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Varicose vein tablets – ranking the best varicose vein preparations on the market

Which varicose vein tablets to choose? If you suffer from problems with venous circulation and the resulting varicose veins, broken blood vessels, swelling, pain and heaviness of legs, you have probably looked for an effective remedy for your ailments more than once. The market is now full of supplements and medicines for varicose veins. These remedies are based on various active substances, they contain only one or a few different components, they work more or less intensively. If you do not know which preparation will be most helpful for you, our ranking of tablets for varicose veins will help you make a choice.

Good varicose vein tablets are a priority in the fight for healthy legs

Varicose veins, feeling of heavy legs, vascular spider veins, swelling of legs, annoying tingling and tension in lower limbs – those are ailments many people complain about. The most effective way to combat them is a multi-faceted action – a proper diet, application of ointments and gels for varicose veins, regular physical activity, wearing compression products (e.g. compression knee socks, compression tights), and also, or perhaps above all, taking oral varicose vein preparations.

Oral agents, acting from the inside, improve the condition of veins, improve circulation in lower limbs and reduce the annoying symptoms. Below you will find the best tablets for varicose veins on the market. While creating our ranking we took into account the following criteria:

  • amount and selection of active ingredients in the preparation,
  • scope of preparation action,
  • effectiveness in combating individual symptoms,
  • opinions of users and specialists.

The most effective varicose vein pills – ranking

1st place – Varicorin

Varicorin best varicose vein pills

The winner in our ranking of tablets for varicose veins is Varicorin. It is definitely the best composed oral preparation that restores health to lower limbs at risk of venous problems. It contains 6 high quality active substances, including: standardized horse chestnut extract, standardized Centella Asiatica extract, buckwheat extract, hesperidin, grapevine and witch hazel.

An extraordinary mixture of ingredients and their appropriately high concentration decide on the fact that the preparation acts intensively and almost immediately on our body, efficiently performing such tasks as

  • significant improvement of venous circulation,
  • strengthening and sealing blood vessels,
  • removal of swellings,
  • reducing pain and inflammation,
  • improving the function of veins and arteries,
  • supporting the cardiovascular system through antioxidant action,
  • stimulating collagen production, which affects the strength of blood vessels,
  • reducing the permeability of blood vessels.

Thanks to its multi-faceted action, Varicorin reduces varicose veins and spider veins and prevents further changes. Moreover, it frees us from the feeling of heavy legs, swelling, cramps, pain, numbness and similar ailments of lower limbs. It ensures the health of legs and improves the functioning of the whole system. It restores lightness, improves mobility and eliminates unsightly varicose changes. The preparation can also be an effective weapon against hemorrhoids.


2nd place – Varicosen

Varicosen varicose vein tablets

The silver medal in the ranking of tablets for varicose veins goes to the innovative Varicosen preparation, which provides a radical improvement of venous circulation and the condition of blood vessels. The strength of the Varicosen supplement is not only an effective set of active substances, but also their synergy – they support and complement each other, becoming a comprehensive support in problems with varicose veins, heaviness of legs and broken capillaries.

The composition of Varicosen consists of 5 elements: L-taurine, AAKG, L-tyrosine, creatine malate, beet extract. This is quite an unusual, but highly effective set of substances improving blood flow, unclogging veins and protecting blood vessels against damage. The product restores health and efficiency to lower limbs, eliminates the feeling of heavy legs, eliminates swelling and pain, prevents the formation of vascular spider veins and varicose veins, and reduces the visibility of pre-existing ones.

3rd place – Varicoz


In third place comes Varicoz – an advanced dietary supplement in capsules, based on a combination of valuable bioflavonoids and plant extracts. It is based on a combination of valuable bioflavonoids and plant extracts. It contains horse chestnut extract, which prevents varicose veins and improves vascular elasticity, vine leaf extract, which regulates blood pressure, rutin, which seals the vessels, and vitamin C. The capsules also contain diosmin, which acts anti-inflammatory, strengthens vein walls, reduces swelling and improves circulation. Additionally, the preparation has been enriched with vitamin K, which guards the proper blood clotting process.

Multicomponent Varicoz capsules perfectly deal with such ailments as: varicose veins, vascular spider veins, swollen legs, frequent feeling of tired and heavy legs, leg pain, tingling, night calf cramps.

You can order Varicoz here

4th place – Rostil

Rostil varicose veins medicine

Rostil is a popular medicine for varicose veins and disorders of circulation in lower limbs. Unfortunately, it contains only one active substance (calcium dobesylate monohydrate), which makes the preparation much poorer than its multi-ingredient competitors. Nevertheless, its satisfactory action cannot be denied, especially if the venous problems are of low or moderate intensity. Although Rostil does not reduce the visibility of varicose and spider veins which appeared earlier, it inhibits the formation of new ones. It has a protective effect on blood vessels and reduces their permeability, supports the lymphatic and circulatory systems, prevents blood clots and stasis in veins, reduces swelling and leg pain.

5th place – Diosminex Max

Diosminex Max

Diosminex Max is another well-known, single-ingredient drug for venous problems. It does not work as intensively as multi-element preparations enriched with essential extracts from medicinal plants, but it can be helpful in many cases, which is confirmed by its high popularity among customers. The active substance in Diosminex Max is diosmin, which is present here in a high dose – 1000 mg in 1 tablet. Diosminex Max improves venous circulation, strengthens blood vessels and protects them from damage, prevents venous stasis. The preparation may provide support in combating such ailments as varicose veins, pain and heaviness of legs, haemorrhoids.

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