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Training for mass and training for sculpture – the most important rules

First you need to gain some mass, in order to have something to sculpt later… In the following article I present a handful of information on training for muscle mass and training for sculpting. I invite you to read.

Before start make mass…

The first important thing to mention right from the start – strength training involves your muscles to a very large extent. If you don’t give them proper nourishment in the form of the right amount of nutrients (mainly carbohydrates and proteins) at the right times, your body will start to fall into a state of catabolism and will start to “devour” your muscles instead of building them up. A special diet for muscle mass should therefore be an integral part of the training cycle for mass. More information about nutrition plan mass training can be found in a separate article. Now a few words about how to train for mass in order to gradually achieve the desired results.

Workout on mass muscle – – types

In order for training for mass to bring results in the form of a gradual growth of muscle tissue, the principle of slowly increasing the weight of the loads on which we work should be maintained. The two basic types of training used to build muscle are FBW and SPLIT.

Mass training in the FBW mode is usually performed three to four times a week with a one-day break between workouts. During each training session, a comprehensive workout is performed for all muscle groups in turn, i.e.: back muscles, shoulders, chest, biceps, triceps, abdomen and legs.

FBW training is very universal, used both for building muscle mass, as well as for fat tissue reductionby both beginners and advanced.exercises in the gym

The training plan for mass in the SPLIT mode is built differently than FBW. Within this program, during each training session only one or two muscle parts are exercised. An example of mass training (3 days) in the SPLIT system is: Day 1 – exercises for chest and triceps, Day 2 – exercises for biceps and back, Day 3 – exercises for shoulders and legs.

Bodybuilding SPLIT training is difficult and demanding, designed for people who have been doing strength training for a year or more and definitely not for those who have just lifted a barbell a few times.

How to exercise on sculpture?

You’ve already gained a lot of muscle mass and you’d like to start shaping your silhouette, where muscles don’t blend together, but each of them is perfectly outlined and accentuated? Remember that your sculpting training plan should be a well-balanced fusion of strength training (with the right exercise intensity) and aerobic training.

This way any excess fat will be systematically burned off, and at the same time what you work out during training, will “go” into muscles. Your silhouette will remain lean, slender, and at the same time modeled (each muscle will be well highlighted). How muscular you will be – it will already depend on your vision of your body.

bar exercisesThe plan of exercises for sculpting should be refined so that the strength training is performed about 4 times a week, with one day training 1 or 2 parts of muscles. On the days between strength training, run or perform aerobic training on machines.

Strength training for sculpting should be performed with heavy loads, in several series of 10-15 repetitions. Do not take breaks between repetitions, take 30-second pauses between series.

Remember that training for the sculpture is not everything. While modeling your silhouette you should not forget about the proper dietary regime. Sculpting diet should be perfectly balanced and adjusted to your weight. Finally, I invite you to my ranking of dietary supplements for mass – maybe some of them will interest you in particular.

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