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Somatodrol – opinions, effects, composition, how to use – effective weight gain booster

Somatodrol has entered the ranks of the most popular mass supplements for several reasons. Firstly, with properly adjusted training cycles its action is fast and effective, secondly, it is safe for health, and thirdly, it does not negatively affect your silhouette after you stop taking it or limit your exercise.

What is Somatodrol?


Somatodrol is a modern dietary supplement with a complex composition, intended for men whose goal is to quickly build muscle mass. It is legal and safe for health, it does not have any negative side effects. At the same time it allows you to achieve effects which until recently were associated only with notorious (rightly so!) steroids.

The remarkable power of Somatodrol is connected to its composition, which contains substances that stimulate the production of testosterone and growth hormone, and thus – stimulate the process of gaining muscle mass. According to many opinions, Somatodrol deserves to be called one of the best mass gainers on the market. It’s definitely better to use it than to take anabolics and risk dramatic side effects.

Somatodrol composition

Using Somatodrol and training for mass, you will quickly notice positive effects in the form of dynamic muscle tissue growth. You’ll increase your training capacity and it will take you twice as long to build mass as it would if you exercised without Somatodrol. This is all thanks to the GRTH Factor and TST Factor formula present in Somatodrol. They are accompanied by a complex of ingredients which support the reduction of unwanted fat tissue.

The action of Somatodrol is two-way: it intensifies the process of building new muscle tissue, while burning out unwanted fat on a regular basis. fat tissue. The result? A super silhouette with perfectly sculpted muscles and no excess fat.

The key ingredients in Somatodrol are:

  • Beta-alanine – an amino acid that affects proper muscle function and endurance. Thanks to this element, your training capabilities will improve significantly. You’ll be able to train longer and harder, achieving great results (without the effect of overtraining). Beta-alanine leads to stronger muscles and faster regeneration after exercise. It is very helpful during exercises with high loads.
  • AAKG (arginine alpha-ketoglutarate) is a well absorbed form of arginine. AAKG stimulates the secretion of growth hormone by the body. It also increases the flow of blood through muscle tissues, with which nutrients essential for muscles are delivered. Thanks to arginine your performance during workouts will increase, your muscles will be better nourished, they will become more resistant to heavy loads, they will regenerate faster and grow more efficiently.
  • TST Factor – a combination of DAA (D-aspartic acid) and zinc. Thanks to these ingredients, your body will be effectively provoked to intensive production of testosterone, a hormone of great importance in the process of mass building. The more testosterone, the greater your strength, the greater your training capacity and the faster the muscle growth.

As well as ingredients which have a positive effect on your training capacity and determine fast muscle mass gain, Somatodrol contains the Fat Reduction Matrix complex, including substances which support active fat burning and have a positive effect on metabolism: cayenne pepper, caffeine, guarana and vitamins B3, B6 and B12.


Somatodrol – effects

Somatodrol “forces” your muscles to work harder, resulting in rapid mass gain. You don’t have to wait long to see the results, after the first few days of taking Somatodrol according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and at the same time training for massyou will see positive results in the form of bigger and better-defined muscles. However, it is impossible to say exactly how much mass you will gain and in how long a time, as much depends on the individual conditions of each body and training plan. The most common effect of using Somatodrol is an increase in mass of about 5-7 kg in about 3 months.

Somatodrol – Dosage

Somatodrol should be taken twice daily with plenty of water. It is best to take it in the morning and then about half an hour before your workout. This way your muscles will feel the effects of the growth stimulators contained in this unique formula all the time. Remember, however, that nothing happens on its own. In order to feel the effects of Somatodrol, you must exercise regularly (preferably 3-4 times a week).

Somatodrol – opinions

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As with every supplement diets for massesInternet opinions about Somatodrol are also varied. According to some, this preparation is not successful, but it seems that the negative opinions about Somatodrol come from people who have never tried it and who immediately negate everything that to their “professional eye” seems weak and ineffective.

However, you will also notice more and more positive opinions about Somatodrol. They come from people who decided to test this product and who, after a cycle with Somatodrol, lived to see their dream silhouette with satisfaction.

Somatodrol – price, where to buy

Somatodrol It is available in various places on the internet, including allegro, where it is better to avoid shopping. Many dietary supplements are counterfeited and sold precisely on internet auctions and advertising portals. If you want to have a guarantee of the highest quality of the product, order Somatodrol directly from the original site, which you will go to by clicking here. You will pay only 20 € for one package.


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