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The benefits of running, or why jogging?

Why do we usually reach for jogging? Mostly in order to get rid of excess weight which we have accumulated over the years. However, it is worth knowing that there are many more benefits of running. This unique kind of sport positively affects not only our silhouette, but also health, emotions and personality. Find out why it is worth running and let yourself be “infected” by jogging!

1. running is the most effective way to lose weight

Reduction and burning of body fat is undoubtedly the most important advantage of running. Regular jogging slims down better than any other training. During running all muscles are activated, so our body needs large amounts of energy. Therefore, it burns calories very intensively – even 500-600 kcal per hour! The effects of running uphill (in terrain or on a treadmill with an increased angle of inclination) are even more spectacular: within 60 minutes you can burn up to 900 kcal. So it’s easy to imagine the rate of weight loss with regular running training. All the more so if we add to it a diet with reduced calories.

Running is an effective way to a slim, athletic figure

The benefits of running for our figure are not only the reduction of excess weight, but also a general slimming and firming of the body and improvement in muscle condition. Training jogging gradually disappears fat, while the muscles of the buttocks, abdomen, thighs, calves, arms, are strengthened, become nicely outlined, adding “sports character” to our figure.

3 Running has a positive impact on the functioning of the key organs

Thanks to running blood circulation and oxygenation of the whole body improves, the work of the heart and the condition of blood vessels improves, and blood pressure and pulse (if previously disturbed) return to balance. Our lungs become more capacious and function better. Positive effects of running are also felt by another important organ, namely the brain. Thanks to jogging, it is equipped with more oxygen, begins to work better, which translates into better memory and concentration, improved cognitive functions, greater mental abilities.

4. thanks to running we are more resistant and less often fall ill

Running is an antidote for various minor ailments that each of us encounters on a daily basis. Systematic jogging strengthens the body, increases resistance to infections and colds and protects against allergies. Runners complain much less frequently about pain, migraines, insomnia. They fall ill less frequently, remain young and fit for longer and live longer. Mentioning the advantages of running we cannot forget that it reduces the risk of cancer, Alzheimer disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and heart disease. 5.

5. running positively affects our mental condition

joggingOne of the important benefits of jogging is also a positive impact on the mental sphere. While jogging we shape our character, we become mentally stronger, more distanced to the problems, more resistant to stress. We are less often overcome by despondency and resignation, instead we become more confident, more motivated to positive changes in life and above all – happier.

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