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Treatment of hair loss with innovative method Dr Cyj Hair Filller

Modern treatments for hair prone to fall out are available in an increasing number of options. Besides carboxytherapy (which you will read about in this article) and non-surgical hair implants (you will find more information about them here), another innovation is the so-called Dr Cyj peptide therapy. What is this treatment?

A new way to treat hair loss – Dr Cyj Hair Filler therapy

laboratory vesselsThe Dr Cyj Hair Filler peptide therapy consists in the injection of a special preparation into the scalp, which, due to the presence of highly concentrated active substances and the ability of slow release, acts on the cells for a longer period of time, provoking them to full regeneration. The composition of active ingredients consists of hyaluronic acid and a complex of seven biomimetic peptides which are able to “mimic” the action of natural substances responsible for the proper functioning of hair and scalp cells. The treatment is painless and takes about half an hour.

Treatment for hair loss Dr Cyj – effects and price

For the peptide treatment to be effective, it should be carried out at least 4 treatments every two weeks. The effect is a strong stimulation of circulation within the scalp, the multiplication of hair cells, the renewal of hair follicles, the stimulation of new hair growth and thickening and revitalization of existing hair, a general strengthening of the hair, as well as inhibition of the process of hair loss. Although the peptide therapy is effective, to maintain the effects it is recommended to perform another treatment in about six months. Dr. Cyj Hair Filler treatment is not cheap, the price of one treatment is about $160.

For whom is the Dr. Cyj Hair Filler peptide therapy?

Due to the ability of the applied peptides to inhibit the harmful effects of DHT on the hair follicles and a strong stimulation of hair growth, the Dr Cyj treatment is aimed at men suffering from androgenetic alopecia. Other indications include: hair loss of various causes, graying, thin and sparse hair, alopecia of various types, weakening of hair caused by styling treatments such as dyeing.

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