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Treatment of baldness with the Darsonval device – is it an effective method?

The Darsonval Derma Wand is an increasingly popular cosmetic device designed to eliminate various skin and hair problems. To take advantage of this device, you do not have to visit beauty salons or aesthetic medicine clinics – each of us can buy it and use it at home. How does Darsonval work and is it a good method to fight baldness?

What is the Darsonval Derma Wand?

Darsonval Derma Wand

The Darsonval is a small, handy, oblong cosmetic device equipped with several different attachments (comb, mushroom, teardrop and spot tip). The device works by generating micro-currents which, upon contact with the skin, encourage the formation of ozone, which has regenerative, antimicrobial and skin cell stimulating properties.

Ozone treatment with the Darsonval device can be helpful in eliminating ailments related to skin dysfunction and aging.

Darsonval – applications

Regular Darsonval treatments contribute to a significant improvement in blood circulation within the skin area and tissue renewal. Thanks to this property, Darsonval is often used as a way to fight wrinkles, loss of skin firmness, stretch marks and scars, as well as problematic, falling and damaged hair. The ozone produced by the Darsonval has strong cleansing, toning, fungicidal and bactericidal effects, which is why this device is recommended for: acne, herpes, blemishes, dandruff, seborrhea and similar dermatological ailments. Note, do not use Darsonval on inflamed areas, allergic lesions or open wounds.

Darsonval for hair

Darsonval stimulates circulation in the scalp area, which results in better oxygenation of its cells. The result of this process is more efficient absorption of nutrients by skin cells, rebuilding of hair structures, strengthening of hair bulbs and follicles and faster hair growth. But to what extent these tasks are fulfilled in case of androgenic alopecia? Certainly such external stimulation of the scalp to some extent may have an impact on inhibiting the process of hair loss in men affected by male pattern baldness. However, if we want really good results, we should not forget about supplementation with essential amino acids, minerals and vitamins in the form of a well-composed preparation.

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Darsonval – opinions

About the device Darsonval circulate a lot of flattering reviews. We can read in the statements that electric pulses emitted by this device and ozone produced effectively helped to fight persistent blemishes and acne, and also that they inhibited seborrhea, influenced the reduction of wrinkles, added skin elasticity and improved the condition of problematic skin. Beneficial effects were also noted by people complaining about excessive hair loss caused by bad hair care, aggressive styling, weakening of the body. However, opinions about the Darsonval device are divided in the case of men struggling with androgenic alopecia. Many of them did not help or helped to a small extent.

Darsonval – price

Darsonval Derma Wand

Darsonval Derma Wand is available in a wide price range – from tens to hundreds of €. Does the cost have an impact on the effectiveness of this device? Undoubtedly, yes to some extent. No one is saying that you should buy only the most expensive devices, but it is certainly better to avoid second-hand products, unbranded and unguaranteed Darsonval-type devices from allegro or advertising websites. If we do decide to buy, it is worth choosing a good quality product from a proven manufacturer, one that will give us a guarantee of not only effective operation but also safety to health.

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