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VaricOff, fight leg heaviness, swelling and spider veins with a unique blend of 6 ingredients

Tired, aching, heavy legs? Swellings, spider veins, varicose veins? VaricOff is a multi-component cream formulation providing a remedy for circulation disorders in the lower limbs and the resulting symptoms. VaricOff contains horse-chestnut extract and other active substances being one of the leading fighters against circulatory ailments. VaricOff improves the condition of veins, eliminates leg heaviness, and helps get rid of unsightly spider veins. All of this is designed to help you regain the flawless condition of your legs and restore their nice and attractive appearance.

VaricOff – an end to venous leg problems!

Weakened veins and impaired circulation in legs, and consequently blood stasis in veins, are a direct cause of problematic symptoms, including heaviness and swelling of legs, and spider veins appearing in increasing numbers. VaricOff was formulated to strengthen and improve the function of ve ins and improve blood flow, which ultimately leads to the reduction of bothersome ailments.


Using VaricOff systematically, you will gradually return to the good condition of your legs, both in the deep (strengthening and better functioning of blood vessels, stimulating circulation) and superficial sense (even skin tone on legs, healthier-looking skin, markedly reduced visibility of small veins as well as larger ones).

Therich composition of VaricOff and its numerous properties make the product comprehensively regenerate tired, achy, swollen and spider veins-prone legs, so it is worth trying it out regardless of the cause of our ailments.

Spider veins, swelling, cramps, legs like made of stone – reasons and ways to combat tiring ailments

The most common causes of blood circulation disorders and the resulting spider veins, varicose veins and the feeling of achy, heavy, swollen legs are

  • sedentary lifestyle, little physical activity, prolonged immobility,
  • remaining in a sitting or standing position for many hours,
  • overweight, obesity,
  • frequent wearing of high-heeled shoes,
  • walking in uncomfortable or too tight shoes,
  • wearing too tight trousers, tights, knee socks, socks,
  • overloading the legs, e.g. due to heavy lifting or too intensive weight training,
  • excessive intake of salt and insufficient hydration of the body (this promotes water retention in the body, increasing swelling and the feeling of heavy legs),
  • hormonal disorders,
  • hereditary factors.

Venous problems of the lower limbs, if neglected, are exacerbated, leading to chronic venous insufficiency and the constant aggravation of varicose veins. It is therefore important to take action as soon as we notice such symptoms as: swelling, aching, tingling, numbness, cramps, heaviness of legs, as well as changes in the skin of legs – spider veins, brown discolourations or locally widened, convex, curled veins.

How can we counteract these symptoms and stop the development of venous insufficiency? The most effective way is the systematic application of special ointments or creams rich in substances strengthening blood vessels and increasing their capacity. Dietary supplements reducing venous problems and comprehensively supporting leg health (e.g. Varicorin) may also be helpful.

Legs in tennis shoes

A modification of lifestyle in terms of increased physical activity can also give us a lot – the more we move and the more intensively our leg muscles work, the better the blood circulation and the better the work of blood vessels.

Excellent for the health of legs are, for example, exercising on a stepper, step aerobics, swimming, dancing, cycling, nordic walking, training on an orbiter, walking or trotting on an exercise treadmill, especially in a slightly upward position. Seeking relief for heavy, aching, swollen legs, you can also enjoy circulation-stimulating foot massages and foot baths.

What is important, if our work involves long hours of sitting, standing or generally frequent stay in inconvenient positions, it is worthwhile to take a short break every now and then, during which we’ll take a small walk or do some small exercises to improve blood flow in the lower limbs (e.g. walking on the spot, light squats, climbing on the toes, circling the feet in the ankle joints, etc.).

It is also worth slightly modifying the daily diet, increasing the amount of food that promotes good circulation and vein health (read also: Diet for varicose veins). It is also recommended to stop habits unfavourable to the vascular system, such as: remaining in one position for a long time, putting one leg on another, frequent walking in clothes or shoes which disrupt circulation.

Regardless of whether we follow the above tips to a lesser or greater extent, our priority should be the application of a well-absorbable topical preparation that reaches deep into the tissues, such as VaricOff, which, thanks to the content of highly concentrated active substances, supports the work of the venous system, increases the tightness of blood vessels and prevents blood stasis.

VaricOff – composition of the preparation. A unique combination of substances soothes tired, heavy legs


Among commercially available products designed to alleviate heavy legs and other circulatory problems, VaricOff stands out with its very interesting composition. It is a combination of the most valuable bioflavonoids that regenerate blood vessels and prevent blood circulation disorders, as well as extracts from medicinal plants, which are famous in herbal medicine for their excellent soothing and alleviating properties, reducing excessive pressure and swelling, shrinking vessels, and reducing the visibility of skin imperfections.

Here is the exact composition of the preparation:

  • Horse Chestnut Extract – there is a reason why this ingredient appears in the vast majority of formulations that combat circulation disorders in the legs and reduce venous problems. Horse-chestnut extract is highly effective in improving blood flow and preventing its withdrawal, and consequently venous overload. It strengthens blood vessels, restores their good elasticity, reduces varicose veins and spider veins on legs and reduces their visibility.
  • Diosmin – improves the functioning of the circulatory system, strengthens veins and improves their work, eliminating the phenomenon of blood stasis. Protects blood vessels and prevents rupture of their walls, and thus minimizes spider veins and discoloration of the skin. It shows anti-edematous effects, improves blood and lymph flow, brings relief to heavy, tired legs exposed to heavy exertion.
  • Hesperidin – improves the condition of fragile, weak blood vessels, seals them, prevents expansion and bursting, and increases their capacity. Inhibits the development of subcutaneous spider veins and varicose veins. Prevents blood return to lower limbs, stimulates circulation, reduces swelling, enhances the effect of light, rested legs.
  • Troxerutin – eliminates venous circulation disorders, strengthens and seals blood vessel walls, improves blood flow, prevents formation of vascular changes on the skin. Reduces swelling, counteracts leg fatigue and pain.
  • Arnica extract – strengthens, makes more flexible and seals up blood vessels, helps eliminate spider veins and redness, restores a uniform skin tone. Arnica also shows excellent soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. It brings relief to tired legs, reduces swelling and pain. Reduces the feeling of spreading and excessive tension in the lower limbs.
  • Plantainextract – has a protective effect on blood vessels, reduces their fragility and permeability. It supports blood circulation, soothes varicose changes. It has a positive influence on skin condition, restoring its smoothness, elasticity and balanced, healthy colour.

VaricOff – effects of application


VaricOff will allow us to enjoy again the impeccable work and efficiency of legs, as well as their attractive appearance. The best results will be obtained by rubbing the product in every day for at least 2-3 weeks. The effects we can count on with regular use are:

  • reduction of pre-existing vascular spider veins and inhibition of further formation,
  • reduction of varicose veins visibility,
  • improvement of circulation in lower limbs, comprehensive improvement of veins and small blood vessels,
  • general improvement in the appearance of legs resulting from the reduction of vascular changes and any discoloration, restoration of uniform skin tone and better blood flow and skin nutrition,
  • reduction of cramps, tingling, numbness and itching of the skin in the legs,
  • no feeling of tired and achy legs even after a hard day,
  • Instead of the effect of heavy legs, the effect of light, rested legs and full comfort when walking, sitting or lying.

VaricOff – opinions

VaricOff cream for tired, heavy legs

VaricOff is rated very highly by women who, because of unsightly spider veins or dilated veins, were ashamed to expose their legs and used to wear long skirts or trousers even during hot weather. Because VaricOff has reduced their imperfections, they can now show off their legs whenever they want.

This, of course, is not the only comment about VaricOff. The reviews for this remedy also focus on its positive effects on the legs and its ability to eliminate nagging ailments. Many people who are exposed to sitting, standing or walking for hours on a daily basis recommend this product, considering it as an antidote to tired, heavy, aching legs. According to them, VaricOff eliminates all persistent symptoms, restores good mood and full comfort, allows you to function better in professional and private life.

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