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Tribulus terrestris (mace) natural testosterone booster and killer of male ailments

Tribulus terrestris, or Mace, is a plant with extraordinary properties, thanks to which its extracts find their way into more and more dietary supplements (mostly as their key ingredient). It is a natural prescription for ‘male’ problems, it strengthens the body, adds strength, improves physical condition, and is an antidote for insufficient testosterone levels in the body. It is an effective aid for those who work out, improves health on many levels and helps to regain a successful sex life. The perfect plant? You’ll find out!

Tribulus terrestris – an inconspicuous plant with an exceptional composition

Tribulus terrestris (Mace Orchid Plant) appears to be an ordinary, unremarkable plant – a common bush with spreading stems, small yellow flowers and small fruit with thorns. In some parts of the world it is even considered a weed. However, in terms of health-promoting activities, mace is certainly not a pest. On the contrary, it is extremely useful for our body thanks to a multitude of valuable components, including: bioelements, vitamins, flavonoids, phytosterols, saponins steroids, phenolic acids, amino acids and proteins.

Mace – health promoting properties

As far as medicinal use is concerned, the main raw material is mace fruit, although sometimes the root of the plant is also used. Powdered Tribulus terrestris fruit has complex strengtheningproperties of the body, resulting in more energy and vitality and an improvement in physical and mental condition. In Eastern medicine, mace is used as a natural remedy for diseases of many organs, such as kidneys or liver. It is also known to help remove excess water from the body, and to support the health of the urinary tract (due to its diuretic properties).

Mace – for the heart, for nerves, for stress…

Another valuable property of Mace is its beneficial effecton the heartand the circulatorysystem. It helps in lowering blood pressure, reduces the risk of heart attacks, moreover, it contributes to the decrease in the level of bad cholesterol and thus prevents atherosclerosis. Tribulus terrestris also promotes the health of the nervous system. It is an adaptogen, which means it “immunizes” us against factors adversely affecting the body, including stressors. It helps tame nervous tension, protects against depression and helps maintain good mental form.

Tribulus terrestris – for libido, for fertility, for “male issues”.

Tribulus terrestrisOne of the most frequently mentioned and most important benefits of mace is its beneficial effect on the endocrine system and elimination of related irregularities.

Men with insufficient testosterone levels as a result of the action of steroid saponinscontained in mace may increase the production of this hormone by the body, thus increasing libido and eliminating erectiledysfunction .

Tribulus terrestris enhances the process of nitric oxide release in the nerve endings of the penile cavernous and spongy bodies. This leads to a significant dilation of blood vessels and increased blood flow to the penis, which results in strong, long-lasting erection.

However, that’s not all the “male” properties of mace. Along with increasing testosterone levels in the body, boosting libido and improving sexual performance, Tribulus promotes better fertility by increasing sperm count and improving sperm motility.

The arsenal of “male” assets of mace is also worth adding to include increasing strength and efficiency ofthe body, stimulating protein synthesis and supporting building musclemass . Due to these properties, dietary supplements containing Tribulus terrestris extract are increasingly used by people practising strength training as a natural and safe doping.

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Mace – price

Prices of mace supplements vary depending on the manufacturer, quality and form of the product itself. A cheaper but ineffective solution is dried mace herb and fruit as well as powdered mace extracts. A much better, more effective and efficient option are Tribulus terrestris capsules. Their price depends on the dose of the ingredient and the possible presence of other raw materials inside.

For a pure mace extract you will spend about €12. And for multi-ingredient dietary supplements with mace we will pay about 23 €. Although twice as expensive, many multi-ingredient formulations are much more effective due to the fact that raw materials with similar properties often enhance each other’s effects.

Tribulus terrestris – opinions

Tribulus terrestris tabletsBoth single- and multi-ingredient capsules containing Tribulus terrestris extracts enjoy good reviews. According to many comments, mace contributes to a significant improvement of sexuallife, both in terms of the desire for intercourse (which is clearly aroused) and the strength and duration of erections. Among the aphrodisiac benefits of mace, there are also many opinions on its positive influence on sexual sensations and the quality of orgasms.

It is also worth mentioning the opinions about mace in a sports context. Workout buffs often refer to it as a natural testosterone provider, praising the fact that it adds strength, increases endurance and enhances workout potential. Interesting things about mace are also said by people not associated with sports. The ingredient can be helpful in physical and mental weakness, liver, kidney and heart ailments, prostate problems, as well as in the daily fight against stress.

Selected products from Tribulus terrestris:

TestolanTestolan – A multi-ingredient formula stimulating the body to greater testosterone production. It improves potency, enhances libido, increases erection power, adds strength and energy, facilitates mass building and muscle sculpting. Testolan has a positive effect on the appearance of the male physique, it helps reduce fat at the expense of building muscle. It also rejuvenates and strengthens the body.

Mass ExtremeMass Extreme – This is an advanced dietary supplement for strength-training athletes. Mass Extreme maximises strength and maintains high energy levels for longer. It helps you complete difficult workouts with heavy loads. It accelerates the rate of weight gain and supports muscle sculpting.

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