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Slimetrol – what potential do the new weight loss capsules have? (Reviews, effects and composition)

If you are motivated to lose weight, half of the success is in your hand. The most important thing now is to persevere in your resolutions and slightly modify your lifestyle in terms of physical activity and diet. Equally important is choosing the right dietary supplement, which would help you shed pounds faster. One of the market novelties which is increasingly popular on forums, blogs and portals is Slimetrol. These are multi-ingredient capsules, thanks to which you can supposedly lose up to 14 kg in 3 weeks. What is the real potential of this preparation? We invite you to compile the most important information and opinions about Slimetrol.

Slimetrol composition

A good diet supplement for weight loss should not lack ingredients that effectively suppress the appetite. Thanks to them it is easier for us to stick to the most important dietary rules for people whose goal is to reduce body weight. It should also contain ingredients that kick-start your metabolism, inhibit the absorption of fat from food and stimulate the breakdown of stored fat tissue.

Slimetrol dietary supplement

It is a very good practice among manufacturers of weight loss supplements to include in their formulation substances that give us energy and increase our motivation for physical activity, thanks to which we stop being apathetic and lazy and instead start moving more. It’s not hard to guess that this promotes faster weight loss.

Are all these ingredients in Slimetrol capsules? Unfortunately, it is impossible to say clearly, because on the website of the preparation we do not find precise information on the composition of the capsules. Frankly speaking, this is a little unprofessional approach to the customer – everyone interested in the product has the right to know what exactly is in it. Nevertheless, thanks to the residual information on the official site and a range of information on other websites, it is possible to approximate the composition of this preparation. Here it is:


roasted coffee beans

Caffeine is an ingredient that has an important place in many fat loss supplements, especially those designed for active people who count on a simultaneous stimulating effect, increasing training potential and the effect of accelerated fat reduction.

Caffeine acts in many ways – it gives us energy, improves concentration and helps fight the feeling of tiredness, which makes it very useful for people who focus on physical training while losing weight. On the other hand, caffeine helps us to deal with excess kilograms by stimulating our metabolism and increasing the amount of calories we burn. In addition, caffeine suppresses the appetite to some extent, but not for long, so it cannot be considered a fully effective method for curbing hunger and regulating appetite.


Guarana is a shrub native to Brazil, the seeds of which contain very large amounts of caffeine. Guarana is very well absorbed by the body and has a powerful effect in terms of providing energy, eliminating sleepiness and physical and mental fatigue, improving concentration and motivation to act. The effects of guarana also include an accelerated rate of fat burning (especially during activity), improved metabolism and an inhibited appetite.

Green tea

green tea

Green tea has multiple health-promoting effects mainly due to the high presence of antioxidants. It helps cleanse the body of toxins, thus improving its functioning and facilitating weight loss. Thanks to green tea, the metabolism of sugars and fats improves, so we can lose weight faster and more efficiently. In addition, green tea has a beneficial effect on digestion and helps to get rid of persistent complaints, such as constipation and flatulence.


Sinetrol is a composition of citrus fruit and soybean extracts intended for acceleration of the fat mass loss process. Sinetrol contributes to intensification of lipolysis, enhances production of enzymes responsible for fat decomposition and facilitates its excretion from the body. Thanks to the properties of this ingredient we may quickly part with excessive kilograms and at the same time lower the level of bad cholesterol, reduce cellulite and support liver function.

Slimetrol action

Slimetrolcapsules contain a set of ingredients endowed with properties which may facilitate losing excess weight. This product is particularly well suited to active people who are exposed to physical effort and look for preparations that increase energy and calorie burn at the same time. Since Slimetrol doesn’t avoid stimulants (it contains caffeine and guarana!), it may help you fight fatigue or aversion to exercise, and thus facilitate weight loss.

It’s also worth noting that Slimetrol helps to increase metabolic rate and enhances fat burning, so we can count on accelerated weight loss. But are the weight reductions really as big and fast as the manufacturer promises? It seems doubtful.

Slimetrol – effects, advantages and disadvantages

From the Slimetrol website we learn, among other things, that with the help of this product we can lose even 14 kg in 3 weeks. In another place we read about 21 kg in a month. Probably every amateur of losing weight approaches such declarations somewhat skeptically. 21 kg in a month or 14 kg in 3 weeks are achievements that cannot be achieved with capsules alone. Even with a low-calorie slimming diet and intensive training it would be hard to achieve such results. And if you did lose a lot of weight in a very short time, it would risk a yo-yo effect, which is the last thing you want.

Weights and a plate of fruit

The effects of using Slimetrol will undoubtedly depend on individual conditions of our body and lifestyle. A person who engages in physical activity several times a week (e.g. running, swimming, practicing nordic walking, going to the gym, etc.) and who implements significant dietary restrictions (e.g. avoids sweets, as well as flour and fatty foods), is able to lose several kilograms with Slimetrol in a month. Increased energy levels and faster weight loss will certainly be noticed by us.

However, for people who are not very active and have problems with maintaining a diet, the effects of Slimetrol may be weak. The formula does not contain any plant extracts whose main property is to give a feeling of satiety and blocking the appetite. Without such ingredients, it will be very difficult for us to get full control over the calories we consume. So what if we feel stimulated and our fat burning rate is accelerated, if we still feel an increased desire for food and we continue to torture our body with excess fats and carbohydrates?

Slimetrol price

Slimetrol packaging

The big downside of Slimetrol is the price. At first glance everything seems to be typical – for one package you pay 30 €, which is exactly the same as for other dietary supplements of this type. However, if we take a closer look, we will see that there are only 30 capsules in the box. Given that the recommended daily dose is 2 capsules, one pack will last for 2 weeks.

In the case of other supplements available at a similar price, one pack is usually enough for a full month of treatment. So is it worth overpaying? Especially if the effectiveness of the product is average or good, but certainly not revolutionary? Let us also pay attention to another issue – the quoted amount of 30 € per box is, as we can read on the manufacturer’s website, a one-time discount. The next box we will have to buy at the normal price, that is for 55 €.

Slimetrol – opinions

On the Internet you can find a lot of opinions about the Slimetrol and certainly you can not say about them that they are one-sided. However, most of them refer to the average efficiency of this preparation in relation to the manufacturer’s promises. The promised 14 kg in 3 weeks is a big exaggeration. Most people managed to lose 3-5 kg in 4 weeks with Slimetrol. For some people the weight did not go down at all, for others only 1-2 kg. Slimetrol reviews often touch on the financial sphere. Many people regret having bought this product – the cost of a monthly treatment is several hundred PLN and the effect was much weaker in relation to expectations.

How to choose the optimal supplement?

Slimetrol is an interestingly thought-out dietary supplement, but it has two serious drawbacks. Firstly, it is not for everyone. It will rather satisfy active people who at the same time have no problem imposing a dietary regime on themselves. It may be too weak for people who need a potent agent that effectively suppresses the appetite and is a fat killer. Secondly, we have to pay a lot for it.

There are preparations that can be purchased for a similar price as the promotional box of Slimetrol (about 30 €) and which will suffice for a full month of treatment. In addition, they are distinguished by a rich composition and a strong slimming effect.

One of the most effective and efficient preparations accelerating weight reduction is Silvets. These capsules are based on 6 ingredients, each of which is among the best natural substances supporting weight loss.


Go to our review!

Silvets is a product which strongly stimulates the process of weight loss, regardless of whether we’ve already changed our lifestyle to an active one and introduced a diet, or whether we’re on the stage of looking for a golden mean, which will mobilise our whole organism to fight kilograms.

Silvets contains acai berry extract, which will provide you with plenty of energy and make you more active, and during that activity you will burn more calories. Additionally, the acai berry will effectively suppress hunger and allow you to part with your excessive appetite as well as help in self-cleansing your body of toxins. Another ingredient in Silvets is green tea extract which will suppress your appetite, speed up the metabolism of sugars and fats and make your body start burning fat tissue more actively.

In Silvets you will also find guarana – a golden recipe for high energy levels and increased metabolic rate. Thanks to another ingredient – L-carnitine, you will intensively get rid of fat during physical activity, while Silvets pepper cayenne will take care of increased calorie burning even at rest. Additionally, cayenne will help reduce your appetite. The composition is complemented by bioperine – a valued substance which enhances lipolysis, speeds up metabolism, helps destroy fat cells and stimulates digestion.

Silvets is a set of complementary ingredients with a multi-track slimming effect. If you want to experience the powerful properties of this product on your own and start burning fat at a fast pace, click here and go to our product review, where you can get more information and order capsules.

Silvets packs

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