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Stem cell therapy as a method to fight baldness

Stem cell treatment is one of the most modern forms of therapy used, among others, to combat baldness. Like the platelet-rich plasma treatment we wrote about in this article, it involves injecting the patient’s own cells into the scalp. Here’s what you should know about stem cell hair loss treatment.

What is stem cell treatment?

stem cellsCurrently used in many branches of medicine, stem cells are special, non-specialised cells in the body which have the ability to transform into all types of cells and have an almost unlimited ability to divide and renew themselves.

Treatment of baldness with their help has the task, as in the case of treatment of other types of damage and changes, to induce the regeneration process by stimulating scalp cells and hair growth. What is important, in this way the formation of new hair follicles is stimulated and dormant hair bulbs are mobilized.

The procedure itself involves drawing blood from the patient and isolating the right cells, then injecting the scalp with stem cells. Stem cells are isolated using a safe, technologically advanced method. The injection procedure is generally performed under local anesthesia.

Effectiveness of stem cell treatment

While mesotherapy with platelet rich plasma requires a series of treatments, the use of stem cells, acting more intensively and faster, makes it possible to achieve the desired results after a single treatment. It also has a positive effect on blood supply to the head, improves the condition of hair follicles, which is important for hair restoration.

Stem cell mesotherapy is particularly recommended for people suffering from androgenic alopecia, alopecia areata or scarring and in case of advanced hair loss.

Stem cell therapy – price

Hair loss treatment using stem cells taken from patient’s blood is currently one of the most effective and modern methods, unfortunately also one of the most expensive. The cost of a single treatment, fortunately in this case the only one, ranges from several dozen to several hundred dollars.

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