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Titanodrol (reviews, composition and effects) – dynamic muscle growth thanks to a new dietary supplement

People who train for strength face many obstacles on their way to a muscular figure. Limited training capacity, decreases in strength, energy and motivation, overtraining, too slow a pace of mass building in relation to the intended one – those are all commonplace for gym-goers. A well-composed dietary supplement for those who train can eliminate those obstacles. The strength and mass activator Titanodrol comes to the rescue. The formula enhances testosterone production, stimulates muscle growth and guards optimum exercise capacity.

Titanodrol works. How does the formula help build muscle mass?

Titanodrol mass gaining supplement

An impressive, muscular physique is usually the result of long, arduous efforts and litres of sweat at the gym. As many people in training have discovered, with the right supplements – a well-chosen compilation of amino acids, natural testosterone and growth hormone boosters and muscle pump enhancers – you can significantly accelerate muscle mass gain, sculpt your muscles and improve your exercise capacity.

Titanodrol is just such a package of substances extremely valuable in the muscle building process. It comes in the form of easy to take, stomach-friendly capsules which are easily absorbed by the body. You don’t have to prepare any concoctions, as is the case with powdered nutrients and mass boosters – just take a capsule and you’re done.

This is undoubtedly a great option for busy people who like quick and simple solutions. The supplement works on several different levels, comprehensively supporting us during body shaping.

Firstly, it shortens the time of achieving the expected results. Secondly, it regulates the secretion of hormones that are crucial in the process of shaping muscles.

Thirdly, it increases the blood flow in muscles and increases muscle pump, which in turn emphasises muscles and improves their work. Fourthly, it nourishes muscles and stimulates muscle protein synthesis, accelerating the growth of pure muscle mass.

Increasing testosterone production and other important tasks of Titanodrol

One of the most important tasks of the active substances contained in Titanodrol is to stimulate the development of muscle tissue by boosting testosterone production. This key male hormone plays an overriding role in the body’s protein metabolism. It has an anabolic effect and stimulates muscle protein synthesis, thus contributing to efficient muscle growth.

Too low a level of testosterone in the body, a problem faced by many men (regardless of age), leads to difficulties in gaining muscle mass. Instead, fat tissue appears easily on our body. With Titanodrol we can stimulate testosterone production and unblock the process of muscle building, while at the same time inhibiting fat mass gain.

It’s worth bearing in mind that Titanodrol also performs many other useful tasks: it visibly increases your strength and energy, pumps and firms muscles, makes it much easier for you to perform hard training, and afterwards ensures that you quickly get back into shape.

All that makes the formula a versatile helper for anyone training intensively, who wants to stay in top physical shape all the time and hopes for rapid success in body shaping.

Titanodrol – a formula to meet high expectations


There’s nothing like a multi-element formula in which the individual active substances complement each other perfectly, forming a powerful complex that improves the functioning of muscles.

The key rolein Titanodrol ‘s composition is played by a combination of plant extracts, amino acids and natural stimulants which, working together, boost our training capacity and muscle mass growth rate. These include:


Beta-alanine is a very useful ingredient for people who do strength training. It increases muscle performance and overall physical capacity of the body.

During increased exercise there is a high risk of acidification, overtraining, reduced physical performance and impaired muscle growth. Beta-alanine prevents the occurrence of these adverse conditions. It stimulates the regeneration process after exercise and prevents the accumulation of lactic acid, allowing you to exercise long and hard without the effect of exhaustion, without painful soreness, without the effect of lack of power and a drop in performance the following day after a hard training session.

D-Aspartic Acid (DAA)

D-Aspartic Acid(DAA) is an activator of testosterone production in the body, and at the same time a guardian of good nervous system function and correct sexual function. With DAA you can count on an effective increase in physical fitness and the release of high strength potential. If we use this strength for intensive exercise, it will quickly translate into dynamic mass growth.

D-Aspartic acid, by stimulating testosterone secretion in the body, increases our strength, endurance and efficiency. It accelerates both the process of mass building and muscle sculpting. It also ensures good sexual performance, an uninterrupted erection and high libido. Thanks to its positive effect on neurotransmitters, including dopamine, it also helps increase energy and motivation, improve mood and increase resistance to physical and mental fatigue.

Mace (Tribulus terrestris)

An extract from this plant cannot be missing in any highly effective mass gainer. Due to its rich content of steroid saponins, mace is the best plant-based testosterone booster. It not only has anabolic properties, increases the rate of muscle tissue growth and enhances physical strength, but is also excellently absorbed by the body and has a positive effect on male health on many levels.

Mace increases blood and oxygen supply to muscles, and nutrients flow to them with increased force. The result is better muscle performance and an easier and faster build-up of muscle fibres. What’s more, mace stimulates action, increases physical potential, and thus improves training efficiency. It speeds up regeneration after exercise, prevents muscle pain, increases the burning of redundant fat tissue, has a positive effect on potency and libido, and delays the ageing process and andropause.

Other important properties of mace: it strengthens the body, stabilises blood pressure, lowers the level of bad cholesterol, has a positive effect on the urinary system, reduces inflammation, fights viruses and microorganisms, has antioxidant properties, improves immunity.


L-arginine is an amino acid that is highly valued in sports supplements as it enhances nitric oxide production in the body, which in turn improves muscle nutrition and enhances training potential. L-arginine also stimulates the production of growth hormone in the body. A higher concentration of growth hormone means a more intensive synthesis of muscle proteins and a faster increase in mass.

Caffeine and guarana

An important place in the composition of Titanodrol is occupied by two safe yet effective stimulants, namely caffeine and guarana. They make it much easier to maintain high energy levels not only during training but throughout the day.

These two stimulants complement each other perfectly – caffeine, as it is instantly released from the digestive tract into the blood, provides us with a rapid and intensive surge of power and energy. Guarana, on the other hand, is released more slowly and remains in the body for many hours, giving us the effect of long-term stimulation and lack of signs of fatigue even during a very active day.

The duo of caffeine and guarana, providing us with a large portion of energy, supports us during workouts, increases physical performance, and allows us to exercise for longer without the effect of fatigue and decreased power. It will also have a positive effect on our metabolism, increase fat burning and suppress excessive appetite. It also stimulates the mind, increases alertness and concentration, improves cognitive functions and enhances mood.

Fenugreek extract

Fenugreek, just like ground mace, contains steroid saponins which are important in the muscle building process. These compounds are the plant equivalent of steroids. They are able to mimic testosterone, but also increase its production in the body, which translates into stimulation of muscle mass growth, faster progress in the process of accentuating and sculpting individual muscle parts, higher energy levels, greater endurance and better exercise capacity, as well as improved sexual performance, better quality of intercourse, higher libido.

Apart from the ingredients mentioned above, Titanodrol also contains one of the strongest herbal fat burners – a thermogenic in the form of cayenne pepper extract and an important bio-element which supports metabolic processes, takes care of correct testosterone levels in the body and improves muscle performance – zinc.

Looking at the composition of Titanodrol and the range of its effects, you may get the impression that it is a complete formula, excellently constructed and tailored to the needs of anyone aiming to quickly build a muscular physique and who wants to get the most out of every workout.


Titanodrol mass gainer tablets

How to use Titanodrol?

The manufacturer recommends taking two Titanodrol capsules daily, about half an hour before a meal. Drink the capsule generously with water. If you want to provide yourself with additional energy, which you will use during exercise, it is also worth reaching for the second product of the series, namely Titan’s Rage. It is a typical pre-training formula which works very well together with Titanodrol.

Titanodrol and Titan’s Rage complement each other very well, and interestingly they also enhance each other’s effects. If you decide to use this dual supplementation in order to optimize your training effects, it’s a good idea to plan the dosage of the products well.

For example Titanodrol can be taken in the morning and around noon, while Titan’s Rage should be taken half an hour before an afternoon workout. If you train at a different time, you can of course spread the dosage differently.

Titanodrol – the effects you don’t have to wait long

A muscular man

Titanodrol capsules contain substances which can also be found in other mass gaining formulas, however here they appear in an exceptionally productive combination.

This original blend of ingredients stimulating the production of testosterone and growth hormone, increasing training capacity and accelerating mass building, is what many people owe their excellent physique effects to.

As a direct result of regular supplementation, you’ll maintain high motivation and readiness for training, which goes hand in hand with high levels of energy and strength required to complete the appropriate number of series and repetitions of exercise.

When training with Titanodrol, you don’t train in vain. Exercises quickly translate into appearance – you’ll quickly develop a well-muscled and well-sculpted physique previously only seen in bodybuilders of many years standing.

The 15 most important effects of Titanodrol

  • Increased production of testosterone and growth hormone,
  • increased energy and strength,
  • increased endurance,
  • increased concentration during training,
  • better mood, more enthusiasm and vigour,
  • Increased rate of muscle protein synthesis,
  • faster muscle mass building,
  • increased production of nitric oxide, and as a result better nourishment of muscles,
  • greater muscle pump, increased muscle volume,
  • faster muscle sculpting,
  • maximum use of your training potential,
  • a greater sense of masculinity and self-confidence,
  • full mobilisation for training at all times,
  • greater resistance to physical and mental fatigue,
  • faster regeneration of the body.

Titanodrol – opinions. What do users of the supplement particularly notice?

More testosterone, higher rate of growth of pure muscle mass, greater resistance to heavy strain, more energy, no effect of fatigue plus fast regeneration after exercise – the manufacturers’ declarations are reflected in the opinions about Titanodrol from users.

People who used these capsules emphasize that the effects of their action are very fast, and muscles from week to week increase their volume. You can exercise at high intensity without signs of fatigue, and after just a few months you will observe in yourself results worthy of advanced bodybuilders.

Titanodrol – price, purchase

Titanodrol, like most supplements for people training and building muscle, is available online, with the only 100% reliable source being official website of the product. This is where you should go if you are planning on making a purchase. In other places on the web, including auction portals and classifieds sites, we may come across fakes. Remember that in such counterfeit supplements you never know what is inside.

When ordering the product through the official website, we have a guarantee of the highest quality, safety and fast completion of the transaction.

What is very important, there are many facilities for buyers available on the website. We can choose from various forms of payment including PayPall, bank transfer, payment on delivery, credit card. There is also a very convenient option available for people who would like to receive the product as soon as possible but do not have the funds at the moment, namely “Buy Now. Pay in 30 days”. There are also various options of collecting the parcel (e.g. InPost service, Pick-up at a Point, courier).

If you want to find out more about Titanodrol or order the product and learn more about its possibilities, visit the official website of the supplement – www.titanodrol.pl .

Please note that there is a special offer available on the manufacturer’s website where you can get a free pack of the supplement. Click and go!
Titanodrol capsules


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