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T5, a fat burner with a wide reputation and ambiguous reviews

Reducing fat tissue is the number one task for every fan of a modelled silhouette. In order to maximise the process of burning unwanted weight we often reach for various fat burners containing thermogenic and energising substances. One of the best known and most popular is T5 – a fat burner based on the cult formula ECA. The effects of reduction cycles with T5 are often very satisfactory, however it is not an ideal burner and it also has its drawbacks.

T5 burner, or capsules filled with ECA – what are they and how do they work?

T5 capsules

T5 by Zion Labs is a dietary supplement that has been on the market for many years and is aimed at people who want to reduce excessive levels of fat tissue – both those who have a lot of kilograms to lose and those who are just at the finish line of the route leading to an ideal figure. T5 Burner contributes to accelerating metabolism and stimulating the process of lipolysis. It has a high thermogenic potential, causing calorie burning to intensify during physical activity, which results in gradual utilisation of fat reserves.

The T5 fat burner is based on the famous ECA formula, which consists of 3 ingredients: ephedrine (30mg), caffeine (250mg) and aspirin (150mg). Each of them has certain properties that favour the reduction of unwanted fat; however, only when they act in synergy do they present their full potential.

Looking for a fat burner for athletes?

The best dietary supplement created with the needs of athletes in mind is Fast Burn Extreme. The product does not contain any harmful or doping substances. The formula is based on natural fat tissue reducers.

How does Fast Burn Extreme work?

  • supports fat tissue burning,
  • accelerates body sculpting,
  • adds energy to exercise,
  • suppresses the appetite,
  • improves concentration,
  • has a stimulating effect,
  • supports the cleansing process,
  • works naturally and does not cause side effects.
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Ephedrine, acting on neurotransmitters in the brain, leads to accelerated heart rate, increased metabolism, increased body temperature, suppressed appetite and increased energy expenditure. Caffeine increases heart rate, has a stimulating effect, eliminates fatigue, increases metabolism and increases the rate of calorie burning. Aspirin enhances the effects of caffeine and ephedrine, increases sweating during exercise, supports fat burning.

Safe equivalent of ephedrine: synephrine

T5 fat burner – effects

Using T5 fat burner can result in an effective reduction of body fat, however it’s important to remember that it’s a supplement typically targeted at people who work out – after taking the capsule, a strong stimulation effect occurs, the pulse rate increases and so does the energy, concentration and physical performance, which can and should be used during exercise.

Otherwise, for example, if you take a T5 burner and remain inactive, you may experience heart palpitations, a feeling of being carried away from the inside and a whole range of unpleasant effects resulting from the high dose of caffeine and other components of the supplement.

It can be said that it is only during increased physical activity that the ECA composition “reveals” its properties. It allows you to exercise long and hard without fatigue, has a thermogenic effect, increases sweating, and boosts calorie burning. There’s no doubt that fat burner T5 can bring fast and satisfying results in fat reduction, of course if you combine supplementation with optimized physical training.

On the other hand, you need to be aware that, T5, as well as any fat burner with ephedrine and caffeine, has some significant drawbacks. It raises blood pressure, puts a strain on your heart and can have negative effects on your psyche (both ephedrine and caffeine are psychoactive substances). A fat burner once popular with bodybuilders called Clenbuterol has similar adverse side effects.

T5 fat burner – side effects

T5 capsules

There are a whole range of more and less dangerous side effects that can occur during T5 supplementation. They are due to the presence of caffeine (in high doses) in the supplement, as well as ephedrine, which, as an amphetamine derivative, has a significant effect on the cardiovascular system and the central nervous system.


No fat burner with ephedrine and caffeine, or other substances that raise blood pressure and stimulate the sympathetic nervous system, is indifferent to the body, and prolonged use or taking too high a dose can result in serious health problems.

Here’s a list of side effects that you may encounter while supplementing with T5 burner:

  • blood pressure spikes;
  • heart palpitations;
  • tightness, chest pain;
  • shortness of breath;
  • headaches;
  • dizziness;
  • excessive agitation;
  • insomnia;
  • trembling hands;
  • vomiting, stomach pains;
  • Excessive blocking of the appetite resulting in emaciation, malnutrition;
  • The feeling of excess energy and strength resulting in overtraining, injuries;
  • a feeling of dryness in the mouth;
  • Mood swings from euphoria to a so-called downward spiral resulting in depressive states;
  • nervousness, irritability;
  • anxiety, restlessness;
  • disorders of logical thinking;
  • depression;
  • changes in consciousness, psychosis.

T5 burner – opinions

On the one hand, it can lead to fast and efficient fat reduction, on the other hand, it exposes us to unpleasant health experiences – fat burner T5 is a product that should be approached with a lot of caution. It carries a risk of hypertension and permanent heart problems, mental problems, exhaustion, metabolic disorders and impaired functioning of numerous organs.

So it’s no wonder that reviews about T5 burner are not the best. People who have decided to use this product often emphasize that the side effects are far too severe. Since you need to exercise and keep a proper diet during the reduction, there is no point in torturing yourself with such a strong and harmful preparation. Many people are of the opinion that it’s better to reach for safe fat burners, with which you can achieve similar results.

T5 – is it worth it or not?

Lose 5 kg or 10 kg in a couple of weeks – that’s the goal of many bodybuilders. The fat burner T5 can undoubtedly make this task easier. It will stimulate us to carry out our training plan efficiently, suppress our appetite and accelerate the burning of fat tissue… Unfortunately it can also lead us into health problems. Being aware of that, we have to decide whether we want to take the risk or not. At the same time it’s worth remembering that there are many safe and effective fat burners available on the market today, which when used together with training and diet bring great results in terms of weight loss. One of them is Fast Burn Extreme.

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