail and nettle – silicon in this form is very well absorbed by the human body. You should also pay attention to whether the product also contains other ingredients to strengthen the hair and prevent excessive hair loss.

For weak, weakened and falling out hair it is best to use multi-element preparations, which in addition to extracts from horsetail and nettle have biotin and other vitamins, amino acids and minerals needed by hair. When choosing silicon tablets, it is also worth taking into account who they are addressed to. A different product will be suitable for a woman complaining of seasonal hair weakness and another for a man suffering from androgenic alopecia.

If you are looking for good natural silicon tablets for hair loss, take a look at our ranking of the top products in this category, which you can find here.

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