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Turmeric – a spice with many valuable health promoting properties

Curcuma – medicinal properties

Extracted from the rhizome of long fructose, turmeric is distinguished by its deep, amber-yellow color and slightly spicy fragrance and taste. As a spice, it is often used in Asian dishes, although it is so versatile that it can be added to almost anything. In fact, there is a reason for it. Turmeric is rich not only in culinary, but also health promoting qualities. It is characterized by strong anti-inflammatory properties. It helps fight viruses, fungi and bacteria that infest the body, while also having a positive effect on the immune system.

ginger 1191945 640Jednym z najważniejszych atutów kurkumy jest dobroczynny wpływ na drogi żółciowe i wątrobę. Wykazuje działanie żółciopędne i żółciotwórcze, pomaga w odtruwaniu wątroby, chroni jej komórki, pomaga w stanach uszkodzenia i zapalenia wątroby.

Ponadto kurkuma wspiera pracę trzustki i pomaga regulować procesy trawienne, zapobiegając przykrym dolegliwościom ze strony układu pokarmowego. Z uwagi na wysoką zawartość przeciwutleniaczy, kurkuma wykazuje również działanie antyrakowe.

Kurkuma przeciwdziała chorobie Alzheimer, pomaga regulować poziom cholesterolu, dobroczynnie działa na stawy. Nie bez znaczenia jest także jej korzystny wpływ na skórę. Maseczka z kurkumy pomoże w Acne and blemishes, water with turmeric applied to the skin in the form of a paste will accelerate the process of wound healing and help fight psoriasis and rashes.

Turmeric – slimming properties

Turmeric is one of the most effective natural methods for stimulating the process of weight reduction. This unique spice speeds up metabolism, helps in cleansing the body, “fuels” digestive processes, and most importantly – prevents accumulation of fat tissue and supports burning of the already accumulated fat. It is also important for people losing weight that turmeric helps prevent sudden jumps and drops in blood sugar, thus preventing attacks of ravenous hunger.

Turmeric – culinary applications

How to use turmeric to promote weight loss and cleanse the body of toxins? A great method is to start the day with a glass of lukewarm water with turmeric (about 1/3 teaspoon), juice from half a lemon and optionally a bit of grated or powdered ginger. Turmeric should also be added to fruit and vegetable smoothies and salads.

To take advantage of turmeric’s health-promoting properties, add it to a variety of dishes as often as possible. It is a spice with no distinctive taste, so it can be added to almost anything, including soups, stuffings, pastes, vegetable stews, meats, rice and groats, and pasta dishes.

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