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Silvets – a dietary supplement for weight loss. Weight loss expert

Among the many dietary supplements supporting weight loss available on the market, Silvets is certainly worth mentioning, a preparation with an unusual composition of natural ingredients, whose effects are noticeable even during the first days of use!

What are the characteristics of Silvets?


It has long been known that certain substances of plant origin promote better digestion, help burn fats and carbohydrates faster, reduce appetite and at the same time add vigour. Such a reputation is enjoyed among others by green tea, black pepper, caffeine, or more exotic Acai berries and guarana. An undeniable advantage Silvets The undeniable advantage is the combination of natural ingredients known for their effectiveness within one specific product, in optimal proportions and quantities, in order to most effectively support the slimming treatment.

Thanks to the presence of 6 active substances with proven and safe properties, this supplement is an outstanding aid in the fight for a slim figure. It not only helps you lose weight faster, but also boosts your energy and improves your mood. It curbs the appetite of gluttonous eaters, while people who take part in sports can work out more and build muscle mass more easily. It improves digestion, cleanses the body of toxins and provides valuable nutrients to everyone.

Silvets – composition of the product, i.e. a multi-ingredient set for special tasks

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The unique content of the supplement makes it a powerful weapon in the fight against a very difficult opponent, which is excess weight. The creators of the specific product reached in this case for the ingredients which have been long known to the Polish consumers, as well as those coming from distant countries and used by local communities for many centuries. These are:

  • Acai berries – A rich source of numerous vitamins, minerals, caffeine, chromium and antioxidants as well as exceptionally valuable dietary fibre. The substances present in Acai berries block appetite, speed up metabolism, cleanse the body and facilitate digestion. While supporting the process of reducing fat tissue, they also regenerate the body and give energy, making it easier to engage in physical activity so necessary during weight loss.
  • Green tea – Thanks to, among others, the content of polyphenols and catechins, it improves and accelerates the metabolism, removes the remains of the digestive process, contributes to more intensive fat burning, at the same time limiting the accumulation of fat tissue. Green tea also has other valuable properties, minimizes the risk of cancer, nervous system and heart diseases.
  • Pepper cayenne – The well-known spice owes its slimming properties to capsaicin, the substance responsible for the hot taste of peppers. It is a thermogenics, i.e. by increasing energy expenditure of the body, it contributes to stimulation and intensification of metabolism. It soothes disorders of the digestive system, lowers blood pressure, and supports anticancer therapy.
  • BioperinePiperine, or black pepper extract, is also a thermogenic. It blocks fat absorption, stimulates faster burning of fat tissue and improves metabolism. It also has healing properties – it improves the absorption of nutrients, boosts immunity, has antibacterial and antioxidant properties.
  • L-Carnitine – A substance that blocks the appetite and regulates the activity of many hormones, including those involved in fat burning, thus promoting weight loss. It is essential for the proper functioning of the body.
  • Guarana – a plant originating from South America, stimulates the entire body thanks to natural caffeine present in its composition. It suppresses the appetite, stimulates the metabolism, cleanses the body of excess water and toxins. At the same time it adds energy, increasing performance and endurance during physical effort.

Silvets – Effects of the supplementation in the short and long term

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This carefully thought out composition translates into concrete effects that can be felt after just a few days of use. At the first stage you will notice a suppression of appetite and an increase in energy. It is much easier to adhere to specific meal times and a healthy diet, and the additional dose of vigour makes us more eager to exercise and less fatigued during physical effort.

As the treatment continues, the body is cleansed, digestive problems such as constipation, flatulence, problems with bowel movements and the feeling of heaviness disappear. The condition of your skin and hair improves, your mood improves and you become more motivated to continue losing weight.

In the long term, supplementation combined with consistent physical activity and a low-calorie diet brings the expected results in the form of getting rid of excess weight and fat tissue without worrying about the yoyo effect.

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Silvets – customer reviews

Among the comments posted on the web, there are mostly those in which customers emphasize that Silvets has become an impulse for them to start a real weight loss treatment. Previously many of their attempts ended in failure. Meanwhile Silvetsprobably due to the almost immediately perceptible effects, it stimulated motivation to act. Therefore, the manufacturer’s claim that we are dealing with a supplement which is especially recommended for those who have so far unsuccessfully tried various ways of losing weight and have not managed to achieve their dream slim figure is justified.

Of course, it is important to remember that there are no miracle cures for weight loss. Proper diet plus physical activity and supplementation treated as an aid – only such comprehensive action will bring the desired results. Innovative Silvets tablets, which suppress appetite, increase metabolism, minimise fat storage and boost energy, will then prove to be an authentic support for slimming, and the whole action the best strategy in the fight against weight gain.

Silvets supplement price

The specifics are available in online pharmacies, but buying directly from the manufacturer gives you the opportunity to take advantage of interesting promotions. The price of one package sufficient for one month of treatment is 49 €, but in the three-month set it decreases by as much as 13 € per package, and in the six-month set by as much as 20 € per package.

Go to the Silvets manufacturer’s website and take advantage of attractive promotional packages –


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