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Spirulin Plus, the efficient way to detoxify and deacidify your body

Spirulin Plus are multi-ingredient capsules that will help you get rid of chronic fatigue, digestive problems and many other ailments resulting from the accumulation of toxins in the body and acidification. Thanks to the unique combination of herbal ingredients with algae – spirulina and chlorella – the supplement is highly effective.

Accumulation of toxins, acidification – increasingly common problems in our time


Acidification and excess toxins in the body are phenomena with which a significant part of society is faced. These problems often occur simultaneously, have similar causes and the same symptoms.

Both the acidification of the body and the excess of toxins are closely related to poor nutrition, unhealthy lifestyle and unfavourable conditions of civilisation (polluted environment, ubiquitous chemicals), in which we have to live.

In the case of acidification of the body the natural acid-base balance is disturbed and the blood pH decreases. This happens mainly as a result of consuming too many acid-forming products (such as processed foods, meat, dairy products, cereals, sweets, alcohol, coffee) and too few base-forming products (vegetables, fruit). Acidification of the organism may also be influenced by stress, exhaustion, sedentary lifestyle, introduction of strict slimming diets, smoking, alcohol abuse, staying in a polluted environment.

Accumulation of toxins in the body has similar causes, and these are: improper diet full of processed food, unhealthy types of fats and carbohydrates, as well as not very active lifestyle, too frequent contact with chemicals, inhaling polluted air, stimulants, overworking, chronic stress. Although harmful substances are everywhere and it is difficult to completely block their access to the body, the key issue here is their level. If toxins enter the body in moderate amounts, then they are systematically removed, mainly by the kidneys, liver, intestines. However, if they are absorbed in large quantities, the organs may “fail” to neutralize them, so they begin to accumulate in tissues and disrupt the work of the system.

Acidification – symptoms

In the case of acidification, various symptoms of the gastrointestinal tract often appear, such as heartburn, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, flatulence, abdominal pain, inflammation of the intestines, and a bad taste in the mouth. Other ailments accompanying acidification of the body are:

  • muscle and joint pain,
  • cramps,
  • headaches,
  • weakness, fatigue,
  • mood swings,
  • sleep problems,
  • trouble concentrating,
  • frequent infections, allergies, decreased immunity,
  • weight gain,
  • urinary tract problems,
  • hair deterioration,
  • nail deterioration,
  • inflammation of the gums, inflammation of the skin,
  • dry and rough skin, unhealthy complexion.

Accumulation of toxins in the body – symptoms

When the body is overloaded with toxins, it sends us a number of signals, most often such as:

  • deterioration of mood,
  • lack of energy, chronic fatigue,
  • depressive states, mood swings,
  • irritability,
  • constantly catching colds, infections,
  • increased allergic reactions,
  • decreased mental productivity,
  • sleep disturbances,
  • insomnia;
  • acne, pimples, eczema, rashes,
  • muscle aches, cramps,
  • frequent skin irritations,
  • dull and grey complexion,
  • plaque on the tongue,
  • bad breath,
  • excessive sweating, pungent odor of sweat,
  • indigestion, nausea, constipation, flatulence,
  • heaviness,
  • weight gain,
  • appetite disturbances.

Noticing symptoms of acidification or excess of toxins, it is worth starting to act immediately. The longer these states will persist in our body, the more harmful they will be to organs and tissues. The worse our mood will be, and the greater the risk of diseases, including cancer, diabetes, atherosclerosis, rheumatism, osteoporosis, obesity, allergies.

Spirulin Plus

First of all, it is worth changing our lifestyle for a healthier one – limit stimulants, introduce a more natural diet dominated by vegetables and fruit, regularly reach for health-promoting cleansing cocktails, avoid overwork and stress, and take care of active recreation.

However, the fastest and most effective way to remove harmful substances and deacidify the body is natural treatment with the use of appropriate herbal compositions or dietary supplements.

Spirulin Plus This is one of the leading preparations of this type on the market. It was created for people looking for fast and convenient method of detoxification. Thanks to the exceptionally rich and well-thought-out palette of active ingredients, it efficiently deals with elimination of both ailments – excess toxins and acidification. But that’s not all. In fact, this supplement, packed with antioxidants, has many more health-promoting properties.

Spirulin Plus – properties and effects of the supplement

Spirulin Plus

Spirulin Plus works in multiple ways:

  • stimulates the body to intensively remove lingering toxins, heavy metals and harmful products of metabolism;
  • restores the acid-base balance in the system, preventing acidification;
  • actively supports the removal of excess water from the body, which is the cause of body swelling and weight gain;
  • has an antioxidant effect, and thus reduces the risk of civilization diseases and inhibits aging of the body;
  • accelerates metabolic changes in the body, regulating body weight;
  • revitalizes the body and improves its functioning;
  • activates the immune system, thanks to which we begin to cope better with factors unfavourable for good health, e.g. toxins, allergens, microorganisms.

In order to effectively perform these tasks, the supplement has been equipped with 7 high quality ingredients, where the leading component is a duo of valuable algae – spirulina and chlorella, which, equipped with a sizeable portion of chlorophyll, stimulate a thorough detox of the organism and at the same time stabilise the pH of blood and neutralise the unpleasant effects of acidification. Additionally, you will find extracts from medicinal plants and zinc, which takes care of the correctness of many processes occurring in the body.

Spirulin Plus composition

It is worth taking a closer look at the properties of individual Spirulin Plus ingredients:

  • Spirulina (Arthrospira platensis) and chlorella (Chlorella vulgaris) – two algae equipped with a wide range of substances of excellent bioavailability valuable to the human body. Chlorella is a green alga with an emerald shade and a spherical shape which comes from rivers, seas and lakes. Spirulina, on the other hand, is a dark green alga with a bluish tint and a spiral shape, which, like chlorella, lives naturally in both saltwater and freshwater. Both algae are rich in antioxidants (this role is performed, among others, by natural dyes: in chlorella it is chlorophyll, and in spirulina – phycocyanin and chlorophyll), they are also an excellent source of protein, B group vitamins, beta-carotene, vitamins C, E, K, D, iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium, nucleic acids, unsaturated fatty acids. Chlorella and spirulina have a very beneficial effect on immunity, strengthen the defence barrier against viruses, bacteria, fungi, reduce inflammation, nourish the body and mind, increase energy and vitality. These algae also have alkalizing properties. By entering the body, they balance the disturbed balance between acids and bases and free us from the unpleasant effects of acidification. They have a positive effect on the digestive system, eliminate digestive disorders, help lower blood pressure and “bad” cholesterol, prevent anemia. Both algae also have strong antioxidant and cleansing properties. Thanks to their ability to neutralize free radicals, they reduce the risk of cancer and other diseases of civilization, and inhibit aging.
  • Alfalfa – a valued medicinal plant with an exceptionally wide range of health-promoting properties. It helps in indigestion, flatulence, stomach pains and other ailments of the digestive system. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties and improves immunity. It helps to lower the level of bad cholesterol, supports liver and kidney work, improves metabolism. Thanks to the presence of antioxidants, it supports the cardiovascular system, acts anti-cancer, protects against premature aging of cells.
  • Dandelion – one of the most effective herbs in the field of detoxification of the body. It has diuretic properties, which means that it increases the production and excretion of urine with which toxins and harmful products of metabolism are removed. Thanks to diuretic properties, dandelion not only eliminates harmful substances from the system, but also removes excess water causing the feeling of heaviness, body swelling and water cellulite. Dandelion is also a remedy for digestive disorders and slowed metabolism.
  • Nettle – similarly to dandelion, it is a diuretic, thus improving body cleansing and removal of excess subcutaneous water. It has cholepoietic properties, supports the liver, facilitates digestion, regulates metabolism. Thanks to a large number of vitamins, minerals and amino acids, it has a great influence on the condition of hair, nails and skin, improves immunity and comprehensively strengthens the body. The plant also contains antioxidants – bioflavonoids and chlorophyll, thanks to which it has a beneficial effect on the circulatory system and strengthens the body’s defence barrier against pathogens.
  • Green tea – is a rich source of antioxidants, thanks to which it protects against cancer and cardiovascular diseases and slows down the aging process. It also has a high detoxifying ability, reduces body swelling, prevents the formation of cellulite. At the same time, it guards the proper metabolism, facilitates weight loss, and aids digestion. Green tea also has a positive effect on mental condition, adds energy, increases mental efficiency.
  • Zinc – a bioelement with a significant role for the immune system. It stimulates the production of antibodies, stimulates the activity of lymphocytes, strengthens immunity, protects against infections and colds. Zinc also has a positive effect on skin, hair and nails, helps in the treatment of acne, accelerates wound healing. It is also a guardian of correct metabolism and activator of efficient brain work.


Spirulin Plus effects

Spirulin Plus

Spirulin Plus It’s a product for our times. It effectively eliminates the effects of our not entirely healthy lifestyle, frees us from acidification, from toxins, from the annoying phenomenon of water retention in the body, and also builds our immunity, so that in the future we can better cope with pathogens, to which we are still exposed.

The direct results of Spirulin Plus are:

  • strengthening of the organism,
  • elimination of digestive disorders,
  • improved skin and hair condition,
  • reduction of fatigue, more energy every day,
  • better brain function,
  • better immunity,
  • a slimmer figure,
  • a younger and more beautiful appearance and well-being.

Take the supplement twice a day, preferably half an hour before meals. Drink it with water. The first effects in the form of improved well-being and reduced ailments caused by acidification and accumulation of toxins can be achieved after about 2 weeks of use. Our health will gradually improve with every subsequent week.

Spirulin Plus – opinions

Most opinions about Spirulin Plus is favorable. Users appreciate the strength and mode of action of the product, finding it very effective in eliminating the unpleasant symptoms of acidification and excess toxins in the body. For many people, bad mood, constant fatigue, lack of enthusiasm and energy, headaches, swelling of the body, digestive problems and many other ailments became a thing of the past with the systematic intake of Spirulin Plus. For many consumers it is the most effective detoxifying dietary supplement on the market.

Spirulin Plus – purchase

Spirulin Plus can be purchased through the official website of the distributor. This is the only place that gives a hundred percent guarantee of the originality and highest quality of the supplement. What is more, on the official site you will find an interesting proposal of buying the product in packages. If you decide on such a transaction, you will receive free packages.

Spirulin Plus


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