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Titan Gel – opinions, action, effects – does it really enlarge the penis?

Titan Gel will attract attention of every man who wants to increase penis size and improve quality of sexual life. The preparation is distinguished by its good composition and convenient form of application. You do not need to ingest capsules, but only rub it into the skin. How does Titan Gel solve “male” problems?

Titan Gel – composition and effects of the preparation

The tube of Titan Gel contains extracts from 3 medicinal plants that are famous for their beneficial effect on male sexuality. These are: Tribulus terrestris (mace), maca root and Epimedium sagittatum. The composition is supplemented with a stimulating guarana extract. By penetrating into the skin, Titan Gel causes dilation of blood vessels and increased blood flow through the penis, which results in stronger and longer lasting erection and increased libido.

Titan Gel – how to use?

Using Titan Gel is very simple and does not require a lot of time. It is enough to massage a small amount of gel into the penis – from the shaft to the head – every day after washing the body. Additionally, it is worth rubbing the gel in each time before the intercourse (approx. half an hour before). The preparation is completely absorbed, does not leave any traces or odours, so it is fully discreet in use.

Titan Gel – effects. What does the manufacturer say?

Does Titan Gel really enlarge the penis? The manufacturer assures that with its regular use the penis gets thicker and longer. The product’s website states that after about 2 weeks of use, the penis increases by 2 cm. After a month, the penis is supposed to be 4-5cm bigger. According to the manufacturer’s assurances, systematic rubbing in of Titan Gel also brings a number of other benefits, such as: greater desire for sex, increased penis sensitivity (which goes hand in hand with better sensations during sex), stronger erection, better fertility.

Titan Gel – opinions. What do men say?

Most opinions about Titan Gel suggest that it is a product of average effectiveness in relation to men’s expectations. Men who had the opportunity to use it say that for an external product it is quite expensive and the effects are not at all sensational. Many people consider Titan Gel to be average saying that it did a good job with erection problems and low libido, however, it had no effect on penis size.

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