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Stretching – do you sometimes forget about it?

Stretching, or stretching, is often neglected by gym-goers. Many people skip it, considering it unimportant and actually not bringing any benefits. The truth, however, is quite different – stretching is of colossal importance, and not only for the very functioning of muscles, but also for our overall physical form, immunity and well-being.

Exercises stretching after training – – no worth underestimate them!

Next to the warm-up, stretching is the second most commonly neglected element of training, and this applies to both strength and aerobic exercisers. Remember that the lack of post-workout stretching can result in contraction and stiffening of muscles, ligaments and joints, and progressive abnormalities in the functioning of the musculoskeletal system.

Lack of stretching can also make you more susceptible to injury, slower regeneration processes and less effective and slower growth of muscle tissue. It may contribute to a decrease in the overall efficiency and performance of the body, more severe joint and muscle pain, soreness, strains, swelling and pain.

If you, too, are one of the large group of people for whom stretching is of little importance, I advise you to change your approach as soon as possible. See how many benefits you can achieve as soon as you spend a few minutes or so more in the gym, devoting them to stretching exercises.

What will give you stretching?

  • Strengthening muscles, ligaments and tendons, making them more flexible;Stretching

  • Reduced risk of injury;

  • Improving blood supply to the muscles, increasing their strength and endurance;

  • More effective muscle work, more efficient muscle mass gain;

  • Faster recovery after training;

  • Reduced joint and muscle discomfort resulting from increased physical effort;

  • Improved function of the musculoskeletal system;

  • Relaxation, entering a state of relaxation after training, stress relief, better mood.

Perform muscle stretching for a few minutes, preferably about 10-15 minutes immediately after training. Remember that the stretching exercises should not be too intense (causing pain), because you can damage your muscles this way. How to do post-workout stretching? I will tell about it in a separate article.

In recovery after exercise will help you not only stretching exercises, but also well-chosen nutritional supplements. In my ranking of supplements you will find interesting, worth trying items, I invite you.

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