Slimunox – a popular weight loss supplement. Is it really effective?

Some time ago, a weight loss supplement called Slimunox appeared on the market. It appeared, created a lot of buzz around itself and aroused heated discussions. Some of them are delighted with it, bidding for the number of lost kilograms, others claim that using it did nothing for them. What is Slimunox, which arouses such extreme emotions?

Slimunox – how the supplement works


The formula of the preparation, constructed, as the manufacturer claims, as a result of many years of research, provides consumers with total safety and lack of any side effects. Carefully selected ingredients of natural origin guarantee high effectiveness. Slimunox proves to be an effective assistant in the fight for a slim and shapely figure, as it works on several fronts simultaneously.

Firstly, it suppresses the appetite and provides a feeling of satiety, which is the easiest way to reduce calorie intake.

Secondly, it increases the metabolic rate leading to faster calorie burning. At the same time, it regulates the metabolic process thus preventing future weight gain.

Thirdly, it effectively burns off the existing fat tissue, which means that after the treatment you can admire your flat stomach with satisfaction.

The manufacturer assures that using Slimunox you will get rid of even 12 kg in 5 weeks. What’s more, it assures potential customers that the supplement will also work when all other slimming preparations have failed, because it was created for those who have been trying to lose weight for a long time without success.

Slimunox composition

The supplement contains 6 biologically active substances of plant origin:

green tea field

Camellia Sinensis, which is an extract from green tea. It has long been known that green tea accelerates metabolism and fat burning. It also has a number of other valuable properties – it normalizes metabolism, lowers cholesterol levels, strengthens immunity, prevents cardiovascular diseases.

Paullinia Cupana, also known as guarana, a plant from South America which is an excellent stimulant thanks to its caffeine content. It has a stimulating effect on the whole body, including the digestive system, increases efficiency and endurance.

black peppercorns

Piper Nigrum, or black pepper. The piperine contained in it slows down the formation of new fat cells, lowers fat levels in blood, stimulates and speeds up metabolism, facilitates digestion, especially of heavy meals.

Paraguayan Holly. Extract from this plant is a rich source of piperine and biotin. It not only speeds up digestion and burning, but also reduces appetite. In addition, it has detoxifying properties.

Biotin, i.e. vitamin B7, positively influences beauty and young appearance. It also plays a very important role in the process of metabolism, contributing to maintaining proper metabolism.


Curcuma Longa extract. Turmeric, a spice characteristic for Indian cuisine, has a wide spectrum of influence on the body. Among other things, it is characterized by anticancer, antibacterial and antiviral properties. It accelerates and regulates digestion, has a beneficial effect on liver function.

In this case, the ingredients themselves, as well as their proportions and interactions, play an equally important role. A balanced composition, where individual substances complement each other and intensify their activity, is certainly an advantage of this supplement.

Slimunox – price, where to buy, dosage

The supplement in the form of capsules can be purchased through the manufacturer’s website. The standard package contains 60 capsules, which is a month-long treatment, as we take 2 capsules a day, in doses of one. The recommended dose is taken about 30 minutes before a meal or physical activity, drinking plenty of water. One pack costs 36 €, but on the official website of Slimunox we can find a promotion through which we can buy two or three packs at a reduced price.

Slimunox – opinions and comments

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Slimunox is a relatively new product for weight loss, which is aimed at people unsuccessfully, so far, fighting the problem of excess weight. It has already been mentioned how opposing comments about it can be found on the internet. It is worth noting that although it is supposedly a completely safe product, if you have health problems or are pregnant you should consult a doctor. In any case, it should only be used by adults and should not be used by people who are allergic to any of the ingredients.

The expansive advertising of the product has probably raised high hopes among those who have tried to lose weight using various means and ways but failed. Well, there is no doubt that this is not the first preparation of this kind and not the last. Surely, all those who dream of obtaining a slim figure will continue to look for a panacea for their problems. Fortunately, the market of dietary supplements supporting weight loss offers so many possibilities that you can find an optimal agent. You just have to choose well.

If you trust the novelties and assurances of the manufacturer about the effectiveness and safety of its use, you can reach for Slimunox. If, on the other hand, you prefer to use proven methods, pay attention to other weight loss supplements that have been known for a long time and that are appreciated by customers.

Alternative weight loss supplements

There are, of course, many of them. The product we recommend is Keto Actives, a supplement in the form of tablets supporting the weight loss process. It consists of plant substances known for thousands of years and commonly used, such as extracts from:

  • Indian nettle root;
  • black pepper fruit;
  • ashwagandha root;
  • Annual capsicum fruit.

As well as linoleic acid (LA), natural caffeine anhydrous and chromium. Keto Actives, used by world famous celebrities, has gained general recognition for its effectiveness. The effects of supplementation are felt from day one!

Keto actives


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