Sliminazer Slimming Patches – is it a good alternative to fat burners in capsules?

Thanks to the innovative form of the patch, Sliminazer is quickly climbing the ladder of the most popular slimming preparations. Everyone who is about to lose excessive kilograms, when confronted with this product, asks themselves a question – does it work more effectively than capsules and is it worth reaching for it? The answer is not obvious, on the one hand Sliminazer seems interesting, on the other – like most products of this type, it also has its weaknesses. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the new slimming patch.

Is it worth switching from capsules to slimming patches?

tabletsMany people who fail to lose weight despite using many methods ask themselves whether the patches can be more effective than capsules. On the one hand they can, on the other hand they cannot. Firstly, much depends on individual predispositions of our body and susceptibility to the action of a given preparation. Secondly, both capsules and patches for slimming can have rich or relatively poor composition. Therefore, it does not make sense to lump them all together and say that all patches are bad or all capsules are bad, but to analyze the composition of each product separately.

SliminazerThe form of the preparation and the method of application may also be a nagging issue – can we count on higher absorption of active substances by the organism if we put a patch on the skin or maybe lower than if we swallow a capsule? Opinions are divided. Some people find patches more effective, others less effective than oral remedies.

An often quoted argument from the opponents of slimming patches is that the effect is not very noticeable – the preparation works for a long time, but unfortunately with low or moderate strength. According to this group of people, it is different with capsules – we swallow them exactly when we need them (e.g. in the morning – to stimulate metabolism or in the afternoon – to prevent attacks of cravings for sweets), after which we can count on a “strong hit” and good slimming effects.

However, there is no shortage of opinions that the patches are more effective, they work evenly throughout the whole time, gradually releasing the ingredients and they are more convenient to use (you don’t have to remember about taking pills).

So the question of whether it is worth switching from capsules to patches for slimming remains without a clear answer. It all depends on the needs of our body and our own comfort. However, if you are used to taking capsules, you have to reckon with a slightly different process of releasing the substance, a different way of application and perhaps different feelings related to the action of the product in plasters.

Sliminazer composition

chili peppersSliminazer slimming patches contain 6 active ingredients, which are released to the body after application for half a day. After 12 hours, we remove the plaster from the skin and apply another one.

The substances, which the Sliminazer slimming patch is filled with, are nothing else but valuable plant extracts, which, in various concentrations and combinations, can be found in many diet supplements for weight loss.

Here are the ingredients of Sliminazer patches:

  • Pepper extract cayenne – stimulates metabolism, suppresses appetite, by increasing thermogenesis stimulates the body to burn calories more intensively.
  • Guarana extract – is a source of caffeine, adds energy and increases the threshold of our physical endurance, prevents mental and physical fatigue, suppresses the appetite, has a beneficial effect on metabolism, increases the rate of calorie burning.
  • Hydroxycitric acid – a substance obtained from Garcinia cambogia fruit, which inhibits the conversion of sugars supplied in the food into fat tissue. Thanks to HCA, we experience a reduced appetite, metabolism improves and the rate of fat reduction becomes faster.
  • Green tea extract – takes care of a regulated and fast metabolism both during activity and at rest. It supports the process of detoxification of the body and is rich in antioxidants which protect us against aging and cancer.
  • acai Berry Extract – a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. acai blueberries give you energy, suppress cravings, accelerate the elimination of harmful substances from the body and help to increase the metabolic rate.
  • L-Carnitine – when we engage in physical activity, L-Carnitine speeds up the rate at which long fat chains are broken down, thus allowing us to burn stored fat faster.

What is the Sliminazer treatment like and what are the results?

According to some people, the big advantage of the Sliminazer slimming treatment is its convenience – you don’t have to remember to take pills two or three times a day, just stick on a plaster and you’re done. But on the other hand, we have to remember to stick the plaster every 12 hours – so is it really a more convenient form of treatment? One could argue.

During the time we have the patch on the skin, the active substances are gradually released into our body and we can feel their effects around the clock. The question is whether this effect is really comparable to that of the substances contained in the slimming pills. Remember that oral agents “do their slimming work” already at the level of the digestive system.

flat belly womenTake, for example, fibre ingredients often found in fat burners – their role is to swell in the stomach, give us a feeling of satiety and suppress our appetite. The same applies to ingredients that improve the work of the liver, pancreas, intestines and support the elimination of deposits and toxins – they also work at the level of the digestive system. Will such substances produce the same effects when administered transdermally (through the skin)?

Of course, the action of slimming patches is very complex – some ingredients do not need to pass through the digestive system to have a beneficial effect on metabolism and the rate of fat burning. However, keep in mind that the weight loss process is closely related to food and the digestive system, so it is worth supporting it from the inside with good quality supplements.

Sliminazer – opinions

As many slimming products as opinions about them. This is also true for Sliminazer patches. Some people are satisfied with them, some are not. In positive comments, we read about an increase in the rate of weight loss. Some people managed to lose about 5 kg in 3-4 weeks, others a little less, but they still praise the product. Sliminazer patches also have negative opinions – some people reported only slight weight loss. Their dissatisfaction is even greater because the price of Sliminazer is not at all low, and in addition, one package is not enough for too long.

Sliminazer – price

SliminazerOn the Sliminazer manufacturer’s website we read that the regular price of the product is 70 €. In a temporary promotion we can buy it for 30 €, to which we get free shipping. The promotional price is not too high, but the standard price means that not everyone will be able to afford the Sliminazer treatment.

There is still a question that has been bothering many internet users –how many Sliminazer patches are in a package? It is difficult to find such data on the official website of the product, but among the opinions on forums and blogs you can find information that there are 30 patches. If so, one package is enough for 15 days. Admittedly, we can use only 1 patch a day but no one will provide us with optimal effectiveness then.

Patches or capsules – innovative or traditional?

We do not give a definite answer whether to use the novelty of slimming patches or reach for a proven method, i.e. fat burner in capsules. The decision is yours – if you can afford an expensive treatment and if you are convinced by the transdermal slimming effect, Sliminazer is for you.

However, if you prefer something cheaper, yet reliable, we suggest Silvets capsules. They contain very similar ingredients to those contained in Sliminazer patches, in addition to being highly effective in accelerating the burning of excess body fat.


Silvets is a composition of:

  • acai berries;
  • guarana;
  • green tea;
  • pepper cayenne;
  • bioperine;
  • L-Carnitine.

The formula fights excessive appetite and helps you regain control over feelings of hunger. It gives you energy and makes you move more. Thus it prevents a passive lifestyle which leads to the accumulation of fat tissue.

Silvets also has a great effect on our metabolism and the rate at which we burn fat tissue – it allows us to record rapid weight loss and enjoy an increasingly slimmer silhouette. It is a 100% reliable agent supporting fat reduction, and its proven capsule form guarantees high absorption by the body and full effectiveness.

Silvets – price, where to buy the product?

SilvetsSilvets provides a perfectly selected composition of ingredients – only those from the most effective natural substances accelerating weight loss. At the same time it lasts twice as long as the above mentioned slimming patches, remaining at a similar price.

Go to our Silvets review!

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