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Stretch Mark Creams: Ranking, How to regenerate your skin and get rid of stretch marks?

Stretch marks are one of the most common and disliked skin imperfections. These unsightly scarred stripes, appearing on the skin during rapid growth of tissues (e.g. in pregnant women or people who gain a lot of weight), make us lose our sense of attractiveness and self-confidence, we become ashamed of our body and want to cover up this flaw at all costs.

When looking for an antidote to stretch marks, we sometimes resort to professional treatments in beauty salons or aesthetic medicine clinics. However, this solution is rarely chosen by women. Much more often we turn to specifications for self-application, such as creams for stretch marks. The ranking we present here was created on the basis of a detailed analysis of the composition and mode of action of existing stretch mark preparations on the market. The performance-to-price ratio of a given product and users’ opinions were also taken into account. See the ranking of the best creams for stretch marks and choose a product that will renew your skin!

Stretch mark creams – Ranking

1. Revamin Stretch Mark (150 ml)

 Revamin Stretch Mark stretch mark cream

The leader of the ranking is Revamin Stretch Mark, a professional stretch mark cream with powerful regenerating properties. It demonstrates dual action – on the one hand it dynamically regenerates skin tissue, leading to a significant smoothing of scars, smoothing the skin and unifying its colour, and on the other it has a preventive effect – it makes the skin more flexible and firm, preventing the reappearance of stretch marks in the future.

Revamin Stretch Mark is distinguished by its rich composition and excellent consistency. Upon application, the preparation rapidly penetrates the skin, and as a consequence the highly concentrated active substances remaining inside start strongly stimulating skin reconstruction processes. The result? Systematic disappearance of stretch marks and skin revitalisation and rejuvenation.

The formula of Revamin Stretch Mark cream consists of natural ingredients of high bioactivity, thanks to which the skin covered with stretch marks gradually regains its smooth structure. What properties do the individual Revamin Stretch Mark ingredients possess?

  • Aloe leaf juice – has strong regenerative properties, slows down the skin ageing process, soothes inflammation, stimulates the formation of new collagen and elastin fibres, stimulates the process of water binding in the epidermis and supplies skin cells with valuable nutrients. Thanks to these properties it significantly improves the appearance and structure of the skin.
  • Avocado oil – provides the skin with a high level of hydration, nourishes and rebuilds the skin, increases skin elasticity, smoothes and improves skin tone.
  • Apricot kernel oil – rejuvenates the skin, adds to its firmness and elasticity, stimulates skin regeneration in places where it has suffered damage, in this way it helps us regain a coherent, uniform, smooth skin structure.
  • Vitamin E – a powerful antioxidant that promotes efficient cell regeneration and protects skin tissue against ageing and damage. Vitamin E also ensures that the skin is properly oiled and moisturised, in effect making it look better and function better.
  • Vitamin C – a strong antioxidant with protective and renewing properties. It stimulates the synthesis of collagen, improving the condition of the skin. Vitamin C also takes care of the skin tone – brightens discolorations, unifies the shade, makes the skin look healthy and vital.
  • An intensive composition of vegetable oils – ensures a high level of hydration and greasing, protects against damage, prevents the loss of skin tone and elasticity, firms, reduces stretch marks, smoothes and rejuvenates.

It works effectively and quickly, visibly reduces stretch marks, regenerates deeply, firms, increases skin tone, makes it more elastic, gives new quality to the skin. Due to the high power of active substances and their perfect combination, it gives better results than competitive products. Revamin Stretch Mark is the clear winner among home remedies for stretch marks.

Revamin Stretch Mark reduces stretch marks on breasts, thighs, buttocks, abdomen, arms and back. It effectively combats overweight stretch marks and stretch marks during pregnancy. It also eliminates stretch marks caused by rapid growth of muscle mass in persons training. It simultaneously protects, strengthens, increases skin cohesion and density, protecting it from excessive stretching and further stretch marks formation.

You can order Revamin Stretch Mark here

2. Thalgo Stretch Mark Cream (150 ml)

 Thalgo Stretch Mark Cream

Thalgo Stretch Mark Cream is a nourishing and regenerating cream, which thanks to its intensive formula reduces the visibility of stretch marks, comprehensively improves skin condition and inhibits the process of further stretch marks formation. It also displays antioxidant properties, which make the skin more resistant to ageing, loss of firmness and negative impact of external factors.

The Thalgo Stretch Mark Cream formula is created by natural ingredients thanks to which the cosmetic is suitable for all skin types, even for hypersensitive skin. The main active substances here are sea glycoprotein and fennel extract, which are responsible for the regenerating properties of the preparation. The composition also contains valuable plant oils – grape and macadamia, thanks to which the skin is better moisturised and lubricated, more resistant to stretching and smoothed.

3. Strialys Stretch Mark Cream (100 ml)

 Strialys Stretch Mark Cream

Strialys Stretch Mark Cream is a concentrated serum with regenerating, strengthening and smoothing properties. Thanks to the presence of components stimulating blood circulation, the cosmetic improves the level of cell and tissue nutrition, comprehensively improving skin condition.

Strialys Stretch Mark Cream is a rich composition of natural ingredients, such as e.g. Ruscus spinensis extract, silk proteins, Spleenwort extract and ginseng.) The product is designed for all skin types, including allergic and very delicate ones.

When, for some reason, our skin has been exposed to intensive stretching and, as a result, collagen fibres have been torn, which led to the appearance of stretch marks (e.g. in pregnant women, people undergoing intensive growth spurt, people who have gained weight or muscle mass), Strialys cream will support tissue regeneration and reduce the visibility of unsightly scars. The specificity also has a strong moisturizing effect, so it can be very useful in the care of dry and very dry skin.

4. Lierac Phytolastil Serum Stretch Mark Corrector (75 ml)

 Lierac Phytolastil serum corrects stretch marks

LieracPhytolastil Stretch Mark Corrective Serum is a dermocosmetic product with a high concentration of active substances. 84% of the specific content is a specially prepared plant composition that stimulates skin cells to produce collagen and elastin. Thanks to this property, our skin rebuilds more efficiently, gets a better density, firmness and elasticity, and stretch marks and other scars become less visible.

Lierac Phytolastil also corrects skin tone. The skin gains a more homogeneous and healthier shade. Discoloration and other minor imperfections disappear.

5. Sylveco Moisturising Stretch Mark Lotion (300 ml)

Sylveco is a delicate, light balm for stretch marks combining caring and regenerating properties. It moisturises and lubricates the skin, combats such imperfections as dryness, roughness and uneven, unhealthy colour. The cosmetic also helps the skin affected by stretch marks to look nicer, reduces the visibility of scars, prevents flaccidity, loss of elasticity and proper skin tone.

The composition of Sylveco balm includes betulin and liquorice smooth extract, which strengthen collagen fibres and prevent their disruption.

6. Elancyl Stretch Mark Cream (150 ml)

  Elancyl Stretch Mark Cream

This time it’s time for a cosmetic intended mainly for pregnant women. Elancyl Stretch Mark Cream helps future mums to take better care of their skin, nourishes it, increases its elasticity and makes it resistant to the formation of widespread, unsightly stretch marks. It also reduces the appearance of previously formed stretch marks.

Elancyl can be used from the 4th month of pregnancy. The cream is formulated with essential safflower oil and vitamin E.

7. Pharmaceris M Foliacti Stretch Mark Prevention Cream (150 ml)

 Pharmaceris M Foliacti stretch mark cream

Pharmaceris M Foliacti is a cream preventing stretch marks designed for persons exposed to strong tissue growth, and thus to intensive skin stretching and formation of stretch marks as a result. It will be useful for pregnant women, persons doing strength training and increasing their muscularity, as well as teenagers during rapid growth.

Pharmaceris M Foliacti improves skin elastic ity and reduces its susceptibility to stretch marks, it also reduces micro-damage, nourishes and prevents water loss. The formula contains regenerating folic acid and moisturising, softening and protective cotton oil.

8. Mustela Stretch Mark Cream (150 ml)

 Mustela Stretch Mark Cream

Mustela Stretch Mark Cream nurtures our skin and strengthens its natural defence barrier against damage. The cosmetic is particularly recommended for pregnant women at risk of developing stretch marks, sagging and loss of skin elasticity after childbirth.

Thanks to a rich composition of active ingredients, including shea butter, beeswax and avocado peptides, the preparation shows a number of valuable properties: it moisturises, strengthens skin structure, firms, reduces the risk of stretch marks and soothes already existing scars.

9. Ziaja Mamma Mia (270 ml)

 Ziaja Mamma Mia

Ziaja Mamma Mia is an anti-stretch mark cosmetic designed for pregnant women and people experiencing rapid weight gain. The product has protective, strengthening and elasticity properties. It makes collagen and elastin fibres stronger, reduces the visibility of stretch marks. It also nourishes, refreshes, revitalizes skin and fights minor imperfections.

The composition of Ziaja Mamma Mia includes extract of Centella Asiatica, panthenol and shea butter, among others.


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