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The way to a flat stomach. It can be done!

A slim, fit figure and a flat stomach is the dream of millions of women and men. It is not only a matter of fashion or aesthetics, but above all of health and well-being. Meanwhile, a common problem, especially for women, although recently it is also increasingly common for men, is the so-called “tire”, or fatty tissue accumulated at the waist. It is worth knowing, however, that no one is doomed to carry it for the rest of their lives. A bit of effort, self-control and regularity is enough to get rid of the unwanted fat deposits and proudly demonstrate a slim waist.

The way to a flat belly – a proper diet

Probably no one can deny that the process of losing weight begins in the kitchen. Of course, we can not overdo it – draconian restriction of meals will certainly not help us, on the contrary, it can cause a slowdown of metabolism, not to mention the destruction of the body.

How to lose weight from the abdomen with the help of a proper diet? You need to introduce some basic rules:

Fruit and nuts in a bowlFirst, choosing the right products. Slimming diet for a flat stomach should include whole grain cereals, flakes and bran, lean dairy products, lean meat and fish, plenty of vegetables, fruits, including dried, seeds, nuts, seeds, herbs and spices.

It is worth reaching for probiotic yoghurts, which regulate the work of the intestines and prevent bloating, as well as for products boosting metabolism. These are mainly green vegetables, which improve metabolism and fat burning, and help cleanse the body. In turn, products containing fibre not only have a positive effect on digestion, but also suppress the appetite.

Let’s not forget about spices such as pepper, curry, chilli, basil, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger or nutmeg which belong to natural fat burners.

On the other hand, you should avoid all flatulent foods, especially leguminous vegetables, as well as sauerkraut, raw cauliflower, broccoli, kohlrabi, brussels sprouts. Instead of frying, it is better to steam, bake or grill. Instead of sweets reach for healthy snacks such as fresh or dried fruit, raw vegetables or green smoothies.

The way to a flat stomach is also to master the proper art of eating!

It is not only the selection of the right menu ingredients and the method of their preparation, but also the way we eat that matters. If we strictly follow the newly introduced rules, after just a few days we will undoubtedly feel lighter, and after some time we will notice tangible effects in the form of a smaller waist circumference. First of all we must learn to eat regularly, at approximately the same time, 4-5 lighter meals a day, instead of two heavy ones, especially in the afternoon and evening.

For a good start of the day, the first breakfast is mandatory. A sandwich of wholemeal bread with tomato, oatmeal, yoghurt with dried fruit is a great opportunity to speed up metabolism for the whole day and avoid later bloating or constipation.

For the second breakfast you can serve yourself, for example, a vegetable cocktail. Lunch should not be eaten later than fourteen o’clock, because as the day goes on, the metabolism starts to slow down. Vegetable soup, poultry fillet and salad should satisfy your hunger and certainly will not be fattening. Finally, a light supper (stewed vegetables, a sandwich with lean meats, rice with fruit), eaten at least three hours before going to bed.

Drink plenty, about 2 litres of still water a day, herbal teas are also recommended. Water helps to cleanse the body of the remains of metabolism and harmful substances, and, almost as much as herbs, supports digestion. Remember to eat products that intensify metabolism, which will be invaluable help in the fight for a flat stomach – vegetables and fruits, products containing fiber, spices.

Exercises for a flat stomach

woman lifts dumbbellsThe key to success in the form of a slim waist is, in addition to a healthy diet, as much exercise as possible. Regardless of what type of physical activity we choose, the most important thing is regularity. Let’s develop an individual exercise plan, tailored to our disposition and preferences, and follow it strictly. There are many possibilities of physical activities – cycling, jogging, marching with sticks, swimming, aerobics, and finally training at a gym.

Apart from that we can perform typical exercises for abdomen, for example in a form of so called tummies. They consist in lifting the upper part of the back (up to the shoulder blades) in a lying position with the knees bent.

Other useful exercises for a flat stomach, these include: twists, lateral bends with weight, lowering straight legs in the back position, drawing the knees to the chest in the back position, scissors, drawing the knees to the chest in a free hang on a bar.

We can develop an individual training plan on our own or consult a professional – a fitness trainer. If we intend to get rid of excess body fat at the gym, it is worth combining aerobic training (or interval training in the case of people who exercise regularly) with specific exercises for abdominal muscles. However, regardless of the type of activity, the basic principle is regularity and regularity.

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The most effective way to a flat belly – the unification of activities

In order to slim down your belly successfully, you need to work on several levels, that is, go on a healthy diet, follow the rules of the proper art of eating, constantly follow a physical activity plan. Additionally, you can help yourself with a good quality dietary supplement, using the power of natural ingredients. Currently on the supplement market there are many really good specifics, which in our case can fulfill the role of stimulating increased metabolism and fat tissue reduction. One of them is Fast Burn Extreme.

Fast Burn Extreme

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