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Treating baldness, or is it worth spending $150 on a six-month Profolan treatment?

Advanced therapies against baldness, offered by clinics of aesthetic medicine, are not cheap and significantly exceed the possibilities of an average earning person. In this article we compare the approximate costs of platelet rich plasma mesotherapy with the cost of oral preparations. Struggling with baldness, I decided to reach for Profolan a few months ago. In the article below, I answer (from an autopsy) whether it was worth spending $150 for a six-month treatment with Profolan.

Why did I choose Profolan?

ProfolanI belong to that group of guys who, when looking for an antidote to baldness, don’t limit themselves to blindly buying heavily advertised products without first analysing their ingredients. I am not convinced by hair growth supplements in which the individual active ingredients are in such low doses that they could help only with slight hair weakness caused, let’s say, by the spring solstice, and not with androgenic alopecia. I also do not get aggressive, chemical preparations for hair loss (e.g. Proscar based on finasteride), which may inhibit the harmful effects of DHT hormone, but their action is not long-lasting, and what is worse, they may cause very unfavorable side effects (e.g. erectile dysfunction, loss of libido). Thank you for such specifics.

In my opinion, a good preparation for hair growth is a preparation based on natural ingredients, a preparation that provides the body with vitamin-mineral-amino acid nutrient and thus provokes it to fight baldness on its own, not a synthetic agent that artificially (and only temporarily) stimulates it. This is why, with capsules and tablets for hair loss in all sorts of editions, I chose Profolan. In comparison with other available supplements, it is a real bomb of valuable bio-ingredients. Due to the number of active substances and their doses in one capsule, Profolan beats other preparations for hair loss.

Profolan – opinions (my own and others’)

If you want to know the exact composition of Profolan and how it works, information on this subject I present in this article. But now I would like to answer you the question in the title of this post. Was it worth spending $150 for a six-month treatment with Profolan? In my opinion – it is. Let’s start with the price. On the face of it it looks like an exorbitant price, but taking into account that this is the total cost of the six-month treatment, it’s not that big of an expense. In terms of a month it comes to just over $30. Is that a lot? Not that much at all, especially considering the fact that these capsules simply work.

My observations and final opinion on Profolan is similar to other guys who are struggling with mild to moderate hair loss. From what I’ve read in online posts, most of them have reported inhibition of the balding process and thickening of hair. In my case, a few weeks after starting the treatment my hair started to fall out less and in the following weeks I also noticed an improvement in its structure – it became thicker, stronger and healthier looking. After about 3-4 months, the gaps between hairs became less pronounced and the bends became shallower. In my opinion, this supplement really works. That is why, after six months of treatment, I decided to take another one 🙂

You can buy Profolan on this website.

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